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Old 12-17-2004, 12:56 PM   #1 (permalink)
Location: Regina, sk, Canada
Dill Pickle vs Kosher Dill Pickle

Does anyone know the difference between a Dill Pickle and a Kosher Dill Dill Pickle?

I know there has to be a good answer for this one. Is it just that one is kosher and the other is not? or is there more to it then that?
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Location: Lilburn, Ga
I cant stand regular dills....but I will fight for an entire jar of kosher dills

this is the difference

Dill: Dill is the most popular variety of cucumber pickle. Herb dill or dill oil is added to impart a distinctive and refreshing flavor. There are many types of dill pickles, including:

* Genuine Dill - These pickles are made by the slow "processed" method. Dill weed is added to the tanks during the last stage of fermentation or to the jar after fermentation. These pickles usually have a higher lactic acid flavor than other varieties.

* Kosher Dill - In pickle lingo, "kosher" means garlic has been added to the brine. More robust than regular dill pickles, kosher dills are the ultimate accompaniment to an overstuffed deli sandwich.

taken from here http://www.ilovepickles.com/articles/pickleprimer.html if you want more pickle info
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Best pickles I ever had were made by a friend of mine that I used to work with. He INSISTED that they were Kosher, although I'm sure they weren't. The thing is that he added peppercorns and big chunks of hot peppers, and let it sit for at least 3 months.

Man, those pickles had flavour AND heat, and they tasted better than any pickel Ihave ever had, period.

Kosher or not, I don't care, they were great.


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Location: Oregon
I love kosher dills...simply because of the garlic factor
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dill, kosher, pickle

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