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Oracle & Apollyon
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The Guide: "Posting on Forums"

So you've found a forum or newsgroup that seems to be very interesting to you, yet you've got no clue how to "break yourself in" and introduce yourself to the forums regulars that inhabit the place? Don't worry, just like in real life, when you've got to introduce yourself to an alcohol support group or the gang of thugs who are smashing your car to pieces, the first step is often the most difficult. Something Awful, realizing that some people need an online "icebreaker", has decided to list and describe all the popular "personalities" people use to fit in to the online world. We sincerely hope this helps in your quest for online acceptance.

The Guide: "Posting on Forums"
La Disciplina La Mia Spada,
La Fede Il Mio Schermo,
Non salti Ciecamente In Incertezza,
E Potete Raccogliere Le Ricompense.

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Location: Midwest

The Elite, Highly Advanced Forum Regular With 15 Million Posts

Many scientists can't quite figure out how the Elite, Highly Advanced Forum Regular With 15 Million Posts finds time to respond to every single thread while still being able to eat and sleep. In addition to being able to post his opinions on every single topic that enters the forum or newsgroup, the Elite, Highly Advanced Forum Regular With 15 Million Posts is able to insult all newbies and people with less posts than him (ie, everybody else). You see, a true measurement of how cool you are can be linked to your bulk number of posts, not the quality of those posts. Plus, nothing says "hip dude" quite like somebody who spends all their day refreshing a forum page and posting one-line replies just so they can watch their post count increase.

EXAMPLES. The Elite, Highly Advanced Forum Regular With 15 Million Posts will post the following messages:

Counter-Strike forum: "Oh great, another NEWBIE IDIOT."
Star Trek forum: "LOL"
Honda Civic forums: "Sure."

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I aim to misbehave!
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Location: SW Oklahoma
Excellent. A must read for all newbies.

I wonder why the grumpy, old, cynical, opinionated guy isn't listed.
Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you,
Jesus Christ and the American G. I.
One died for your soul, the other for your freedom
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Sky Piercer
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Location: Ireland
Ok! Hands up! Who was picturing certain emmbers of the TFP while reading some of these descriptions?
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Location: Calgary, AB
hahaha that is all so true. great link
no substance
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Indifferent to anti-matter
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Bullseye. Hole-in-one. Nuthin' but net. Gooooooaaaaaaallllll. Outa-da-park.
If puns were sausages, this would be the wurst.
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