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Please touch this.
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The TFP Movie Script

Take turns writing as much as you can, don't get too obnoxious. I don't like stupid movies.

Scene 1

Hal has an idea.
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Scene - A slightly messy bedroom, early morning. A fish tank sits in the corner with a single gold fish.

POV (point of view): Fish - we're looking through the fish tank at Halx (who has just had an idea) sitting at a desk - a computer in front of him.

Suddenly the bedroom door bursts open.
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Hiding Out
POV : The hallway - Halx's mom bursts in on a young Halx and yells at him to clean up. Halx begrudingly puts on pants and starts to clean. Once his mom leaves he swears that someday, someday, he'll leave and own his own website dedicated to porn.
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Location: OlyWa
SCENE-Flashes back to "present day" only a while later while Halx is in school learning all his mad webskills

(now i am assuming from what i gather from the chat room that halx and buddah have been friends for a while and went to school together... SO thats what im basing this scene off of, if not, now they do!)

*splat* a paper ball his the dry erase board right in the middle of a long string of HTML the teacher and written on the board, the camera changes to show halx and buddah "chillaxing" in the back of the room... the teacher yells... (btw she is hot) and forces buddah and halx to stay after class... the first model for halxs web site has been discovered... only to be put in their private collection... halx goes home and posts on a msg board only to be laughed at... and he gets the idea to make his home...

flash forward to next morning

drenched in sweat, halx sits at a computer, having finished TFP v1.0...
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Deliberately unfocused
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Halx showers and dresses. Over coffee he prints out a list of locksmiths in the city. Snatches the copy from the printer and steps to the door.

TRANSITION SCENE: montage of Halx entering and leaving many locksmith shops, hailing taxis, hopping busses, scratching entries off his list. The day wanes... dusk approaches.

SCENE: Tired and disheveled, Halx exits a cab in fromt of a most disreputible looking establishment. In the window, a large skeleton key, below it, in flickering neon letters "KEYS MADE HERE", but through his weariness, Halx could swear the flickering made them spell out "YE MAD ERE", and stopped short. A sense of dread caused him to hesitate before opening that door....
"Regret can be a harder pill to swallow than failure .With failure you at least know you gave it a chance..." David Howard
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Location: Artic Tundra
Scene: Hal enters the Locksmith shop, a run-down establisment that doensn't look like it's been cleaned in several years. Various bits of metal and warped Keys litter the floor. The walls have peeling bits of wallpaper falling off of them and tables covered in Pizza Boxes and strange examples of tools, looked to be used in Key making. Hal's glance around the room is interrupted by a sharp couch. His head shoots around to the back of the room, where a tall, thin man with long black hair stood. His clothed were covered in black suit, Food stains and several blotches Hal couldn't even begin to identify. He squinted at the man.. he looked.. some how familar..

Flashback to Hal's Younger Days: Hal drags into school along side of Bhudda. Though they were tired and sleepy Hal explained hyperly about his work on a new "Society" that would revolutionize the internet. Bhudda nodded, in rapt attention. They walked down the hall. The Camera Stops, and they walk past it, and past a young man who looks familar. It zooms on a young Harvy Kingswall. A Teenager with long black hair, filthy clothes and shifty eyes. Harvey leans against a line of lockers, jingiling a ring of keys in his hand, as if it is somehow therapuitic to him.
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HARVY: You’re lucky they sent me; anyone else and you wouldn’t be walking out of here.

HALX: What the hell are you talking about? What space did you crawl out of? Two things; you still look like shit and why are you trespassing?

HARVY: (laughs as front head shot shows horribly stained yellow teeth with food and obvious deterioration) I wasn’t employed for my aesthetics, my effectiveness is why I was taken on by my current benefactor or should I say benefactors. You wanna know the best part I will always be on the winning side.

HALX: (looking puzzled/concerned as he begins walking over to a desk) Uh huh. OK and why did you say you were here again?

HARVY: (clinching his hands to his greasy hair) I DIDN’T! OK! NOW MOVE AWAY FROM THAT DESK! (whimpers appear between his words almost overcoming his diction) I CAME TO HELP YOU. If they knew I was here saying this to you. . . I haven’t seen you, I wasn’t here.

HALX: but

HARVY: NO! LISTEN! They’re on to you. You and that secret society you’ve started. It was the political area that first caught their attention, from there. . .

There’s a new future coming one where you do what you told, everyone looks the same, no more anger, no more misery. A society where the sole objective is production. They have seen you as a future threat to the grand plan. So you must comply. There are more coming (as he utters the last part of the sentence a bullet silently pierces the window puncturing the chest of HARVY.
To confine our attention to terrestrial matters would be to limit the human spirit.- Stephen Hawking
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Location: Midwest
POV: Security camera in key shop, black and white

Hal hits the deck.

Fingering the old key in his hand, Hal heads for the backdoor, on his knees.

HAL (talking to self): I can't leave yet. I need to know why this store is a piece of the puzzle.

Securing the key in his pants pocket, Hal crawls back towards the middle of the shop, where the counter is located. Several shots ring out. Hal begins removing items from underneath the counter, until he comes to a large manual that appears to identify the uses of keys through their unique shapes. Tucking the manual under his shirt, Hal makes for the door.

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Location: right behind you...
The manual holds the key to this mess! Hal assured himself after he got away from the shooters.

Hal was confused beyond reasoning. What in the name of all boobies precious is going on?

Finally deciding he may be a safe distance from they madness, Halx walks into a Burger King. He had read more than once that crowds of people is the safest bet for a person being singled out.

Hal ordered a burger and sat down. He placed the book on the table and opened half way and blinked.

Gibberish! It's fucking gibberish! But it looked.. rythematic. it was code. he closed it and noticed the ironic title. "Read the Fucking Manual" it said.

Was this a joke or something? If so, that guy deserves something for acting at dying.

Hal almost hit the cieling when he heard his number called. He got up, paid for the food, ate and left.

He had walked half a mile or so when he noticed the alley he took was way too quiet. He heard a jeep.

Considering the shit he went through, he was taking no chances. He hid behind a dumpster and made himself sit.

The jeep rolled in front of him and he thought he surely cracked up. Z?
What the fuck!?

Sitting where the passenger seat should had been was a. . . guy. He was low to the ground cuz he was in a power chair. Disabled. His hair was long like someone from Skid Row or something. He was obviously the partner of a lady who drove. Hal knew her from somewhere.

Z turned his way and he grinned like a monkey on crack. Hal noticed that Z had a. . . lizard? crawling on his shoulder.

"Hal, get out from behind the dumpster. We will help you."

Having no idea what he should say or even think he muttered "you talk better than you type."

"Har fucking hardy har. hurry up, damnit. we got some nasty motherfuckers coming our way" Z said.

This whole sittuation would had been much easier to accept if Z's eyes would quit... shining?

"If you do not get in we will fucking tie you down. You cannot die."

Hal got in.

The woman punched the gas and patted Z's knee.

"Remember Redravin?" Z asked.

"Yeaaaaaah. we talked yesterday."

Z frowned. "Hal, what is the date?"

"July 18th, 2003."

"Dude. it's fucking 2007. you've been asleep."


"We are here to save you and reintroduce you to the political ring."


"Yes. you were going to declare your decision to run for president today."


"its fucked up man. but for now you're cool. we get to Red's house in a moment. He and Jad are waiting, as well as Sixate, who i can't believe i work with now, Rogue and Spectre."

"Why them?"

"they were loyal. are loyal."

"where is Peetster or Nikki....?"

"They were murdered...."

Hal just sat...

"Here. if anyone asks just tell em yer an TFP'r or simply 'The Tilted".



hope i didn't type too much....

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did i kill the thread?????????? sorry!
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Location: OlyWa
no, it was dead when i found it, i gave it a few breaths of life... but... hopefully someone else will too
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This thread is too good to die.
So I'll do a second go around:

POV: Outside Redravin's - camera pans to catch the car coming up the street, then faces Redravins house.
Scene: Redravin's house. Concealed by trees and overgrown shrubs, the shades are drawn and the door has several deadbolts.

POV: Outside the jeep. Redravin, Z, and Hal exit.

Hal: How was I asleep for the last four years?
Z: Your political enemies realized you had gained much grassroots support for your bid for the Presidency.
Redravin: They never saw TFP coming. It slipped right under their noses. As the community grew, so did your support. Your enemies were unsure how to deal with you.
Z: One nite in chat, you mentioned that you what you called "the answer." You wouldn't reveal to anybody what the answer was, but meerly suggested that you had in your hands a message so powerful that it would win you the next presidential election.
Redravin: The next day, you never showed in chat. After a few days, we started to get worried.
Z: Near as we can tell, your political enemies must have had a spy in chat. And it had to have been a trusted TFPer. Somehow, you were placed in a deep coma.
Hal: (pauses) I.... remember. Why did my mom not tell me about this when I woke up this morning?
Z: She must feel she is protecting you by letting you forget. Perhaps she feels that she is responsible for keeping you out of harm's way, and the best way to do it is to let you forget.
Hal: (pauses again) But... I can't forget. I have the ability to make a difference in this world.
Redravin: We all know it, Hal. That's why Z and the rest of us have been living on the fringe, ready to help you lead.

POV: Redravin's living room.
Scene: A huge, outdated, server sits in one corner, surrounded by several computer monitors. Spectre and Sixate are at a card table, playing poker. Sixate is smoking a joint. On the floor beside the table are several shotguns.

As Hal enters, Spectre and Sixate rise to greet him.

Hal: Hello gentlemen.
Sixate: It's about fucking time.
Z: We had some explaining to do.
Hal: Everything is starting to come back now.
Spectre: Jadz and Rogue are out scouting our enemies. They'll be happy to see you.
Hal: I'll be happy to see them.
Sixate: We need to get you back on TFP, to show the people that you have arrived.
Hal: All in good time, my friend. I've had a hard day. I'm trying to place this key I found, can any of you help?

Hal hands the key and the manual over to Spectre and Sixate.

Spectre: You pm'd me the night you disappeared. You said you had "the key" to how you can become President. "The key to the hearts and minds of the people."
Hal: Well, what I seem to have is an actual key. I can't remember what it is suppossed to unlock, but I'm sure its the missing piece of the puzzle.
Redravin: If we can just find where this key fits, I'm sure we will begin to solve the mystery. The hearts and minds of the people.
Hal: But for now, bedtime. I've had a big day.
Sixate: Are you sure you don't want to watch the Brooklyn game?
Hal: The Brooklyn game?
Sixate: Yeah, they fucking moved the LA Dodgers back to Brooklyn.
Hal: Jeeze. I'll pass. Least we still have the Lakers.
Sixate: Kobe gets out in just two more years.
Hal: Ouch.
Redravin: I'll show you upstairs. Tommorrow we'll work on the problem of the key.
Spectre: I'll log onto TFP and see if we can solve the problem of the manual. Someone will be able to break the code.
Z: Do it carefully, the traitor still exists in our ranks.
Spectre: You got it. Nite, Hal. I... love you.
Hal: What's all this love about?
Z: You promised to pick one TFPer for your running mate. So everyone is buttering up a bit to you.
Redravin: I'd make a great running mate.
Sixate: I can fucking communicate with the people.
Hal: I forgot about a running mate. I thought maybe... well we'll see. But someone from TFp gets a shot at the vice presidency.
Hal: (pauses) We have work to do people. We need to find where the key fits, so we can get to the key to the people. We need to find the TFP traitor. And I need a running mate. See you tommorrow.

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OK - I managed to work everying in. And it wasn't easy, Z. Especially working Hal's mom in from the beginning. She was acting normal in the first scene. Who is next? And don't go into left field - it makes it hard for the next guy.

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heehee sorry

i uh got into it. didn't think about how difficult it could be to future contributers.

sixate smoking a joint cracked me up something big!
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Guhhh.. My head is spnning. We went from Hal in High School, to a couple years later to the year 2007. Maybe someone should write a brief recap.
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It loses a little from each post... but it still flows.
Hal in High School were flashbacks - so the next author can or may not flashback - i don't see how the story is hurt too much. The flashback to high school helps place Harvey - and shows why he would go against Hal's "political enemies" to try to talk with Hal, before that bullet cuts in, that is.

Hal doesn't know its actually 2007 until Z tells him. So that solves the present day stuff.... awww... read it again. And write some more. There.
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movie, script, tfp

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