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View Poll Results: Should Marijuana be legalized?
Yes, legalize every aspect of it 42 82.35%
No, don't legalize any of it 5 9.80%
Legalize it for economic uses, but not for smoking purposes. 4 7.84%
Voters: 51. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 06-27-2004, 05:52 PM   #1 (permalink)
Location: London, Ontario, Canada
Election question - Marijuana party?

Hey, I was just wondering how many people were against legalization, and how many people were for it?

Also, would you vote for the Marijuana party?
Note: These are not the same question!!!

I just wanted to make a poll for how many Canadians support legalization, and also have this thread so you can converse about the Marijuana party, and if you think they are doing a good thing for Canada.

NOTE: Add medical purposes to the economic use one. It should read, 'legalize it for medical and economic purposes, but not for smoking purposes'.

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Old 06-27-2004, 08:31 PM   #2 (permalink)
I'm all for leaglization of all aspects of it's use but I would not vote for the party.
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Old 06-28-2004, 01:44 AM   #3 (permalink)
i dont really care but voting for the marijuana party would be throwing your vote away and incredibly stupid
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Old 06-28-2004, 06:17 AM   #4 (permalink)
Getting it.
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Super Moderator
Location: Lion City
ditto... no vote but my sentiments are clear.
"My hands are on fire. Hands are on fire. Ain't got no more time for all you charlatans and liars."
- Old Man Luedecke
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Old 06-28-2004, 09:39 AM   #5 (permalink)
skier's Avatar
Location: Edmontania
legalize it, regulate it, make it safe to smoke weed.
"Asking a bomb squad if an old bomb is still "real" is not the best thing to do if you want to save it." - denim
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Old 06-28-2004, 10:33 AM   #6 (permalink)
Location: The Kitchen
I couldn't care less if it were legal or not. I don't care if the government decides to deal it themselves and tax the hell out of it because I'm sure I could still find higher quality weed for cheaper than the government could ever provide me.
And, no, I would never vote for the Marijuana Party. Do they even have any other campaign platforms besides legalization?
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Old 06-28-2004, 05:50 PM   #7 (permalink)
Location: London, Ontario, Canada
I guess I'm of majority. I say don't legalize it for smoking. I would rather just see it de-crinimialized.

Also, the Marijuana is a 'single issue' party or some bullshit like that. As far as I can tell, they have no other campaign platforms.

I noticed that they weren't on my ballat though. There was a comunist party though, which i didn't know existed. It said something abour Marxism, which i was surprised about.

Anyway, if you want to learn more about the marijuana party, go to www.marijuanaparty.com

It's pretty much a joke. All the 'leaders' are very uneducated about any other aspect of politics. I figured they would know more than me, since I know nothing about it, but it seems I know about the same as them.

Thanks for your replies!!
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Old 06-28-2004, 07:24 PM   #8 (permalink)
see the links to my music?
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Location: Beautiful British Columbia
Originally posted by taog
I would rather just see it de-crinimialized.

same here........let johnny harmless smoke the stuff he grew in the bush with no penalties.

as for a vote for their party............uhhhh .....no..........

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Old 06-29-2004, 12:37 AM   #9 (permalink)
they were on my ballot... they didnt get the X though
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Old 06-29-2004, 09:24 PM   #10 (permalink)
Free Mars!
feelgood's Avatar
Location: I dunno, there's white people around me saying "eh" all the time
The weed party made very little campaign efforts during this elections. Also, like taog said, they gotta have more than just the whole weed issue that's driving them to the parliament.
Looking out the window, that's an act of war. Staring at my shoes, that's an act of war. Committing an act of war? Oh you better believe that's an act of war
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Old 07-01-2004, 06:16 AM   #11 (permalink)
I would vote for them if I could. I'm not from Canada
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Old 07-01-2004, 06:28 AM   #12 (permalink)
skier's Avatar
Location: Edmontania
Marijuana party gets elected:

alright let's legalize cannabis!

1 week later...

Now what?
"Asking a bomb squad if an old bomb is still "real" is not the best thing to do if you want to save it." - denim
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Old 07-01-2004, 10:19 AM   #13 (permalink)
fallenangel's Avatar
Location: near the water
i'm for decriminalizing it, not necessarily legalizing smokin it, but no bloody fines *sigh* If it did get legalized, then it would be done so by the governments be all and end all way. Which would still make getting the better/cheaper stuff illegally. Just another thing to tax on. *grumble*

and no, i wouldn't vote for the Marijuana party either.
all I wanna do is - give the best of me to you
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Old 07-04-2004, 01:35 PM   #14 (permalink)
bigbad's Avatar
Originally posted by skier
Marijuana party gets elected:

alright let's legalize cannabis!

1 week later...

Now what?
According to the CBC website the night of the election, once they legalized it in Canada they planned to push for it to be legalized all over the world. Saw that and was like WTF? Let's forget all the homeless, all our obsolete military equipment, etc and spend our tax dollars on marijuana propaganda in other countries?

I'm for decriminalizing, and I think the government should get in on the action and make some money with it with some good quality stuff, not the crap they've been growing.
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Old 08-24-2004, 11:39 AM   #15 (permalink)
Sorry, had to edit this because I posted twice

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Old 08-24-2004, 11:57 AM   #16 (permalink)
My Manifesto

Question 1:
If you could easily grow your own tobacco plant would you still buy smokes? Probably.

If you could legally grow your own marijuana plant would you still saunter down to the gas station and buy a pack of blunts? Probably not. Sincerely, what good would it do for Canada to legalize the sale of marijuana? Tax the hell out of it, you'd get all kinds of new collectible tins with weed distributor brands enblazoned across them and call it a day.

No harm, no foul. Just de-criminalize and do away with the fine. It won't affect the fact that I'm smoking now and will probably still be smoking in the future. I'm constantly hurting and I'd rather have cannabis than codeine to alleviate the pain.

Question 2:
Why the hell would I vote for a party who's only platform is marijuana? There are far more important things going on in this country then Emily Murphy (or insert name of any anti-marijuana activist, past or present) or Marc Boris (or insert name of any marijuana activist, past or present) will lead you to believe. That would be the equivalent of voting for the Beer Party with Jeff Douglas (that guy who ranted the infamous "I Am Canadian" commercial) at the helm.

Just say "NO"
"Make the most of the Indian Hemp Seed and sow it everywhere." George Washington
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Old 09-02-2004, 03:45 PM   #17 (permalink)
bad craziness
m0rpheus's Avatar
Location: Guelph, Ontario
Personally I say treat it the same as booze. Sell it in the LCBO or something similar. You can smoke up in licensed bars, restaurants or at home.
"it never got weird enough for me." - Hunter S. Thompson
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Old 09-03-2004, 05:58 PM   #18 (permalink)
Location: BC, Canada
HEY! I voted for the Marijuana party.

No, I didn't throw away my vote. The 60% of eligible Canadians that didn't even vote at all are another story. Lack of conflict makes people apathetic I think.

No, I didn't think anyone from the Marijuana party would get elected and I certainly can't see them running the country. My reasoning was that the number of votes that these parties get is counted and kept track of by the dominant parties even if average Canadians don't notice. If the trend is turning upwards for the party, then the Liberals might make more of an effort at ending Cannabis prohibition for example. It's a glacial pace but, at least it's going in the right direction.

Nope. I'm not a chronic user nor a hippie selling bud on the street. I grow several plants and it's sort of like making my own wine. I give most of it away to friends, relatives and trade it with other connoisseurs. I'm more concerned about thieves and bugs than the police. They aren't interested in busting personal use situations and that's the way it should be. Chances are they're growing their own as well.

BC Bud
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Old 09-28-2004, 04:05 AM   #19 (permalink)
Location: Cape Breton, Canada
I don't smoke the sh!t but I'm all for legalizing it...h#ll, why not...!!!
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Old 10-06-2004, 07:41 AM   #20 (permalink)
JustDisGuy's Avatar
Location: Saskatchewan
There are excellent reasons for legalizing marijuana, even for those who do not partake.

First, legalizing it would immediately cut the criminal element off from a lucrative revenue stream. There would still be the odd guy that sold it to people who didn't get to the D.C.B.O. before it was closed, but the bikers and the mafia would be out of it.

As a bonus side-effect, it would drastically reduce the otherwise law-abiding citizen's exposure to that same criminal element, dramatically enhancing community safety and even reducing other seemingly non-related crime rates. As an example, here's a hypothetical scenario: Hey man - how's it goin? Want some weed? Hey, right on - here ya go. Hey, by the way, I've got this car stereo here that I need to get rid of - I bought a new one and this one's no good to me. $20 sound good?

Second, and this is why the police are against it, we would save BILLIONS on our law enforcement and justice department budgets by redirecting the money wasted on the 'War on Drugs' into social and health programs. Of course, legalizing marijuana isn't going to make the coke heads and the crystal meth fiends drop out of sight, but at least they could FOCUS on actually DANGEROUS drugs and DANGEROUS criminals. (ie. Meth lab operators)

Third, as someone noted above, the government could TAX it at the distribution point, making it not only no longer a cost centre but actually turn it into a revenue stream.

Fourth, the marijuana could be QUALITY CONTROLLED, preventing people who partake in the odd toke from being exposed to dope laced with PCP or some Mexican herbicide.

Fifth, it would provide our Agriculture sector one more alternative crop. No more whining farmers. Okay, FEWER whining farmers. <grin>

Last, legalizing marijuana would legitimize support groups for people who have problems with it - and there are a few who do. Maybe if there weren't the threat of legal action on someone, they would be more prone to seeking help when they needed it.

There are probably more reasons but that's the best I can come up with right now because there are two women bothering me right at the moment. TTYL.
"Act as if the future of the universe depends on what you do, while laughing at yourself for thinking that your actions make any difference."
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