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Politics & Gaming

Rebellion Refuses To "Sanitise" AVP For Australian Release - aliens vs. predator - Kotaku

Responding Australia's refusal to classify upcoming shooter Aliens vs. Predator, developer Rebellion says it will not cut violent content for "territories where adults are not considered by their governments to be able to make their own entertainment choices."
Scathing honesty, so refreshing in an age of Political Correctness and PR stunts.


The Saboteur's day-one DLC unlocks nudity, self-loathing

Here's at least one reason to buy your copy of The Saboteur new: All fresh copies of the game will ship with a code to download DLC, called "The Midnight Show," for free. The pack contains new Parisian hiding spots, a new minigame and, for better or for worse, the option to unlock nudity in the game.

If you buy the game sans code, you'll also be able to pick up the DLC for $2.99 / 240. But at that point, whether you'll admit it or not, you're basically paying to see digi-boobies ... and if you do that, we're just not sure we can be friends with you any more.

and what of this? apparently in our ultra repressed conservative gaming market this slips through the cracks via trojan horse delivery methods.

Right, you buy it new, the actual game itself in the box has no nudity, but hey we can slip this in via DLC.

Whats strange is the ESRB rating still labels it for nudity. Curious, since I haven't played it (nor plan to really)

wonder what the deal is with this one...

I guess the point is, the original comment, when do we adults get to decide what qualifies as entertainment for ourselves in protest of our governments ideals?

This could extent to a myriad of topics obviously, some people consider drug use to be entertainment, or a victimless crime, I consider nudity and violence to be things I should be able to pick and choose without so much heavy handedness by organizations like the FCC or ESRB.

What does it take from the citizens of a country to win & exercise their freedom of choice?
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It will get better when the government starts to hold games to the same standard as it does movies (read: release the iron grip). Even though the gaming industry is as (or more) profitable than the movie industry, it's still considered by many to be the hobby for the kids, so it's held to a higher standard of decency, which is not entirely fair to the medium. Just like movies, there are kid appropriate games and there are not kid appropriate games. Ultimately the control lies with the parents, but we all know how much parents like to take any responsibility for things like that.
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