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Is there anyone here playing Minecraft?

What is Minecraft, you ask? Minecraft is a sandbox building game. I'm not going to bother explaining any further because this Youtube video showing the first "day" of the game describes it much better than any text could. There are some minor first day spoilers in the video but it makes your first play session much less annoying because the game has absolutely no documation and the items in game have no text identifying what they item does or even what it is. This guy in the video actually has like 40 episodes of videos of him playing the game. I wouldn't recommend watching past the first 2 because figuring out how to use some of the tools is one of the more fun aspects of the single player game.

(minor first 15 minute of game spoilers just in case you care)

I've been avoiding the Minecraft websites because I don't want major spoilers about more advanced tools but I'd definitely like to get a discussion going on this forum where we can come for help or just share stories and show off our creations.
“It is better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick” - Dave Barry
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Looks like a slightly simplified 3d dwarf fortress...
Originally Posted by Hectonkhyres
I'm imagining crazed dwarves doing profoundly weird things. Urist McNutcase has developed a compulsion to jam anything colored blue up his anus, or alternately other peoples anuses
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the more videos i watch the more i like this. good game for people with OCD.
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Old 09-09-2010, 07:54 AM   #4 (permalink)
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The game is truly a mix of everything I love. It offers endless exploration. The monsters that come out at night and hang out in dark caves can be very dangerous and the penalty for dying is dropping everything in your inventory on the ground and respawning with nothing at your original start location. If you can't make it back to where you died the items will decay and disappear. This makes exploring deep caverns interesting and really scary. Not only is survival mode really fun and exciting by itself but all those blocks you pick up along the way is like having an endless supply of Lego blocks.

I personally just finished building my first minecart rail system between my two bases. It makes traveling between the two areas SO much faster and safer.
“It is better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick” - Dave Barry
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Paypal just confiscated 600,000 euros from the minecraft developers account. He is currently prohibited from claiming those funds until paypal does an investigation. If paypal rules against them they will keep the 600,000 euros.... Paypal sucks...
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