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Old 08-08-2003, 06:38 PM   #1 (permalink)
Location: Greater Vancouver
Nintendo temporarily halts GameCube Production

Nintendo stops GameCube production

GameCube sales have been weak
The Japanese company Nintendo has temporarily halted production of its GameCube consoles until the autumn.
The struggling games maker says it needs to clear its warehouses of unsold machines before it makes any more of them.

Nintendo's president, Satoru Iwata, has also said he wants to move away from increasingly sophisticated and time consuming games, which dominate the games industry at the moment.

The games market shrunk dramatically last year, Mr Iwata said, because players were getting frustrated with the ever more sophisticated games.

Some games can take months to finish and the result is players are buying fewer of them.

"This trend is clear to everyone, and the trend continues this year," Mr Iwata said.

So in a bid to recapture sales, Nintendo has said it will move back toproducts that anyone can play and enjoy.

Nintendo now hopes to drive sales this year with new games, including a version of the 1980s favourite Donkey Kong, and has promised a product for next spring "that will deliver fresh surprises" and be fun even for novices.

Tough market

But moving away from complicated games seems like a risky strategy to some.

"Despite the fact that people are perhaps getting a bit tired of [the complicated games], if Nintendo were to go down that route of more immediate, simpler, shorter games.... it could alienate them further from the mass market," Joao Dinez Sanchez, editor of the industry magazine Edge, told BBC World Business Report.

Nintendo faces tough competition from the leading games consoles on the market, Sony's Playstation 2 and Microsoft's Xbox.

The company concedes that it had made mistakes with the GameCube by not ensuring a consistent flow of attractive new games for the console.
(source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/3134651.stm)

Personally, I'm a little disappointed by this news... The gamecube's been performing poorly, largely because of the selection of games it has available in my opinion.

However, even with that being said, if I could afford a console at the moment, I would definitely get the GameCube. I am very much an "old-school" gamer - I couldn't live without DK, Zelda, Mario, and Metriod The quality of party games it has is also very high, with SSBM, and Mario Party to name a few.

What are your guys thoughts on this?
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Old 08-08-2003, 09:42 PM   #2 (permalink)
Stare At The Sun's Avatar
Location: Somewhere over the rainbow
I havent like the big N since SNES ceased. personally, i see this as a sign of them going down hill, good console and all, but just doesnt appeal to me the way Xbox does...
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Old 08-08-2003, 09:51 PM   #3 (permalink)
you can't see me
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Location: Illinois
That is sad to see because competition is what drives the industry. Obviously this doesn't mean that Nintendo is down for the count, but this can't help their case. I also like the Mario series and the Zelda series, but I already have an xbox and I can only afford to own one console from each generation. Hopefully they will continue to make money on the gameboy and bide their time for the next generation of consoles.
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Old 08-08-2003, 10:21 PM   #4 (permalink)
YaWhateva's Avatar
Location: New Mexico
man that sucks, i was hoping Nintendo would be able to pull themselves out of the atrocity of a console, Nintendo 64. I personally think they should make more complicated games, and not back down to making games like the N64. I love Zelda and Metroid and Mario but that can only get a system so far.
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Old 08-09-2003, 12:23 AM   #5 (permalink)
CyCo PL's Avatar
Location: Tulsa, OK
Gamecube is a wonderful console, but there seems to be many factors to why nintendo isn't doing well... Like that PS2 generally has more games and therefore a larger selection of good games, and that the Xbox is just more powerful. And then, people could be scared about it because the N64 was terrible and nintendo will always be stuck with that image of only trying to market their games to children than older gamers.

I love my gamecube though, maybe not as much as my PS2, but I think it's a great console that deserves better sales than it currently has.
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Old 08-09-2003, 06:26 AM   #6 (permalink)
I think its all about game selection. I have a ps2, and if I was going to get another system, I'd go for the xbox. The gamecube just doesn't have the range of games that either of the other 2 systems have. My friend bought a gamecube recently, and I went to the store to buy a game for him...only 20 games to choose from and they all sucked. /shrug

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Old 08-09-2003, 08:21 AM   #7 (permalink)
Location: Missouri
Nintendo has all but died in the home markey. Sony is gearing up to take the portable markey away as well. Nintendo had better take what money it has left and diversify. Their life as a console maker is all but over.
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Old 08-09-2003, 10:11 AM   #8 (permalink)
Location: nihilistic freedom
I haven't been a fan on Nintendo's consoles since the Playstation was introduced. They're still going strong in the handheld market with the GBA and GBA-SP, which I own... but Sony's new handheld is just around the corner. I wonder if Nintendo will be able to stand up to Sony this time around, or if the big N is destined for failure. Time will tell, of course...
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Old 08-10-2003, 12:10 PM   #9 (permalink)
drawerfixer's Avatar
Location: Colorado
I'm the owner of a N64, and am pretty pleased with it.

However, I can see how Nintendo is going down the crapper. The lack of good games is pretty dissappointing from the leader of early years. Personally, I like the more realistic graphics of PS2/XBox.

And I definately couldn't buy a console that didn't have

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Old 08-10-2003, 12:36 PM   #10 (permalink)
Hiding Out
Originally posted by m0ntyblack
I think its all about game selection. I have a ps2, and if I was going to get another system, I'd go for the xbox. The gamecube just doesn't have the range of games that either of the other 2 systems have. My friend bought a gamecube recently, and I went to the store to buy a game for him...only 20 games to choose from and they all sucked. /shrug


I beg to differ! There are about 4 or 5 good games, Time Splitter II, SSMB:M, Zelda : Windwaker, and is Zelda: Master of Seasons (or whatever it is) out yet?
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Old 08-10-2003, 04:59 PM   #11 (permalink)
Location: Sherwood Park, AB
The GameCube is a fantastic console, Nintendo just hasn't been able to shake its image of catering only to children.
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Old 08-10-2003, 05:57 PM   #12 (permalink)
The Northern Ward
Location: Columbus, Ohio
I'd grab one just to play animal crossing. It looks like fun.
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Old 08-10-2003, 08:01 PM   #13 (permalink)
t3m3st's Avatar
Location: Toronto
Simpler games? Are they gunna cost the same if they only take a month to make? But wouldn't it be cool to have a 3D Sidescroller Mario? Simple stuff, like a Mario World 3, done like an SNES game with h4x 3D models
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Old 08-10-2003, 11:20 PM   #14 (permalink)
i have one word to say

Old 08-10-2003, 11:44 PM   #15 (permalink)
I don't think it's that bad of a thing at all. They've only temporarily halted production of the gamecube. there are still good games coming out, ( F-Zero GX, and Mario Kart to name a few) and there's more than enough good games to get a good start on the system. I got my system when Zelda came out, and haven't played a bad game yet...

Best of all there's a bunch of older games for the system, that are going down in price. I just rented Timsplitters for the week. awesome game.. i'm going to have to pick up a real copy one of these days.. after that I'm going to try to get my hands on Gauntlet Dark Legacy ( it seems to be kind of rare...)

I'd say Game Cube is the most family friendly system. now all we have to see is the prices of games dropping a bit, and then they'd be set.
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Old 08-11-2003, 01:33 AM   #16 (permalink)
Eternal Darkness......new Resident Evils......how could I go wrong?

and Mario Sunshine is always great
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Old 08-11-2003, 09:01 AM   #17 (permalink)
Location: Anywhere but here
Nintendo needs to follow the way of Sega. They need to drop wasting their time and money on hardware and concentrate all their resources on software. Metroid on xbox or ps2 would still be just as good if not better if they didn't have to worry about pushing their hardware.

In the end, there can be only one...PS2.

Sorry Microsoft, you just don't know shit about games.
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Old 08-11-2003, 04:22 PM   #18 (permalink)
Location: Norman, OK
heard about that. Nintendo just needs to get in gear, and produce more "i want" titles. IF you look at what GC games i own, you will see that they are all made by nintendo, because they are great game designers, they just dont work fast enough, and produce many quality titles. Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Mario Party. Awesome games. At least we have many good games to look forward too. Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, Mario Golf, Ect. I think Nintendo will be saved by the almighty Squaresoft (or Square enix) they will bring in a crowd that doesnt even own a GC just to play the exclusive nintendo Title. Hell it worked for me with playstation. As soon as square stoped develepment for SNES, and FF7 was for PS1 i bought a PS1 and i only own square games.
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Old 08-11-2003, 04:27 PM   #19 (permalink)
Originally posted by UnlikedOne
I havent like the big N since SNES ceased. personally, i see this as a sign of them going down hill, good console and all, but just doesnt appeal to me the way Xbox does...
i'm the same way but it seemed to me that with the gamecube things started to look up. they were getting back to their roots. the announcment is a dissapointment to me too but i would hope that considering the value they have been offering so far that they'll still be around for some healthy competition.
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