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favorite gambling card games

hey guys,
i'm trying to compile a list of games for my poker group. basically, poker games, burn games, and various other gambling card games. hopefully you can help add to the list (name of game and how it's played).


<b>Poker </b>
<b><i>draw games</i></b>
<i>5 draw</i>
<i>wildshit</i> (5 draw, 2 draws, 2's, 5's, 10's wild. all wild cards is "wildshit" and beats all. good game with rollback).
<i>jacks to open, trips to win</i> (5 draw. must have pair of jacks or better to open, 3 of a kind or better to win. if no one opens before the draw, hand is dead. reante, redeal. if you fold, you're out for the rest of the game.)
<i>burn</i> (5 draw, pot is split between best poker hand and high spade. cards are dealt, bet, draw, bet, declare in or out in turn starting to the left of the dealer. after all declarations are made, if you are in and lose, you burn. burn can be matching the pot, or a set amount. dealers call at the beginning of the game. if someone burns, the money he puts into the pot replaces the ante for the next deal. deal continues until pot clears. if you fold, you are still dealt into the next hand).

<b><i>stud games</i></b> (any game where there is no draw, community cards optional)
<i>texas hold 'em</i>
<i>omaha hold 'em</i>
<i>jacks to open, trips to win</i> (7-stud, to open you must have a pair of jacks or better poker hand, to win the pot you must have 3 of a kind or better. if no one wins, reante and redeal. if you fold, you're out for the rest of the game)
<i>red-black</i> (everyone is dealt 5 cards. then two rows of 5 or 6 cards are dealt face down on the table. these are community cards. flip one card at one of the ends. that row is designated the color of the card, and the other row is designated the other color. flip the card next to the up card. any time a black card is flipped in the red row, it is discarded, and vice versa. you flip 2 cards at a time (the two next to each other). all cards left once all are flipped are used to make the best 5 card hand possible).
<i>baseball</i> (7-stud. 3's and 9's are wild. but to make 3's wild, you must pay a dealer set amount (ie. .25). if it is hidden, show it and pay for it. if you get a 4, you can buy another card for a dealer set price. if it is down, show it and you get a card down, up and get it up. best hand wins. one variation is 6's are also wild.)
<i>blind baseball</i> (same as baseball but you are dealt 7 cards face down. no one is allowed to see their cards yet. person to the left of the dealer flips a card. betting ensues. next person flips cards until they have a higher poker hand showing than the person to their right, then round of betting. keep doing that until everyone has flipped all their cards and someone wins.)
<i>Queen, follow the queen</i> (7-stud. queens are wild. when a queen is dealt face up, the card following it also becomes wild. for example if a 7 follows the queen up, then all sevens are wild. if another queen comes face up, then what follows it is also wild, cancelling out the previous non-queen wild. if a queen is the last up card, only queens are wild. variations include calling a dead hand and reshuffling/redealing if either the queen of spades (black mariah) comes up, or if no queens come face up.)
<i>Kings to win</i> (5 stud, must have a pair of kings or higher poker hand inorder to win the pot. if no one wins, reante, redeal. if you fold, you're out for good.)

<b>Drop Games </b>
<i>3-3-9</i> (every one is dealt 3 cards with which you try to make your best 3 card poker hand (no mini-straights or flushes, 3 of kind, pair, high card only). 3's and 9's are wild. the hand "339" beats all. "399" would be three 9's. play is like this: cards are dealt. dealer counts 1,2,3 drop. on drop, players wishing to sit out of hand drop cards, those wishing to stay in hold them. if you stay in on the drop, you are in for the game. you can then draw up to 2 cards. after all drawing is done, showdown. after winner is determined, winner must then defeat a 4 card "herb" (herb is name of deck, some people call it a grandma). if herb wins, everyone burns. otherwise, only those who lost to winner burn. burn is matching the pot. cards are dealt again playing for new pot. only reante when pot is empty. only reshuffle when there are not enough cards to deal out a round.
<i>herb</i> (same as 3-3-9, except queens and your low card are wild. in the case of a tie, most number of naturals wins. if naturals are the same, pot can either be split or left based on home rules)
<i>guts</i> (similar to herb and 339, but with 2 cards. although many variations are possible (see someone elses post about this game below, i've always played it where the card combination "6" and "9" :-) beats any other possible hand. then pairs then high cards. after the drop, there is a 2 card herb played. match pot if you lose.)
<i>3 card guts</i> (same as 2 cards, but with 3. highest hand would be "234" (since it's really the lowest possible hand, we made it special), followed by 3 of a kind, then pairs, then high card. played against a 3 card herb. variation: allow a draw of up to 2 cards after the drop, played against a 4 card herb.)

<b>Non-Poker type games </b>
<i>727</i> (game play coming soon.)
<i>oceam aka high-low</i>
<i>barf 'em</i>
<i>ace of spades to win</i>

okay, that's it for the moment, i'm gonna keep adding more later, but i need to take a walk.

please add games that you know of and like to play, maybe we can get a big master list of games for those friday nights card sessions some of us have.


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One of my favorite games is challenge, where there are three rounds of dealing and betting after an initial ante. Even though the betting is a little different. Basically, you get 3 cards in the first round and try to make the best 2 card poker hand, i.e. two aces is the best. Then, if you think you have a good hand, you 'go out' and challenge anyone else to go against you. If no one else does, you get a 'leg'. If someone does challenge you, you compare cards and keep a mental note of who wins (the loser must match the pot and pay it to the winner). Then, you get two more cards and try to get the best low ball three card hand, i.e. Ace, 2, 3 is the best. And then you do the identical thing as to the first round. Finally, you finish with getting two more cards (7 total) and try for the best poker hand, and bet the same as the first two rounds. Whoever gets three 'legs' wins the pot. I know it's confusing so please look up somewhere on the web who can explain it better than I.

Another game is 'Black Mariah.' In that game you get two cards face down, and one face up. Then betting commences. The pot is split between whoever has the highest spade in the hole, and whoever has the best five card poker hand, or both. You get 7 cards, with the first two down, one up, bet, another one up, bet, another one up, bet, another one up, bet, and the final card is down, and then bet a final time.
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I have another drop game called Guts.

Everyone is dealt two cards. The point of it is to make the best poker hand with the two cards. There are no wild cards. Basically two A's will let you win everytime.

You do the whole 1-2-3- Drop as with your game, but here is where it is fun. Everyone typically antes a dollar to play, but when they drop, only those staying in have a chance, but if you lose after you stay you have to match the current pot and everyone who had anted in the first time get a free game on your dime.

basically if 3 people stay in then the next game will automatically have double the pot. I have seen many a game go up to 100$ pots with 7 of us playing.

you may wonder where the title comes from, well if you are the only one to stay in the game you play against the deck. Two cards from the deck are flipped and you play against the deck. Again if you lose you match the pot, but if your hand is a 2,3 (lowest hand possible), you automatically win without beating the deck, because you had "Guts" to stay in when you knew if anyone stayed in you would have lost.

and if everyone drops then everyone who anted automatically gets to play again with the same pot. Fun game
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My friends and I recently started playing Bullshit for money, which might not be as classy a card game as others, doesn't make it any less fun to gamble with.
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Here's some more:

222: This is identical to 727 except you're trying to get 2 or 22.

Between the Sheets: The dealer places two cards on the table, then the player decides whether the next card is between the two cards and bets if he thinks it is. If it is, he wins whatever he bets, if the card is the same as one of the other two cards, he doubles the pot (the pot is basically just the antes you come up with). I've seens $200 pots in this game.

Run the Bitch: This is the same as "Challenge" except everyone gets one card. If you think you have the high card (Ace of spades is best), you 'go out.' People then can try to challenge you or if no one does, you get a leg and turn you card over to show what it was. If someone does challenge you and you lose, you match the pot. First person to get whatever number of legs you decide on as winning, wins.
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