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Poker has been pretty popular these days. I have been trying to learn Texas Holdem No limit Poker.

Are there any good online places to check out for real money and/or play money?
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Try : www.truepoker.com
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I've used http://www.partypoker.net/ when I was bored, pretty fun. You can use real or fake money.
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I think the best place to learn is to play at home with friends. That's how I started playing, and now I consider myself an above average player. Take things progressively. Start playing at home with friends, then maybe start playing the really cheap tables online, like .01/.02 and work your way up as you see fit. Online poker is nice, quick, and convienent, but nothing compares to an actually home game or casino game.
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Poker stars is the best online site there is.

The best way to learn is of course, the home game. But most people don't have one readily available, online poker is the next best thing. You can still learn the basic strategy of what hands to play, being in position, etc.. etc.. things you can still learn playing online.

I've been playing for quite a few years, before online poker, and I find myself pretty successful at online poker because of that. I do better online then most. I play nothing but 1/2 dollar Omaha, and 3/6 Limit Holdem. Along with a few 5 and 10 dollar sit and go's, and I love re-buy tournies.

BTW, if your intrested in play money, generally most poker sites get a bunhc of loose cannons or kids going all-in every hand, Poker School Online offers a deal for 15 bucks a month, you get 200 PSO Bucks to enter tournaments, you can refill once every 24 hours. You can build your bankroll entering tournaments and that bankroll can get you entered in to real money tournies as well as WSOP qualifiers. You can play real poker for a measly 15 a month, and not have to worry about a bunch of kids going all in everyhand. People want to build their bankroll. It's the closest thing to real poker with play money you'll ever find.

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