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Today in History - May, 30 1806 - Andrew Jackson Kills in a Duel

<a target=new href="http://www.historychannel.com/tdih/"><b>Brought to you by the History Channel - LINK</b></a>

<b>1806 Andrew Jackson wins duel</b>

In Logan County, Kentucky, future president Andrew Jackson participates in a duel, killing Charles Dickinson, a lawyer regarded as one of the best pistol shots in the area.

The proud and volatile Jackson, a former senator and representative of Tennessee, called for the duel after his wife Rachel was slandered as a bigamist by Dickinson, who was referring to a legal error in the divorce from her first husband in 1791. Jackson met his foe at Harrison's Mills on Red River in Logan, Kentucky, on May 30, 1806. In accordance with dueling custom, the two stood 24 feet apart, with pistols pointed downward. After the signal, Dickinson fired first, grazing Jackson's breastbone and breaking some of his ribs However, Jackson, a former Tennessee militia leader, maintained his stance and fired back, fatally wounding his opponent.

It was one of several duels Jackson was said to have participated in during his lifetime, the majority of which were allegedly called in defense of his wife's honor. None of the other rumored duels were recorded, and whether he killed anyone else in this manner is not known. In 1829, Rachel died, and Jackson was elected the seventh president of the United States.

Also today:
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thansk for the lesson mr. mojo
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Thanks, Mojo.

When reading about Jackson it should be noted that he played a crucial role in the development of political parties - as the Whigs were formed in opposition to he and his followers.

It is also important to note he was a slaveholder.

Thanks again.
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big damn hero
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I once read that when someone asked Jackson how he stood there after taking that shot and then firing one of his own with fatal accuracy Jackson responded by saying "I'd have killed that fellow even if he'd shot me in the head."

Jackson was a tough ol bastard.
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Very interesting piece of info. While we're noting things about Andrew Jackson, it should also be noted that his vision for democracy ultimately held out against Thomas Jefferson's. There's an interesting dicussion to be had - whose vision was better? (of course, if you want to have this discussion, do it in Tilted Politics in its own thread )

I also found the little piece about the Adobe president pretty interesting. Too bad no one will do that to Bill Gates (Seriously, I jest.)
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Whooo. I was born on the same day that Joan of Arc was martyred!
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Please touch this.
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I think I like Jackson just because we share a first name. But that just goes to show, he's a badass.
You have found this post informative.
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We need some more badass presidents like him.
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