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Be Careful On Spring Break

Especially if you're going to the Daytona Beach area

Pastor Tim

Serial Killer May Be Targeting Women In Daytona Beach

Serial Killer May Be Targeting Women In Daytona Beach

POSTED: 4:47 pm EST February 28, 2006
UPDATED: 11:31 am EST March 1, 2006

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- FBI agents are now assisting Daytona Beach detectives in the investigation into several unsolved homicides that may have been committed by the same person, Local 6 News reported.

Sources confirmed to Local 6 News Tuesday that FBI agents are helping Daytona Beach authorities profile the person or persons involved in the slayings of three women in three months.

The city's most recent homicide was 35-year-old Iwana Patton from Holly Hill, whose body was found over the weekend in some woods near Williamson Boulevard and Mason Avenue.

An anonymous caller led police to Patton's body but refused to give any other information to the dispatcher.

Julie Green and Laquetta Gunther were killed in December.

"Investigators are keeping a lot of the information in reference to the crime scene as well as the victims very close to the chest right now as they investigate to see if there is any new information we can get," Daytona Beach police spokesman Al Tolley said.

Local 6 reported that detectives said they are investigating the differences and similarities in the women's deaths.

"Many fear it is the work of a serial killer," Local 6 reporter Tarik Minor said.

"We are worried about it a lot," resident Cindy Honeycutt said.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is also involved in the investigation.

If you have any information concerning these crimes, you are urged to call Crimeline at (800) 423-TIPS.
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Fade out
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thank you for posting this Pastor Tim.

Wherever people are going for spring break, be careful... spring break is often a time when people let their gaurd down and are often targeted by predators during this time.

Use the Buddy system always is what i've done.

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Spring Break Aphorisms:

Travel only with people you'd trust to hold your wallet.
Cheap motels are cheap for a reason.
Any new acquaintance who's too eager to be your friend... probably isn't.
The only locals who are glad you came are shopkeepers and bar owners. Be cool.

Oh yeah, and ...



(resident of a spring break destination town)

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Kick Ass Kunoichi
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Originally Posted by Rodney
Or else have a credit card you can use in emergencies. This happened to me last spring break--car breaks down in Santa Cruz last day of the trip, we have to get home, so we had to rent a car and drive back to Oregon, leaving the car in Santa Cruz. Luckily my friend's uncle was able to drive the car back for us. If we hadn't had that credit card we woulda been screwed.
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Observant Ruminant
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Originally Posted by onesnowyowl
Or else have a credit card you can use in emergencies. This happened to me last spring break--car breaks down in Santa Cruz last day of the trip, we have to get home, so we had to rent a car and drive back to Oregon, leaving the car in Santa Cruz.
Hah; I live in Santa Cruz, and I'm glad you brought a card; plenty of others don't, and I've seen them spare-changing for car parts or car repair to get back where they came from, or abandoning a car they couldn't afford to have fixed with some mechanic and thumbing it back home.

Used to live next door to a sleazy mechanic who'd buy stricken cars off stranded travelers for little or nothing, then fix them up for sale in his spare time. Not a nice guy. Liked to take advantage of students and surfers.
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You had me at hello
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Since the Today show had a story on this, let me also add, if youíre a parent and your underage daughter wants to go on a Spring break cruise with her friends, the answer is no.

Yes, she may take a hit in the social order, but please understand, girls that age go on Spring break cruises to drink and have sex. Keep in mind not very many BOYS that age go on cruises.

Every cruise Iíve been around spring break time has been filled with teenage girls who get one chaperone for about ten of them. Every last one of them spent every night drunk, hitting on older men all over the ship.

If itís a school trip, thatís different.
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And avoid the Mayan Riviera if you don't want to get framed for murder or be murdered yourself!

Silly Mexico...
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Thanks for posting this, Pastor Tim. It's good to be reminded that students need to be vigilant and alert during a time that they are focused on having fun.

My spring break will be spent at work *sigh*
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break, careful, spring

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