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Location: Bottom of a Bottle
Best Work Pants

I work in construction, well it might as well be. I work as a Groundskeeper for the local university. I do it all, maintenance on our machines(big to small), mowing/weedeating/trimming, planting, irrigation, raking, snow removal. YOu get the picture. I go through shoes and pants like no other. My pants usually last 6-8 months before they are completely torn up and I can no longer Gorilla tape them back together. The last pair I had lasted almost 10 months, they were Riggs Workwear by Wrangler with Rip Stop threading.

Does any one have any suggestions on a good pair of pants that would last me longer?
He who laughs last, thinks slowest.
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Location: Grants Pass OR
Carrhart work pants are all I saw when working the shipyards.
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Location: Greater Harrisburg Area
I don't know how you feel about being I-think-I'd-rather-die hot, but I haven't come across anything that last longer than Carhartt bibs.
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I Confess a Shiver
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Yeah, I used to buy cheap pants and tear them up in a week doing carpentry. This company makes some pretty durable pants: Duluth Trading

Their 5-pocket jeans with the gusseted crotch are totally grandpa-lookin', but they have yet to fail on me despite abuse.

I haven't used their "Firehose" fabric pants, but everybody that does that posts reviews on the site can't say enough about 'em.
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Location: Bottom of a Bottle
Thanks for that site I will try them out. I really like the guarentee.
He who laughs last, thinks slowest.
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Eat your vegetables
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Location: Arabidopsis-ville
My husband likes Ben Davis pants: Ben Davis - World Work Wear
But he doesn't put anywhere near the same level of abuse into his pants as you do.
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Location: Oregon
My old roommate has done a lot of farm work and trail crew work, so similar stuff to what you do. He swears by Riggs over Carhartts after going through several pairs of both in his worklife.
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pants, work

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