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road trip america...

so my original trip for the summer got cancelled/postponed... i'm planning on taking a road trip, week or two long. but i need suggestions. i'm coming from michigan, and i can either do the east coast, drive across to the west coast, or down south... i really can't decide...

any suggestions for fun places to go?
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Location: Chicago
Where are some places you've been already?
Are you looking for a destination, or the two weeks of driving around just be your vacation.

The Smokey Mountains Area in Tennessee are gorgeous. the area around Gatlinberg, Tennessee, while in the summer I'm sure will get crowded and maybe a little pricier is really quite lovely though.

The Blue Ridge Mountains/Ashville, NC is equally as gorgeous... and it's a pretty easy drive from one place to the other.

Being a Jersey girl -- i'll tell ya that you can't beat the Jersey Shore in the summer for good times... Wildwood has the crowds and the partying - Long Beach Island - especially down by Barnegat -- it's amuch quieter and the beaches are cleaner.
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Location: Ontario, Canada
If you decide to go down the east coast, there are alot of interesting places to stop on the way to florida, taking the I-95, i think it is.. (Sorry, Canadian, not too sure on the roads).. like one place South of the Border, between North/South Carolina is an interesting place to stop for the night.. Its like cheese central, you can buy the most useless shit there, but its fun.. yea, Daytona is nice, there are definately alot of nice places to visit in Florida. even if you just go on the western side of florida, there are some interesting war museums, I donno, im into that. Or you could just go to Universal, sweet ass place, The Jetty's on the east coast of Florida, near Jacksonville, St. Augustine Beach is nice.. How I love Florida... ehh.. go to the Keys, Fiesta Key, KOA is good, rent boats or seadoo's o man....... im drifting off.........
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Old 04-10-2005, 06:23 PM   #4 (permalink)
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You can also head west, through Wisconsin, stop in Minneapolis (mall of america) continue west through South Dakota. Along the interstate there's Wall, Mitchell, and then Mt. Rushmore and the Badlands. On the other side of Rapid City begins the old west with Lead and Deadwood South Dakota. Then theres Wyoming and Colorado. Yellowstone, the Tetons, Jackson Hole, Rocky Mountain National Park, Aspen, Vale, etc..etc.. That should take up 2 weeks easily.
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Location: Tobacco Road
Drive to the desert Southwest. Take aim towards NM, then go towards AZ, Socal, and then back up thorough NV and southern Utah.
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