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My take on the erotic story



“Will you please tell me what the hell you are so mad about?” David asked, as he drove along the icy, snow-covered road. Twenty minutes after leaving their friends’ house, Allison had yet to speak a word, and the silence was getting deafening.

“Look, I know I did something to piss you off, so would you please let me in on what I did?”

Allison turned and gave him a stony glare and then returned her gaze to the front of the car. He continued driving, wondering when he would find out what was going on. They had gone to Thom & Justine’s house for dinner, had a few drinks, and played a couple of games of cards. That was it, nothing more, nothing less. Yet something had happened because Allison was in one of her moods again, and that could only mean one thing; he had fucked something up.

He turned into their driveway, but before he could turn off the car, Allison placed her hand on his arm.

“Why were you flirting with Justine so hard? I was expecting you to start humping her leg the way you were following her around like a little puppy dog.” She said in a very stern voice. She removed her arm and stared at him, waiting for a reply.

“What do you mean I was flirting with her? You asked me to go over there for dinner and to be nice, and that’s what I did. I even gave up watching the game so we could go over there. Jesus, isn’t humping her leg just a little over the top?” He thought back on the evening but didn’t remember anything remotely close to flirting. Sure, Justine was attractive and the dress she had worn had left little to the imagination, but he didn’t remember lavishing any undue attention on her.

“You couldn’t keep your eyes off of her the entire night. You hung on her every word, and I swear to god it looked like you were trying to look down the front of her dress when we said goodbye!” Allison shouted. “Maybe you think she is more attractive than me. Is that why you basically ignored me all evening?”

He opened his mouth in an attempt to utter some form of reply, but Allison was already getting out. Before he could say anything, the passenger door slammed shut hard enough to rock the car. He killed the engine and turned off the lights, desperately thinking of a way to deal with this little episode. As he got out of the car, he noticed that Allison had already gone inside without waiting for him. “Not a good sign, my friend”, he thought to himself as he locked up the car and walked to the front door.

Inside, he noticed that her coat and purse were thrown on the living room couch and he could hear her footsteps upstairs. Knowing these next few minutes were critical, he walked upstairs just as Allison was exiting the bathroom.

“Look honey, I don’t think Justine is more attractive than….”, he began.

“Enough, just enough. It is always the same thing David. ‘I am sorry I ignored you when we were out. I am sorry that I was drooling on that other woman at the party. I am sorry that I didn’t spend more time talking with my wife than mentally undressing the other women at the bar.’ God, I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I am tired and I have a headache, and I am going to bed. Good night.” And with no more in the way of fanfare, she turned and went into the bedroom, slamming the door hard enough to rattle the windows.

“Shit, here we go again.”, he thought. He went downstairs to the kitchen, grabbed a beer, and stood there wondering why she was so insecure. “God, it wasn’t like he ever fooled around on her or anything. What’s the harm in looking? Oh well, she’ll be over it in the morning.” he said to himself, and then retired to the den to watch the rest of the game.


He blinked his eyes open to the sound of the dishwasher being unloaded. His first glimpse of the morning was viewed from the couch in the den. Immediately in front of him he could see a couple of beer bottles and the television still tuned to the channel from last night. “Oh shit, it continues”, he muttered as he lifted himself off the couch. The fact that Allison had not awoken him was not a good sign. They both had to be out the door at the same time, and if she was already in the kitchen, that could only mean….

“Allison, what time is it?”, he yelled as he made his way to the kitchen.

“7:45” came the reply.

“What! Why the hell didn’t you wake me up? I’m going to be late for work now. Christ, I can’t believe you let me oversleep like this!” He screamed, as he charged into the kitchen, and looked at the clock in disbelief.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it was my responsibility to make sure that you get to work on time. You made it pretty clear last night that you are the one in control of things. When I woke up this morning and you weren’t in bed, I figured you had already gotten up. Anyway, I have to get going. Have a good day, and I’ll see you tonight.”

He continued to stare at the clock as Allison walked by him and out the side door. “What the fuck was that all about?” he wondered as he saw Allison pull out of the driveway. Obviously the little misunderstanding was something a little larger than he had imagined.

On his way to work, he decided he needed to defuse the situation somewhat, so he grabbed his cell phone and called her. After a few rings, he was deposited into her voicemail. “Allison, it’s me. Look I know you are mad about last night, but I am trying to apologize and you don’t seem to want to accept it. I’m sorry if I ignored you last night, but I really wasn’t trying to. Anyway, when you get this, give me a call, as I’ll be in the car for a while. Love you.” He clicked the phone off and drove on in silence, pondering the mysteries of women.

Once at work, he settled in behind his desk and realized he hadn’t heard from Allison yet. This was odd, as it was already 10:30, and she surely would have gotten the message by now. He dialed her number but ended up in voice mail again. He left another quick message and then started in on the morning’s business, putting all thoughts of the previous night and morning behind him.


Just before 5 in the afternoon, a package was delivered to his office. It had no return address and was addressed to him in name only. A little perplexed, he shut his office door and took the package to his desk. After opening the top of the box, the first thing he noticed was a folded piece of paper. He took it out and unfolded it, revealing a carefully typed note that read:

David, I suppose that I am as much at fault as you were for last night’s misunderstanding. I should have made it clear what I was getting at before it got out of control. I have decided that I need to be more assertive in our relationship, hence this package. In this box you will find one item. I want you wearing it when you come home this evening. Be there promptly at 6 o’clock. You are not to be a minute late. Allison

Amused, He set the note down and began rummaging through the box. At last he came upon something wrapped in plastic. It felt rather heavy and he couldn’t for the life of him figure out what the hell it must be, or how he was supposed to wear it. He unwrapped the plastic to reveal a tear-dropped piece of steel with a narrow shaft on one end flanging out to a base with a ring set into it. His previous amusement turned to befuddlement as he tried to figure out what he was supposed to do with it. He tried calling her at work but again was placed in voice-mail. A small voice in the back of his mind was hinting as to what this was for and what he was supposed to do with it, but he couldn’t bring himself to believe that Allison would have actually bought it and wanted him to use it. There sex life had always been pretty basic, and she had never shown an interest in anything remotely kinky. Yet the sight of the anal plug in his hand couldn’t be denied.

He hefted the device, feeling the weight of it in his hand, still unable to believe that Alison intended for him to put this inside himself. The note, however, seemed to convey a pretty steadfast tone. He glanced at his clock and realized he had been pondering the note and her gift for almost a half-hour. Again glancing at the toy and rereading Allison’s note, he felt a warm rush wash over him, and realized he needed to get home, and quick, before 6 o’clock rolled around.


The entire drive home was a unique experience, as the presence of the toy could be felt constantly. He kept shifting in his seat in an attempt to find a position that was somewhat comfortable, but finally gave up when he realized that the sensation was beginning to acquire a somewhat pleasurable feeling. As he got closer to home, he started to seriously wonder what was waiting for him, as this was completely out of character for Allison.

The drive passed by quicker than normal (at least he thought it had) and soon enough he was pulling into their driveway. By the time he reached the front door he was actually beginning to feel a little anxious about what was in store for him. He quickly looked at his watch and saw that it was a few minutes before 6. “Perfect” he thought.

He opened the front door and stepped inside. The first thing he noticed was that the entryway was pitch black. Turning to shut the door, he flicked the light switch. Nothing. “Great, the powers out” he murmured.

“Allison, are you here?” he yelled into the darkness.

He waited for a response but heard nothing. Shrugging, he now began feeling a little foolish that he had played along, and she wasn’t even here. Suddenly, a light clicked on him, illuminating him in the darkness.

“David, I see you are on time. That’s very good. Let’s see just how well you listened. But first I want to inform you of the rules. Rule number 1: You will do exactly as you are told. Rule Number 2: You are not to speak unless you ask permission. Those are the only rules. Any deviation from the rules will be dealt with accordingly. Do you understand?”

“Uh, sure” he stammered, beginning to feel a little uncomfortable now. “Where the hell is this coming from?” he thought to himself.

“Good” she replied. “The first thing I want you to do is remove all of your clothes where you are standing.”

“Ok, easy enough” he thought as he stripped off his clothes and threw them in a pile by the door.

“Very good” she replied, “now I would like you to turn around and bend over to see if you followed my other instruction.”

He turned around and bent over, exposing the ring and end of the plug to Allison. He was beginning to feel slightly embarrassed by this display, but Allison had set this up and he was determined to play along. Anyway, it was kind of alluring to hear her directing him around like this.

“Very good David. Now I would like you to stand back up and turn around.” As he was turning around, the flashlight moved downward to a point directly in front of him on the floor. His gaze followed the light and he saw the end of a gold chain displayed by the beam. At the end of the chain was a small fastener. “Now I want you to take the chain and attach the fastener to the ring on the plug.”

His previous allure with this little game was beginning to dissolve, but he was determined to meet Allison stride for stride. He bent over and picked up the chain, and after a little bit of fumbling around, he was able to get the fastener attached.

“You listen well. Now I want you to get down on your hands and knees and follow me.”

“Allison, what exactly….”

“David, you did not ask permission to speak. Turn around.”

Wondering what was going to happen, he turned around and registered the sting and slap of something across his ass simultaneously. “Ow, Jesus, Allison, what …”, “Whack” as another blow was delivered.

“I said no talking David. Do you now understand that?”

“Yes” he replied, feeling the lingering sting from the blows.

“Good. Now get down on your hands and knees and follow me”, and with that he felt a slight tugging on the chain. He slowly lowered himself to the ground just as the flashlight was turned off. He followed after Allison, distinctly aware of the feel of the chain as it ran between his ass cheeks, and up and over his back as she tugged on the chain. She led him into the living room and over to the only lit corner in the room. The first thing he noticed was Allison from the rear, the glow of candles outlining her shape to him. He could see the other end of the chain in one hand, and a riding crop in the other. As he was walked through the room, he could see that Allison had placed his favorite chair in the lit corner of the room, and had placed one large candle on either side of the chair.

“Stop” she commanded when he was directly in front of the chair. “Kneel and place your hands behind you”. He complied, and then watched as Allison stood in front of the chair, mere inches from where he was kneeling. She was wearing a short, tight dress that accentuated every curve and contour of her body. As he kneeled, Allison stood staring at him, moving her eyes all along his body. “How does it feel to have someone just stare at you and check out your body?”

“A little daunting” David replied, his voice slightly lower than normal.

“How would you feel if I were looking at another man like this?” she replied coolly.

“I wouldn’t like it” came the reply.

“Can you begin to understand why I felt the way I did last night?”

“Allison, wasn’t that a little diff…”

“Stop. Put your head on the ground.” He brought his hands from behind his back and lowered his head until his forehead was touching the floor. “I asked you a question. A question in response was not heeding my rules David.”

He was now getting a little concerned as to what was going to happen, but before he could process any possibilities, the crop repeatedly struck his exposed ass.

He stifled a cry, hardly believing what had just occurred. A multitude of different thoughts and emotions streaked through his mind: Shock, pain, lust, anger, pleasure, all mixing and churning together. He wasn’t sure what the hell was going on.

“David, you may lift your head up again and resume your position. Do you understand why I felt the way I did last night? Allison repeated.

His mind racing and his ass stinging, he slowly lifted his head up and gingerly resumed kneeling. “No, I do not” he replied, inwardly wincing at what might come from that response.

“Honest answer. Good. I felt that way last night because you have no idea what you have here at home. You are constantly looking at other women in a way that you should be looking at me. When was the last time you undressed me with your eyes?”

“I can’t remember” he replied.

“That is the problem David. You don’t see me in the sexual way that you see other women. Pretend you have just met me, mentally undress me and tell me what you see?”

“Um, I see a relatively tall woman, with dark hair….”

“David, don’t fuck around with me. I want to know what you immediately think. Don’t try to soften it so you think you won’t offend me. I want to know what immediately comes to mind. Pretend I am a woman you just met in a bar.”

“Oh god” he thought, “I’m dead”, I either answer truthfully and risk her getting pissed off or I lie, and she knows I’m lying, and she gets pissed off. What the hell, she asked for this. “Well”, he began “I see a nice pair of tits, and I wonder what they would like in my hands and in my mouth. I see an ass that I would like to cup and pull towards me. I wonder if you groom your pussy, or maybe if its’ completely bald. I look at your mouth and imagine what it would feel like around my dick. I wonder what your pussy would feel like if I slipped my fingers inside of you and what you would taste like on my fingers. I imagine watching you play with yourself and slipping your fingers into pussy.” Part of him was screaming to shut the hell up before he completely signed his death warrant, but another part of him (the part that was winning) was feeling completely under her control as he spoke, almost to the point where the admission was drawing him under her spell.

“So, all of that went through your mind when you looked at Justine last night?”

“Uh, well no, not really.” He replied already knowing he had blown it.

“Return your head to the floor David” Allison said calmly.

He returned his head to the floor, anticipating the expected blows. After a few moments, nothing had happened, and curiously he couldn’t decide if he was glad or disappointed. He thought he heard voices somewhere in the home but he couldn’t tell for sure, as his sensory system was running on overtime at this point. After a few more minutes he figured this was his punishment for answering the way he did. He began to turn his head to the side to see if he could see what Allison was doing, when he heard the slight, imperceptible sound of the crop sailing through the air. The impact of the leather caught him so much by surprise that a tiny yelp escaped from his mouth.

“You may resume kneeling” Allison commanded. This time was even more difficult as his heels pressed directly into the part of his ass that Allison had zeroed in on.

“So, all of that went through your mind when you looked at Justine last night?”

“Yes” he replied.

“Now do you know why I was upset last night?”

“I’m beginning to ….”

“Good. Now you are going to make it up to me.” She sat back in the chair, keeping her legs slightly spread apart, and resting the crop on her thighs. “Stand up and face me.”

He stood up and looked directly at her, still feeling the stinging sensation from the crop. “I want you to pretend I am Justine, and that I do not know you are watching me. While you are pretending, I want you to masturbate for me. Begin now.” And with that she pulled the chain taut with her left hand, and let her right hand slip between her legs.

He watched as Allison’s hand pulled the dress up just enough to reveal a slight glimpse of her panties. He reached down and was surprised to find himself already hard. With everything else going on around him, he hadn’t even been aware of his own state of arousal. He started rhythmically stroking himself as he watched Allison lightly touch herself. She was slowly running a fingertip along the outside of her now fully exposed panties, circling where he knew her clit was hidden. He must have stopped his own movements at some point because the leash was suddenly given a quick pull and when he looked up Allison was staring directly at him. Quick to avoid any further measures, he began quickly stroking himself again. Allison slowly moved her hand up and began lightly circling the aureole of each breast in turn, making the nipples come alive and push against the thin material.

He was absolutely entranced watching her slowly touch herself as he stood in front of her and performed for her. He was quickly approaching the point of no return, and Allison must have known it, as she was slightly applying pressure on the chain, gently massaging the inside of him. He looked at her in the chair, where she was now looking directly at him, and he not only knew he was going to cum, but wanted to, for her. Allison moved her hand back down and slowly pulled the bottom of her panties to one side so he could see her glistening lips, and that was all he could take. He uttered a low growl and looked Allison directly in the eyes as he came. He lost track of time and his orgasm seemed to go on for forever.

“David, you may stop now.” Allison replied, and he looked down to see that he had lost his erection, but had continued to stroke himself, lost completely in thought. “That was very good. Did you like pretending I was Justine?”

It took a minute to catch his breath, but he managed to reply, “I never did. I’m sorry, but I was a little too taken by you.”

“Normally, not listening to instructions would cost you; however, I think you’ve learned a bigger lesson that negates the need for corrective measures. Remember, a woman is much more than a sexual object to be viewed and ogled. There is power there. But most importantly, remember who and what I am.” Allison stood up and dropped the chain at David’s feet. “Now, you need to go clean up. After your behavior last night, I felt we needed to take Thom and Justine out to dinner tonight. You had better hurry, because Thom will be here in about 15 minutes.”

“Thom” he thought, his mind racing.

“When you are cleaned up, you can join me and Justine in the den for a glass of wine. Justine?” Allison directed to one of the darkened corners of the living room.

“Coming”, Justine replied, as she emerged from the darkness. She gave David an impish little grin and followed Allison out of the living room.


“So, did you have a good time at dinner?” Allison asked, as she set down her book and looked over at David in bed. David had been flipping back and forth between the television and his book.

“Oh, yeah, it was nice”, he replied.

“You just seemed quieter than normal this evening. I just wanted to make sure nothing was wrong.” She returned her attention to her book, as David got up and turned of the television.

“Well” he began, laying back down “it was a little difficult watching Justine eat after having made the comments I did earlier.” “God”, he thought, “I could barely look at her after this afternoon”. It was all he could do to get through the meal without repeatedly blushing or stammering on his words.

“I would say it put you both in the position of seeing each other in a whole new light. Anyway, we should get some sleep. Tomorrow will be here before we know it. Turn the lights off.” She said sleepily.

David jumped out of bed and went to the light switch, but just before he turned it off, he looked back at Allison, half expecting her to admonish him for hesitating, but she had already closed her eyes and was drifting off to sleep, a cat-like grin gracing her face.
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