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Location: Windy City
Writing Challenge #36

Here we go ...


Using whatever style of writing you choose, explain the reason for the scene given by the prompt below :

While waiting for your baggage at an airport, you notice a young woman at the baggage carrousel. Although it’s daytime, she's wearing a black strapless evening gown, high-heeled shoes and coordinated jewelry. She collects a box wrapped in brown paper. What’s in the box? Who’s she meeting? Why is she dressed to the nines at the airport?

I hope this sparks some good ideas - Enjoy!
Calling from deep in the heart, from where the eyes can't see and the ears can't hear, from where the mountain trails end and only love can go... ~~~ Three Rivers Hare Krishna
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Bethany wanted to make him go away, she had tried almost everything. After thirteen years of married disfunction it was almost to the point of cheating for her. This was a desperate attempt to avopid that, and she knew it. Dressed as if she expected to meet the queen for cocktails, Beth was the center of attention at this smalltown hub, as if anything ever happened in belmont international airport. The only reason there was a "INT'L" in the name was because they had a flight that went to Mexico...once a week.

Bruce was not a worldly man, raised in a mormon home he had barely managed to shed the white shirt and tie, now prefering light blue. His job as a computer consultant was boring. As a way to break up the humdrum life , he was taking accounting courses...online. In the back of his mind were the unpleasant things his wife would want him to do later tonight...having been away for two weeks, she would want sex. Chills went down his spine at the thought as several bible passages went through his mind. As the plane slowed to a stop, Bruce felt the familiar lurch of a complete stop, and the painful cramp in his stomach as his little vacation from homelife ended. She would be waiting in the concourse, as usual.

Bethany watched the people pour out of the open door,,,,and picked out her husband. "Guess it's time to show my nature", she mumbled to herself. Taking the small brown paper package from her bag, she held it in her hand.....and waited.

Bruce walked as slow as he could from the plane, "Another embarassing kiss as a welcome home", he said out loud. She always kissed him hard when he was gone for more than a few days, and he hated the show she gave strangers, at his expense. Bad enough to do these things with the blinds drawn, but in public it was an affront to God. He tried to put on the "Happy" face as he crossed the threshhold into the lobby....thats when he saw his wife, and started to die.

Beth took the wrapper off her package as soon as she saw him enter the building.....and pulled the chrome device from the box. A quick twist of thw base and it activated,humming in her trembling hand. The slit in her dress allowed her to pull the cloth quickly to the side so she could tuck the hem into her cleavage, exposong a perfectly manicured triangle of black pubic hair. Bethany slipped the vibrator into herself...and let out a sound that drew the attention of anyone not already transfixed by the pale woman in the Black dress.

Bruce felt a constriction in his chest....at first thinking it was the unwanted increase in heartrate his body forced on him when his wife showed him her flesh. This was different he decided, it hurt.Sweat began to form on his forehead and a sting ran up his arm....he could not breath.As he fell to the ground, he saw a look on Beths face he had never seen before, she looked like an angel, in the presence of its God.

Bethany watched as her husband stumbled to the floor....but she was in no state to care....for the first time in a decade, she Came.
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Location: Montreal
Hannah never wanted any of this, but no way would she trade the past two weeks of her life for anything. Could she have ever guessed that the defining moment in her life, the missing piece in her twisted puzzle, would gently float towards her in a box on a baggage carousel? Not in a million years.

She was never any good with people. Sure, she had some friends at one point, but no lover. Neither gender really had what it took to get her off properly, and that put a damper on all of her relationships. There was always something missing.

She gingerly picks up the package and inspects it, careful not to disturb its contents too much. It's so simple and elegant, wrapped in layers of origami paper folded in such a way that no strings or tape were needed. She promised herself to learn how to do that. Tetsuo would show her...

Tetsuo. Just thinking his name made her blush. When she stumbled upon his name on some random chatroom, she was instantly reminded of Akira, that great anime flick she watched every month. Tetsuo. How kind his writing was, and such feelings it awoke in her, her heart swelling with sounds of taiko drums and screaming choirs.

He was elusive, though. Frustratingly so. He led her from one website to the next for many nights, made fleeting comments about the slipperiness of tuna, sent her pictures of himself standing on a desk. He knew how to push her buttons, and she loved him for it, for they were new and unused before he found them. He said he loved her and she believed him. Why?

After all, Tetsuo is Japanese and she is Canadian! No amount of love could survive that, could it? Certainly, neither one of them would make the trip across an ocean and a continent to meet the other. Not after two weeks! No, that was absurd. So why is Hannah standing at a baggage carousel in Dorval airport?

Somehow, for some incredibly convoluted reason, she HAD to go to Japan. To take charge. To show initiative. To spend the money she had no use for, due to a complete lack of social life. To... uh... see Japan! Yeah, that's a good reason right there. Everyone's always harping about seeing Paris, Milan, New York, LA, Sydney... well what about Osaka? There's some good punk rock coming out of Osaka, mister, and the fact that Tetsuo happens to live in nearby Kyoto is just, you know, convenient is all. She knew his address, and after catching a kick-ass Shonen Knife cover band, and splurging on a nice dress with matching flash, she hopped on the train to her beloved.

His apartment had been empty for a long time. At least, that's what she figured based on her frail grasp of the Japanese language and the deft gesticulations of the old woman who owned the building. She had shoved a box in her hands. Apparently, Tetsuo had warned her about some crazy gaijin chick who would happen by and know exactly what to do with it. Hannah would have donated it to the nearest flat surface if it hadn't come with a note, written in her beloved's exquisite style. "Take this back with you, my love" it read. So simple, so filled with meaning and lacking in bullshit! She wasn't even upset she got dressed up for nothing. She held the box close to her breasts until she got to Kansai International Airport.

She went back in time. Arriving in Montreal a mere 3 hours after she left Japan and traveled by plane for 16 hours. Was that math or quantum physics? She would be pissed, but Japanese dress technology (wrinkle-free!), her breath (minty fresh!) and the package (undamaged!) more than made up for any grievance.

People were starting to stare. Canadians stare differently than the Japanese, the former look, then turn away, the latter cast furtive glances, then fixate when you finally notice them. Maybe she would take the box to a nice lunch at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, so as not to spoil the "day during which she wore a nice dress". What does a carefully folded Japanese box eat? Sushi? Natto? Pizza? The flesh of its defeated enemies? No matter, she would think of something.

Sitting in her car, she rips the delicate wrapping apart, completely desecrating hundreds of years of folding tradition. A simple wooden box remains in the way and she opens that as well.

The planets align. Heaven and Earth are joined. FOX goes bankrupt. All is well in that one perfect moment in the airport garage. Hannah and Tetsuo look deep within each other's eyes and know everything is going to be alright. She stares at him, all 7 1/2 inches of him, in a most un-Canadian way. Hannah knows Tetsuo loves her, because he dressed up like his namesake in Akira: tattered pants, boots, a ripped blood-red cape, wild hair... even that weird arm! Tetsuo knows Hannah loves him, because she came all the way to Osaka to collect him and wore a nice dress.

She brings him to her breasts, which would become his place of comfort, and lets him hear her beating heart. Just like taiko drums, it reminds him of Japan.
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Location: north san diego county
Her baggage secured, she exits the terminal quickly as if threatened by time. Her movements are fluid and loose, as if returning from a long, relaxing vacation. She stands by the curb outside the revolving doors and calls for a taxi. She stretches her arm out and her lithe figure catches the eyes of the entire airport. Half a dozen cabs rush to her rescue. She walks around to the driver's side and opens the back door, throwing her things into the backseat. Then she opens the driver's door and quickly wields a heavy duty revolver. The bullet pierces the skull, ripping flesh and bone fragments directly into the brain. She grabs his collar and pulls him out of the car before gracefully departing in it.

She drives like the wind, cruising down the freeway toward the club. She nearly crashes into the front doors, burning rubber and sidewalk all the way up. As she runs inside, the bouncers step in her way. She leaps into the air, leans back, and twists her body to the left landing a sharp kick on one bouncers face. She falls to the ground landing on all fours and pulls the revolver from her belt, quickly firing between her legs at the bouncer. Two shots to the gut and he retires to his fate on the ground, joining his friend in the revenge pile.

Into the club she goes, the metal detector sounding, lights flashing all around here. The women on stage were cheap, but the men in the crowd were cheaper. This may have been high class for a strip joint, but it was a pretty fucking disaster. Her husband is the owner. He thinks he's bad because he runs a mini mafia, little thugs run around doing his bidding. Whacking people and stealing money. He was a nobody. No serious mafia boss would respect a man like this. He is to Don Corleone as a rock would be to comedy. Not The Rock, a rock. Well, either way.

For all that he didn't do well though, he was a great husband. They'd been together for 10 years and he'd never hit her or cheated on her, but a random phone call she'd received suddenly gave her reason to suspect otherwise. She was enraged, and rightfully so, but something in her was going off.

She ran up the stairs to the VIP rooms and slammed open his special room to find him elbow deep in something very statutory. She nearly dropped that small brown box she'd clung so tightly to the whole way. She opened it instead, to reveal a bottle of tequila that she'd brought back for him. It was very high quality and she'd hoped to share it with him that night. She quickly opened the bottle of tequila and started drinking straight from the bottle.

Her husband didn't stop what he was doing and kept going at the young girl underneath him. She lights up a cigarette as she removes her scarf. The tears streaming down her face are making her make up run. She takes a long drag from the cigarette, staring at the nightmare before her.

Suddenly, she pours a bunch of tequila out onto her scarf, then stuffs one end of it into the bottle then she takes the cigarette from her mouth and ignites the scarf. The flame engulfs her hand as she flings the bottle straight at the already hot couple. She screams as her hand starts on fire, but her eyes never leave the bottle as it smashes on her husbands back bursting into a beautiful explosion. His flesh melts away on impact and his bare back is exposed near through to the bone as the flames quickly engulf the rest of his body and the body beneath him. He screams as he leaps from the bed and sprints around the room looking for something, anything... salvation. Her sleeve still alit and scorching the flesh on her left hand, she watches in awe as his fiery corpse runs about, screaming in pain. She fires her gun at him as he runs, landing a number of bullets in his chest, and he finally collapses on the floor. He stares at her intently as blood spurts out his mouth and he is suddenly quite still.

This was a lot more violent of an end than she had originally intended. Her first idea was to poison him with the tequila, but then she walked in on him. Of course, she knew this when she drank the tequila. Her eyes were glazing over and she fell to knees. She groaned a muffled sentiment before collapsing on the floor, still burning as the flame spread up to her shoulder.

The police would arrive hours later to find 3 charred bodies, 2 naked and one clothed. One filled with bullets, one with poison, and one with sperm. The police agree that it would not be enjoyable to be filled with any of these three things, and call it a day.
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Location: Denver
Why she was there he hadn't a clue. Not that it mattered really, his connecting flight was bording and his rows would likely be called within the next few minutes. An impatient woman brushed past him, dragging her oversized carry on luggage in one arm and her screaming child in the other. He thought with a chuckle that the carryon had the better end of the deal after seeing her grip on the child.

His view was blocked for a moment but soon enough, there she was. A loosely curled loch fell from the crest of her styled hair to dangle along side her slender face. It's Auburn hue with the red streaks only served to bring out the finer highlights of the dark shade of cherry blossom lipstick she had selected for this occasion. Her face was an open book. At this moment she looked more like a child waiting for her parents to pick her up from kindergarten's first fearful day of school.

Her eyes fell on the small brown package and her tension visibly evaporated. Even with her palpable anticipation she stood in place and waited as the package slowly came down the esclator where it was freed from it's snail's pace by the slick angled metal sheets that would deposit it promptly against the bumper car styled edges that slowly circled the courasel. She eyed the box as it continued its journey around the far side of the device and waited as it rounded the corner on it's collision path with her waiting hands.

She was a beauty. Her chest rose and fell with each waiting breath. The dress she was wearing complimentd her very well. Her black evening dress hugged her just right showing no slack, yet the perfect amount of stress required to hold it firmly to her. Her ear rings were a matching pair of deep ocean pearls accented with a small diamond and a fastenere at the bottom that suspended an intricate pattern of swirling diamond cut tassles. The matcing neckelace hung just above her bust and begged attention to the cleavage that rest just below. A most miniscule twitch of the eye brough her dress to bear. The small impressions made by her undergarments hinted at a french cut undergarment and what appeared to be a quite elaborate pattern of lace on the bra that was designed to enduce just these kinds of observations. His attention shifted back to the package that was creeping its way toard her.

When it was just out of arms reach , like a giddy teen, she skittered up to the carousel and excitedly grabbed the parcel and inspected it. It was a plain box, with roughly rounded corners that looked as though they were hastily folded and taped. The only marking on it was white oval tag that had the tell-tale blue trim of the airline that had trasnported it, and was merely to identify it. She held it loosely in her hands with a very familiar gate. He expected the normal shaking, bouncing, or perhaps the awkward turning of the box to see how the contents shifted inside, but it did nto come. Perhaps she didn't need to check it.

She looked around the terminal, small as it was, for some sign of confirmation that someone else might just be as excited as she was. Her sweeping glance crossed the crowd looking for something to beam at and firmly landed squarely on his gaze. He was embarrased to have her looking directly at him, but could not look away. There was an uncomfortable silence that permeated his soul, and he wondered how she could have such an effect on him from that distance.

Her eyes looked into his and he could see the compassion, elation and simple appreciation that she felt at finding an outlet at this moment. As a matter of convenience he had recieved the excited energy that she had fired off. While he had on clue what was going on, he felt tht he was now part of this instead of a simple bystander or voyeur.

He decided that since he had already been caught in the act of sharing her experience vicariously, he might as well give her the courtesy of a smile and a nod ackowledging that he noticed her. Her eyes twinkled in recognition of his guilty concience and In return her face smiled even larger than it had been and she issued a short giggle as if to say "it's ok .. ".

"Now boarding rows twenty-five through fourty-five, form a line at the gate and please have your tickets out and ready"

He glanced down at his ticket and begrudgingly noted that his seat was 38F, an undesiarable seat in the middle of the row offering him a likely prospect of a long flight with on chance of breathing room. At least he would not have to sit by the woman and her child that had already borded further back in the cabin.

He looked at the forming line and decided that he would wait until the other passengers had borded before getting in line. His glance once again scanned the termial and fell upon her waiting gaze. Had she been staring at him this whole time? He now felt obligated to at least introduce himself. He picked up his tote bag and slowly shuffled in her direction. He was more than a little intimiadted at her beauty and her hazel eyes remained locked on him.

"So, what do you have there?" .. he regretted asking it as soon as the words spilled from his mouth. Why couldnt he have been suave and said something about how she looked, or ask her name? It must have been that his brain wasn't working right. God, she was beautiful!! She looked down at the package and smiled. She looked back up at him and said "A Great conversation piece..." Her voice came softly yet confident. She had a commanding voice and it showed strength and feminity in equal portions. Her tone hit home and he went weak at the knees. He liked everything about this woman, and it worried him. He was confused a bit, and he tried to put her words into perspective. Not quite what he'd been expecting to hear.

"It's ok Micky... It's for you" was her reply to his befuddled look. Did she know him? She must... as she used his informal name and not the widely known "Marcus" that often accompanied his every day life.

Now he was completely lost.

sorry .. got cut off .. will contiue later. (emergency)

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Hannah was glad the week was over - while performing was always enjoyable once she was on stage, the recovery time afterwards seemed more draining as the months passed. The house had been only half full last night, and she remembered the way her voice had echoed softly against the polished wood, surrounding the audience in music. At least some people still knew how to appreciate the simple, etheric melodies a voice and a piano could create.

With limited time before her flight left, she had bypassed changing after the concert, instead going directly to the airport.

An uneventful flight as always, she became slightly impatient as the carousel began to disperse the baggage off the plane, and there was still no sign of her box. Joey traveled with her everywhere, ever since his own musical career had been cut short by a freak accident. When she sang at Carnegie, the vase on the piano had held his ashes, and the she remembered the way she could have sworn that he was adding his own touches to the piano accompaniment, even then. He was never one to let an artistic muse go unteased.

Taking a sigh of relief, she finally saw the package approach, simple brown paper giving no clue to the contents inside. Hugging the box tightly, she smoothed the evening gown she still wore and stepped outside to flag a taxi.
Calling from deep in the heart, from where the eyes can't see and the ears can't hear, from where the mountain trails end and only love can go... ~~~ Three Rivers Hare Krishna
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hannah was look for a awesome man to have a dinner. she know the airport is a good place to meet the super guy, so she play a trick!

she put a box of sexy perfume on the luggage circle then watch it go around. "this is a superior idea!" hanna think. "the sexy perfume will make a handsome fellow get wild with his desire! when he see me in the evening dress, then he will get the idea to ask me for a dinner companion!"

sure enough, this work. a man name 'air54' is arrive from his plane on a important business trip. "i am tire," think air54. "and hungry!"

then a funny idea happen to air54 nose! it smell a sexy smell! hmm! what can it be??? air54 does not know, but his member stir in his trouser!

hannah pick up the package and catch air54 eye. this give air54 an idea! "hey, you, you look beautiful for a dinner. what do you say?"

"OK!" say hannah because this was her plan the whole way.

hannah and air54 have a fancy food dinner, then return to air54 condo for superior sexing!
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#36, challenge, writing

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