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Crossover vehicle designs

Okay, I'm watching TV last night and a commercial comes on for the new Infiniti F45. Now, I'm looking at this "crossover" vehicle and thinking, where have I seen this before. Then it hits me.

It's a freakin' American Eagle!

Back in the early 70's American Motor Corporation (the people who brought us the Javalin and Gremlin) came out with an all wheel drive vehicle called the Eagle. They had hatchbacks, sedans and station wagons. The more crossover vehicles I see, the more I'm convinced that there's nothing new in the auto design world. Anybody else notice this?
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AMC must have been ahead of its time. When I saw the Nissan Murano the first thing I thought was the back window area looks kind of like a Gremlin.
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aaaah.. what's old is new again... it doesn't look much like it, but it is very reminiscent in it fact that it was the cross over vehicle.

yes the AMC American Eagle with automatic 4 wheel drive.. every time it "felt" an incline it shifted into 4WD.

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There's nothing new in the automotive world. Even Subaru has brought back the Brat, they just call it something else.
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crossover, designs, vehicle

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