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Misheard Lyrics.

Have you ever sat back and listened to a song and then thought to yourself "Wait a minute... That Doesn't sound right." Maybe even sang along in front of a friend only to hear them laugh at you and in not as many words call you an asshole. Well, this thread is the place for you to talk about this kind of traumatic experience.

Recently a friend of mine was listening to some band named Alter Bridge, apparently the douchebags of Creed moved on up. As I heard the song I began laughing when I heard:

"On this day I see clearly. Everyday I fuck ten guys."

I was later told that the later half of the sentence was:

"...everything has come to life."
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I watch Muchmusic with the captioning on, and have come to realize that I've misheard almost every song.

One that comes to mind in particular is Alanis Morrisette's "you otta know"...I always thought it was "the cross-eyed bear that you gave to me" when in fact it was "the cross I bear". Funnily enough, there was a band on the go here called "The Cross Eyed Bear" . Apparently I wasn't the only one who heard it wrong.
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Mis-heard lyrics are called "mondegreens." There are several websites devoted to them:


Some of them are actually better than the original lyrics.
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Zeroed In
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Location: CA
been looking at the site and I can't stop snickering...I look like an idiot here at work
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Location: France
"Butt-flies" instead of "butterflies" in some interpretations Jimi's "Little Wing".
Makes me chuckle.
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Old 08-29-2007, 11:09 PM   #6 (permalink)
part of the problem
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until i was an adult in my late 20's, every time i sang "oh come oh ye faithful" i loudly and proudly sang out "come and be holy, for the king of england" never once thinking that sounded a bit wrong for a christmas carol....turns out it was "come and behold him, born the king of angels"...go figure....
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Location: New England
My wife had a great one in the 80's with Eddie Money:

"I think I'm in love, and I can't get it up"
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pinche vato
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One of mine that isn't in the mondegreen site - from Flashdance.

"Take your pants off, and make it happen."

As a musician playing in bands, we almost ALWAYS though of x-rated versions of titles and lyrics to songs we played and would refer to them that way when calling them up to be played.

One of my favorites was "I've Got You Under My (fore) Skin."

Free Turd, Afternoon Dicklight, Another Fuck in Tunisia, Saturday in the Puss, The Devil Went Down on Georgia, I Want You to Wank Me, etc. I could go on for days.
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lyrics, misheard

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