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Really, for some reason I like this song...

Post the top 40 chart topper song that just seems to get you. You know, the one that gets into your head and you're humming it when it's on.

Lyrics are NSFW

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I liked it better before it became a cell phone ring, but it still gets me singing a little.

And I liked this one before "Glee"... they're from Jax.
Just the first line makes me chair dance.

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Originally Posted by Cynthetiq View Post
Post the top 40 chart topper song that just seems to get you. You know, the one that gets into your head and you're humming it when it's on.

YouTube - Cee Lo Green - FUCK YOU (Official Video)
Lyrics are NSFW

YouTube - ‪Cee Lo Green - Forget You‬‏

I listen to a 'youth' radio station that played the NSFW version of this a lot last year. I think it is a really good song. Cut to Christmas shopping - I'm in the local mall, and I hear the intro to the song and I'm thinking 'they can't be playing that in a shopping mall', and then I discovered there was a SFW version. It just sounds *wrong* after hearing the original.
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songs, top 40

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