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Location: near St. Louis, MO
The St. Louis Arch Controls the Weather

You may have heard of lake effect snow. You also might have heard of El Niño, a weather phenomena that affects weather around the globe; but have you ever heard of the arch effect? Probably not. The arch effect is one of the strangest occurances in weather. The arch effect is also manmade, and it is very real.

The St. Louis Arch, a 636 ft. monument on the west bank of the Mississippi River, has stood for nearly forty years. It is a shining monument built to convey St. Louis’s role as the Gateway to the West. Only now has the reason for its construction as well as its true purpose been revealed. It seems that some of the same scientists responsible for the doomsday weapon research in the deserts of the Southwest U.S. during the forties, were also interested in controlling the weather. They hoped to use weather control as a means to aid in troop movement and logistics for the Allies, as well as use it as a tactical weapon against the enemy. This, they hoped, would bring about a quick end to the war in Europe.

Thus, the design for the arch was conceived. The stainless steel structure, while able to produce an ionic pulse, is impervious to any lingering affects. Each leg of the arch is able to push positive and negative ions into the air so as to create a positive or negatively charged field that can ‘push’ storms out of the way. During the day this national monument stands as the gateway to the west, but after hours this man-made marvel turns into one of the most powerful weather controlling devices ever conceived.

As storms roll across the plains of North America they cut a path of destruction. The midwest has a notorious reputation for severe and dangerous weather. Powerful thunderstorms, tornadoes, and severe ice and snowstorms pummel the area year round. But, for some odd reason, as these storm systems approach the St. Louis metro area; they seem to “split” in half. One half of the storm system will move to the north, while the other half will move the opposite direction; creating an area in the middle without any severe weather. This area in the middle, you guessed it, the St. Louis metro area. These storms then “rejoin” again over Illinois and Indiana, well past St. Louis.St. Louis Arch Construction

Examples of this ‘arch effect’ are there for all to see. Meteorologists comment on this oddity during their weather reports. People in the area breathe sighs of relief as they are spared from yet another powerful series of storms. Does this happen every time, you may ask? The answer, put simply, is no. Obviously the device cannot be used frequently during business hours as many tourists are inside the arch, but also the ‘Powers that be’ use this device at their own discretion so as not to draw too much attention. This device can be reversed to draw storms into the area as well, which has been noticed on several occasions. Storm systems that were well out of the area were suddenly ‘pulled’ to the St. Louis metro area in such a way that nature could have never intended. Obviously, the ability to draw storm systems would provide a definite tactical military advantage.

The government has long since tried to cover up the details on this secret research project. Scientists involved in the development and construction of this technology in the Arch were moved to other countries to continue additional research projects. Contractors involved in the construction were not aware of the technologies and devices being implemented in the Arch. To this day, very few people know of the existence of the ‘Weather Control Experiments’ taking place in the Midwest. But the next time you watch the weather, pay close attention to the strange weather patterns and movement of storm systems in the St. Louis area.

originally posted at: http://www.failedsuccess.com/index.p..._weather_story
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Location: Dallas
sounds like you've been spending too much time with our friend Scott Stevens @ http://www.weatherwars.info/index.html
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It sounded plausible, but I don't really buy that. More proof before I say I believe in this.
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