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Old 03-09-2005, 07:39 PM   #1 (permalink)

My new niece was just diagnosed with Colic ( 1 month) and I was wondering how long it lasts for?

Any suggestions for her?
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There are conflicting theories on why colic exists, and it's really not understood particularly well. Some people think its gas; you can try some of the simethicone drops and see if that helps. Other babies like going for rides in the car, which seems to calm them down. I've also heard of running the vacuum ( don't ask me why!!) Some think it is acid reflux, and some acid reflux meds seem to help.

This is a stage that the baby will grow out of. My son was colicky for about 2 weeks and there really wasn't anything that soothed him. He'd scream for 2 hours in the early evening and then stop as suddenly as he started. It sucks for the parents to not know what exactly is wrong with the child, but honestly, I think time is the only answer. Talking to the childs pediatrician is probably a good idea as well.

Hope this helped a little, and the baby stops crying soon!!!
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Old 03-10-2005, 07:50 PM   #3 (permalink)
My son was colicky (sp?) from about 4 weeks until he was 5 months or so. It was trying. He seemed to be overly gassy (even though he was primarily breast fed), and the only thing I could do to comfort him in the bad times (when it did help, that is) was hold him tight, tummy to tummy. Didn't seem to work when anyone else did it, but he was too little to be spoiled at that time, so who knows. The gas drops were a staple in our home at that time. Definitely tell the new mommy to try those.

Colic is never the same with any two children, from what I've read, but it usually doesn't last longer than a few months, at most.
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Old 03-14-2005, 11:44 AM   #4 (permalink)
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My 4 yr old got through it when he was about 6 mo., the little one (now almost 2) wasn't that lucky, he was about 14 months or so when he got through it. We used gripe water on both of them and it seemed to help.
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Old 03-18-2005, 09:04 PM   #5 (permalink)
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Take the baby to a good chiropractor. My brother had really bad colic and diarhea(spelling?). Any way the doctors couldn't help. My mom was seeing a chiropractor and told her to bring him in. He adjusted him, and no more colic or the other stuff. So when my baby developed colic really bad, I took him to the same guy (still practicing 25 yrs later!!!) ... and it help my little one too. The wife was a little leary but much happier after.
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Old 03-19-2005, 06:47 PM   #6 (permalink)
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My oldest daughter had colic from the age of 1 month to 6 months or so. It may just be coincidence, but her colic went away as soon as she started eating solid food (cereal, mashed potatoes, and such).
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My firstborn had colic from about 2 weeks to about 3 months. There was nothing I could do for her - she was breastfed but not even that would calm here. She would scream for about 2 hours each evening from about 5-7pm and one day it ended as suddenly as it began. My second child was a reflux baby (my first never did milk vomits at all) and she was never colicky. Who knows what it was...but life is a lot easier once it goes away!
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I remember colic. Two months of hell that began at 10 pm and usually lasted to around 2 am. Tried everything. Nothing worked. Got ready for a long night...and it was gone as quickly as it came. The simethicone seemed to help.
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I remember when I gave birth to my daughter.....my mother told me...there is one thing the doctor probably wont tell you. (her doctor had told her this information about my sister)

All babies go thru a period of time where they do nothing but scream for some unknown reason, nothing you do is going to placate them. Its a period of time where it increase lung expansion. It can start anytime and last for an hour or a few hours a day for an unspecified length of time. The best you can do is to make sure she doesnt need anything (ie=fed, diaper changed, teething, sick etc) When you have ruled that stuff out put her in her crib, keep your baby monitor turned up and try not to get stressed.

My daughter started that at 4 weeks....at 4 in the aftertoon she would start screaming and by 6 she would stop.

I dont know if that was what people refer to as "colic" but I know it was the longest 3 weeks of my life
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both my kids were colicky, I came across these and tied them....they turned out to be a godsend for me. Worked awesome! look for them at your local grocery store or ask your pharmacist if they carry them they're made by hyland's about 6 bucks a box and dissolve on the babys tongue
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Old 04-01-2005, 10:27 AM   #11 (permalink)
All of our children had terrible colic. There is no "magic cure" and every baby is different. Even the doctors disagree on what causes it and how to fix it.

Trust your gut... try lots of differnt things... but be as consistant as you can. Listen to your baby, and don't be afraid to pester the doctor to death. There are medications and lots of things to try. Tell the parents to hang in there... by 4 months the worst has usually passed!
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Old 04-06-2005, 06:58 AM   #12 (permalink)
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Another thing, if mother is breast feeding, keep a food journal. Sometimes, you might find that eating mexican food, or eggs, or some other random food seems to make it worse.

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Old 04-06-2005, 07:54 AM   #13 (permalink)
Good luck. I went through it for 4 months. Nothing works. Say goodby to sleep. I'm convinced that "colic" is something a doctor made up years and years ago to explain to some angry sleep deprived parents why their kid won't stop crying, then passed it along to his colleagues.
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Old 04-07-2005, 10:15 PM   #14 (permalink)
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My daughter had it so bad that my husband & I took shifts with her so we could sleep. She would fuss until 5am. Still doesn't seem to need much sleep, and she's 15.
Anyways, I found when solid food was introduced things got better. Whether this was just that she grew out of it or that formula wasn't enough to suppress her hunger I do not know. She was 4 or 5 months old before things improved. (I know I introduced solids way to early, but it worked. Long time complications? Never saw any in her.)
This was about when my sister (had daughter same time as I did) & I decided kids cry because the paint on the wall is bland. In other words, any reason will do. I do recall a time I threatened to kill the next person who in their good intentions told me my kid had "healthy lungs".
Thank goodness these times pass. And when I had my son 3 years later, there was no repeat episodes. He would sleep like an angel. Go figure.

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Old 04-08-2005, 10:38 AM   #15 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by bill96ab
Another thing, if mother is breast feeding, keep a food journal. Sometimes, you might find that eating mexican food, or eggs, or some other random food seems to make it worse.
For my brothers and sisters, when my mom was breast feeding she added garlic to her diet and it cured the colic. I know that the old wives tale says not to but everyone I know who has tried it has seen success.
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Old 05-06-2005, 10:07 AM   #16 (permalink)
My daughter was collicky for 4 months. Yeah, I'm not fond of infants as you can imagine. They start solid foods and move around alot more and start growing out of it. They do say breast milk builds up a better immunity. Worth a try.

I only hope my grandchild due in November isn't like her mother. Oh well. It could be much worse.
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Only thing that relieved my daughter (she was colicky from birth to almost 3 months old) was breast milk in warm water. She'd drink it, fart, poop and stop crying....her twin brother was never colicky-he was on cereal by 5 weeks because neither I nor bottles was enough.
I feel bad for the mom. I had PPD in addition to dealing with a screaming kid-every cry from those two got me wanting to run for the west coast.
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Old 05-06-2005, 02:18 PM   #18 (permalink)
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We got lucky with our first. Hopefully the new one (coming this September!) will also cooperate.

Only thing I can think of if the kid is exclusively breast feeding is to have the mother consider changing her diet. Otherwise, if the kid is taking any formula, try changing brands. Our daughter got very constipated from Similac, but reacted much better to Enfamil.
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Originally Posted by ShaniFaye
My daughter started that at 4 weeks....at 4 in the aftertoon she would start screaming and by 6 she would stop.
our little man hated this hour too.
taking him outside quieted him instantly.
a nice little walk, or even just hanging out in the front yeard.
lucky we live in a place where we can go outside year 'round.
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Old 05-06-2005, 02:59 PM   #20 (permalink)
I had tried various formulas. Soy was the worst. She hated it and it gave her diarrhea. I felt sorry for her because she was in pain because of the gas. But that's all she could have for the first three months was formula.
They did give me some drops that seemed to help the gas somewhat.
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I'll second the chiropractor advice- I've heard from numerous people that it helps! The baby's spine gets moved around a bit during the birth, and then when he's growing sometimes those one or two verterbre out of place put pressure on the internal organs, which causes pain. The chiropractor will just press on the baby's spine- with as much pressure as you'd test a ripe tomato- and the spine will allign and boom! Baby feels better!
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