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Matt Drudge and Fox News

I saw this post in another thread and it piqued my interest:

Originally posted by KMA-628
And, of course, Matt Drudge (remember the problems he had with Fox?).
I've always wondered about this. I remember when Matt Drudge was on Fox, and then I remember when he suddenly was not on Fox. Unfortunately, I think I was in high school at the time and didn't really have the time to look into what happened, and I hadn't found Fark or any of that stuff yet either I don't think.

So, would anyone care to explain to me what exactly the problems were that Matt Drudge had with Fox News? I'm curious.
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I believe this was the issue that caused the split.

New York -- Fox News Channel and Internet columnist Matt Drudge are close to parting ways.

After Drudge failed to do his Saturday show, ``Drudge,'' claiming censorship because Fox wouldn't let him use a picture it felt was a misrepresentation, the network gave Drudge an ultimatum: apologize and be let out of his contract, or be fired and sued for breach of contract. As of yesterday afternoon, Fox sources said it looked like the parting was going to be worked out amicably. But they cautioned that nothing was final and that any agreement being hammered out could fall apart.

Drudge declined to say whether he would apologize, saying only: ``I'm honoring my promise to work on an amicable mutual separation.''

Fox spokesman Brian Lewis said the matter ``is in the hands of the attorneys.''

No matter how it gets resolved, Drudge's show of November 6 (rerun on November 7) is expected to have been his last for Fox.

The showdown started last week when Drudge wanted to use a dramatic, widely published picture of a 21-week-old fetus undergoing surgery to correct spina bifida. Fox officials objected because they said Drudge wanted to use it as a jumping-off point to talk about abortion, to which he is opposed.

Drudge, who maintains that he had no plans to misrepresent the photo, then refused to do his show.

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Interesting. I wonder what his side of the story is. (Beyond the single sentence the article gives him.)
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"Musicians are the carriers and communicators of spirit in the most immediate sense." - Kurt Elling
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....is off his meds...you were warned.
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That sounds like what I remember regarding the FNC/Drudge split.

He seems to have mended things a little bit as of late. I seem to recall he was on FNC a few times quite a while back.

I have also noticed that he does not (at least from what I have seen) post links to any FNC stories. Except for the current story that involves FNC directly, i.e. "outfoxed".
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drudge, fox, matt, news

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