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It Appears that Bush & Cheney Are Wrong on Oil Policy, When Are These Guys Right?

Uh.....a Euro now buys just over 1.3 U.S. dollars, in fall 2000, the Euro bought
.83 dollars. Back then....an ounce of gold could be purchased for less than $300
U.S. dollars. Now gold is $440 an ounce. There was a federal budget surplus back then, now deficits, without the Iraq war costs factored in.....are over
$400 billion projected for the year ending Sept. 2005, and....for next year, too.

The latest is the reality of declining U.S. domestic oil production, $57/bbl imported foreign oil, and......a U.S. annual trade deficit that will top $700 billion
this year......after being over $600 billion last year, with no decline in sight.

Bush and Cheney are "oil men", so were the majority of, and the largest of their campaign contributors in 2000. Surely, they could get oil "right". Now, it's looking like they have not followed through on the predictions that they
made 4 years ago, or on the policies that they touted for increased domestic
oil production and for less dependence on foreign oil.

They weren't "right" about another major issue, WMD in Iraq. Come to think of
it, they don't seem to be correct on any of their major predictions or policies.
Do you agree? If you do, why do you think that they enjoy so little criticism and so much support, with this track record, both from the press, and from so many voters? Is this support level in decline. If you stilll support Bush and Cheney, can you provide links to document their major successes ? Try to
pattern your posts with references competitive with my examples, no "hot air" responses, please. Be fair enough to provide examples that support your opinion and can be fact checked.

<a href="http://www.usatoday.com/news/washington/2001-05-01-cheney-usat.htm">http://www.usatoday.com/news/washington/2001-05-01-cheney-usat.htm</a>
05/01/2001 - Updated 07:35 AM ET

Cheney's energy plan focuses on production

By Richard Benedetto, USA TODAY

Richard Drew, AP
Vice President Dick Cheney's image looms over him as he warned Monday of California-style blackouts.

Vice President Cheney offered a preview Monday of a Bush administration energy plan that will be long on increased development of domestic oil, natural gas and nuclear power, but short on conservation.

Also missing will be what he called "quick fixes which never fix anything": price controls, use of strategic reserves and new federal agencies.

Among Cheney's proposals:

Increased domestic production of crude oil.

Stepped-up construction of natural gas pipelines.

Massive expansion of the electrical power grid.

Renewed construction of nuclear, hydroelectric, oil- and coal-fired power plants.

Cheney, a former oil services company executive, called alternative fuels such as ethanol or solar power promising but still "years down the road."

He said the administration will push for oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. He said advances in technology drastically reduce the risks of harming the environment. But getting that oil to market will likely be years down the road as well.

"As a country, we have demanded more and more energy. But we have not brought on line the supplies needed to meet that demand," the vice president said.

The plan was called "shortsighted" and "leaning too heavily to the oil side" by Rep. Jerry Costello, D-Ill., a member of the House subcommittee on energy. "We need to conserve energy and explore alternative fuels such as ethanol and clean-coal technology."

Speaking in Toronto at an annual meeting of the Associated Press, Cheney outlined what may be the most ambitious energy plan since the late 1970s when President Carter promoted conservation to combat Arab oil embargoes.

Cheney said telling Americans to do more with less is not enough. "Conservation may be a sign of personal virtue, but it is not a sufficient basis for a sound, comprehensive energy policy," he said.

Democrats and environmentalists say Cheney's energy plan is more about rewarding contributors to the Bush campaign. Reps. John Dingell of Michigan and Henry Waxman of California have asked federal Comptroller General David Walker to investigate whether private interests are influencing Cheney's Energy Task Force, which has been meeting in secret.

Similar Republican criticism was leveled at the Health Care Reform panel that first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton headed in 1994.
Great plan.......but as the "facts" this month from the API reveal, it didn't happen !
<a href="http://api-ec.api.org/industry/index.cfm?objectid=DAC33528-7704-11D5-BC6A00B0D0E15BFC&method=display_body&er=1&bitmask=00100400000000000">http://api-ec.api.org/industry/index.cfm?objectid=DAC33528-7704-11D5-BC6A00B0D0E15BFC&method=display_body&er=1&bitmask=00100400000000000</a>

Monthly Petroleum Facts at a Glance


1. U.S. petroleum imports (crude & products) in February were 13,213,000 barrels per day (b/d); imports in the same month last year were 12,329,000 (b/d). (API).

2. Total imports in February as a percentage of total domestic petroleum deliveries 63.5 percent; imports as a percentage in February 2004 was 60.0 percent. (API).

3. Persian Gulf petroleum represented 18.6 percent of total imports in December; 19.2 percent same month last year. (DOE).

4. Average price for a barrel of OPEC crude oil: $45.15. (03/04/05). (DOE).

5. Average U.S. refiner acquisition cost for a barrel of crude oil: $41.76 (November). (DOE).

6. U.S. crude oil production in February was 5,492,000 b/d (of which 910,000 b/d was Alaskan); total U.S. crude oil production during the same month last year 5,622,000 b/d. U.S. natural gas liquids production in February was 1,838,000 b/d; same month in 2004, 1,798,000 b/d. (API).

7. U.S. marketed natural gas production was 51.3 billion cubic feet per day in November 2004; same month 2003, 53.8 billion cf/d. (DOE).
Hindsight is a bitch. Bush was wrong about now indcited Enron Chairman, Ken Lay, to the point that he had to deny even knowing him, when Enron imploded.

Cheney was wrong to only include corporate hacks like Ken Lay in his secret energy policy meeting held in spring 2001. Policy led to wrong and to substandard results. Bush and Cheney are the same two guys who were wrong about the causes of the 2001 California electricity supply and price gouging. They refused to take seriously the pleas for help from Cal. Gov Gray Davis, while rolling blackouts afflicted California, and they made a point of announcing that they would not allow the federal government to intervene. It
turned out that they were wrong......evidence is convincing that their friends at Enron actually artificially orchestrated the electrical shortages and withheld power supplies from California, actually sending it away from California to spike prices and to cause blackouts at a time when drought in the Pacific northwest prevented hydro electric producers there from sending
power through the distribution grid to help California.

Two summers ago, the U.S. suffered a sudden, major power blackout in NYC
and in parts of the midwest and northeast. There was talk then that the power grid needed massive new investment to maintain reliability. When has
there been any word from Bush Cheney on plans to fund or solve that problem?

Again, on the serious issues, such as whether there will be affordable energy,
responsible conservation, a foreign policy that can help keep defense and
intelligence spending below $500 billion per year, a policy to reduce both trade and budget deficits to slow the dollar's value descent, what indications do you have that Bush or Cheney will come up with accurate predictions or
effective solutions?

I don't think that they are capable of reducing the budget or trade deficit,
conducting a more cooperative foreign policy, offering us a government with
less crony capitalism, lessening foreign energy dependence or increasing
domestic production and conservation, or slowing the dollar's slide and avoiding a slower economy, higher unemployment, and declines in real estate prices. After all, they were wrong on the need for an independent 9/11 investigation, post Iraq invasion troop strenght, and even on when to declare
that "hostilities were over". Retouching the sign in the photo of Bush on the
air craft carrier deck, displayed on the white house web site, by adding the
word "major" in front of "hostilities are over", to make themselves look more
competent, and the rash of stories recently about paid commentators, a fake
reporter in white house press briefings, who asked Bush a "soft ball" question
at a televised presidential news conference, after Bush called on him by his
fake first name, and the disclosure that the administration spent $245 million,
twice as much as the previous administration spent in eight years, to produce television spots to slip onto tv news broadcasts disguised as news, and relying on a policy of exclusively prescreened audiences and questions for Bush at all foreign and domestice public appearances, and I have had enough
of incompetent and duplicitous leadership........have you.......yet?
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Location: Indiana
All great points.

My opinion of the war in Iraq and Aphganistan is that their purpose was to consolidate oil. I think that's why prices are going up instead of down like most people thought. So, I guess the wars are a huge sucess in the eyes of anyone who benefits from this.

This is also why there isn't a push towards alternative fuel sources like that article mentions. They are seen as a huge threat to the oil industries. I think that's why they are pushing for satelite tracking devices in every car that track you by the mile rather than by how much gas you consume.

What's even more sad is that neither party will stand up to these neo-cons. They rarely call them out on major issues like these, and keep voting for more patriot act type legislation that does nothing to prevent terrorism. Kerry could of easily won the election if he would of called Bush out on all his connections to big oil, carlyle group etc.(all of which are documented and undeniable) I think this shows how both sides are controlled by corporations and only "pretend" to oppose the other side. In the end their voting records are nearly identicle (pro war, pro big business, pro patriot act type bills).
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Old 03-18-2005, 07:03 AM   #3 (permalink)
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Host, I agree with you on this. I think the Democrat plan is far superior. I just wish I knew what it was
Originally Posted by Christine Stewart, Former Minister of the Environment of Canada
"No matter if the science is all phony, there are collateral environmental benefits.... Climate change [provides] the greatest chance to bring about justice and equality in the world."
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Old 03-19-2005, 06:39 PM   #4 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by NCB
Host, I agree with you on this. I think the Democrat plan is far superior. I just wish I knew what it was
A senless statment. As if any of us know Bush's plan to materialize his vision of America.

Host makes a point that the Bush administration failed in it's first term of office. Yet we rewared them for their mistakes and gave them a second chance. How can we expect to have accountability in our govenment with such a system?
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