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I'll ask when I'm ready....
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If you could....

So, I was channel surfing, and came across the movie Strange Days. I won't go into the movie's plot, but there is a device in the movie that made me and the wife talk. The device allows you to record and playback what someone is experiencing. That is, it taps into your brain and replaces all your senses with what is "recorded". Every breath, drop of sweat, the breeze through your hair, pain, pleasure, and so on. What got the wife and I talking is the scene where he introduces someone (a guy) to the device by letting him feel what it's like to "be" an 18 year old girl in the shower.

So the question is this....what would a device such as this mean to your sexuality? Would you want to experience what it is to be the opposite sex? Literally "swap" partners (man and woman flip places...)? Partake in homosexual activity? Any dark fantasies that you've been too scared to try?

For myself, I'd be very curious to experience sex as a female. I also wouldn't mind experiencing a threesome, once as a male, and once as a female.

Your responses???
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I'd like to feel a man's orgasm to see if it's the same or even another woman's to see if it's similar. It's like seeing colors...how do we know what anyone else is seeing, really? If their eyes say this is blue, then everything this color would always be blue to them and this to someone else. Yea, I think about stupid shit like this....
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Condensing fact from the vapor of nuance.
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Originally Posted by ngdawg
Yea, I think about stupid shit like this....
I've always thought about things like that too. Especially when you get into shades of color.

Still, I can only imagine what this would mean as far as sexuality. Imagine what you could experience! You could even train yourself to things, if you were so inclined. What if your lover really liked oral sex, and you weren't so keen on it. A bunch of playback of recordings of people who love giving it (since they would find the act pleasurable) and your into it.

Still, it would be creepy, so easy to abuse.
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But You'll Never Prove It.
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That's the first thing I thought of, training youself. If you could actually feel what you you caused another to feel, you would know how much better "this" was than "that" was, and whether you should have stayed a half inch lower, etc. Open communication is one thing, but this would absolutely rock. Although, I would probably not allow my experiences to be played back to anyone but my SO.
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Like others, I'd love to know what a female orgasm feels like. Sometimes I feel like guys are getting jipped hehe
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... a sort of licensed troubleshooter.
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No thanks, I'm good.
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I Confess a Shiver
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Yeah, that is a whole can of worms right thar, yo.

My weakness is the desire for knowledge.

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Like some kind of knowledge-eating PacMan.

Whatever you can carry.

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The Reforms
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Originally Posted by Crompsin
Yeah, that is a whole can of worms right thar, yo.

My weakness is the desire for knowledge.

Once you start eating it... you can't stop.

Like some kind of knowledge-eating PacMan.

I could not have said it more to the point myself.
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