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Help stoping Leg cramps?!?!

I play soccer and for sum reason i've been getting leg cramps(mostly in the calf/calve,caf). And god do these hurt. My leg just tenses up and i cant dont anything. My worst experience was when I did a throw-in and attempting to keep my foot on the line u stretch the leg to point my toe. Well i cramped and i just dropped like a ton of bricks. Kinda embarresing as i didnt kick anything and was just lying there bitching in pain w/ most people not knowing what just happend.

Any thing would help. Stretches,ointments,eating habits or equipment
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Location: Florida
I am a runner and I am more prone to get leg cramps when I don't run for a few days. Just an observation. When I get cramps, I have to quit exercising and try the next day. I am no expert on cramps so I went to WebMD and looked up prevention of leg problems, noninjury. <a href="http://my.webmd.com/content/healthwise/210/69257">Link</a> is here.
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Old 04-26-2003, 09:54 AM   #3 (permalink)
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My wife is a RD and offers some help:

Typically, leg cramps are an electrolyte imbalance. The major electrolytes that are usually out of balance are potassium or calcium. Also if someone is dehydrated it is very easy to disturb this balance as well. As an athlete, you require larger amounts of fluids of these electrolytes than just a normal person. Be sure to load up on milk and yougurt before the game for breakfast that day. Also before the game, try to eat some potassium rich foods like banannas, oranges / orange juice, avocados (HUGE potassium), Tomato sauce, melons and mangoes / papayas. (Most tropical fruits).

Huge amounts of water / hydration seem key. Hydrate the night before and an hour before you start. You also need to sip throughout the game. Gatorade or any 6% glucose solution is great for this. (Half orange juice and half water will do great as well)

Let me know if this helps or you need to know more.
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thz, i heard sumthing bout Bananas before
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Mondak gives some primo advice there. I used to have a lot of problems with leg cramps, especially in my calves. But, now every morning for breakfast I have a banana and a glass of OJ diluted with water (not quite half & half, I want the flavor), along with an oatmeal bar or something, and then as I drive to the gym I drink from my water bottle.

Then after I workout I usually eat another banana or orange. Then I eat a normal lunch and dinner and that has helped with the cramps.
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