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COntract Auction keeper league A few more spots

This is only If you are very experienced and hardcore into Fantasy baseball.

This is a very competitive league with some really freaking hardcore managers in it.

It is an 18 team league and they need a few more managers.

If you are interested send me a private message.

Here is some info ( also it is very well done. We have a site all for this one darn league lol for the uction and stuff.

It is free but you need to be commited.

18 team H2H-6x6-Auction Keeper league

For hitters- OBP, SLG, Runs, RBI, HR, SB

For Pitchers- Wins, ERA, WHIP, K's, Saves, Holds

Franchises are constructed of 3 separate rosters-
Active Rosters- 23 Players-
Protected Players- 5 players (See Protected Players Thread)
Minor League Roster- unlimited- (See Minor League Thread)

Positions- C, 1b, 2b, 3b, SS, RF, CF, LF, Util, P, P, P, P, P, P, P, P, P, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, DL, DL

$260 Hard Cap

-All contract monies are GUARANTEED and the total value of the contract is your bid price for
each year plus one dollar for each year of the contract (thus a player won at auction for $10 may be signed to a two year contract for $10 the first year, $11 the second $12 for the third, etc.)


Each fantasy team is able to place their players on their 23-man active roster, on their
Protected list or in their minor league system (Rookie League). Additionally, up to two players can be placed on the disabled list for a period of time not to exceed one week longer than their stay on the DL in real life. More detail about player options are given

Major League Players with Guaranteed Contracts
Major League Players with Non-Guaranteed Contracts
Major League Players on the Disabled List
Minor League Players

Major League Players with Guaranteed Contracts have to be on your 23-man roster. If you decide to drop them to your protected list, they have to clear waivers. If the player is claimed by some other team, they go to that team unless you decide to keep him on your 23-man roster. You can only try to pass a player through waivers once a year. If the player clears waivers (no other team makes a claim for them) you can move them to your Protected List and back to the 23-man roster freely for the rest of the year. Any player who clears waivers can be traded until August 31 (instead of the normal trade deadline of July 31).

Major League Players with Non-Guaranteed Contracts can be on your 23-man roster, on
the roster of your Protected List, or can be released outright (and you no longer have to pay their salary). All non-guaranteed contracts are for one year only. If any other team in the league is willing to pay $2 more than the salary you are giving to the player and is
offering that player a guaranteed contract, you must either meet those obligations or allow the player to go to the bidding team.

Major League Players on the Disabled List must be removed within one week of their return from the actual DL. If this does not occur, the player will be sent to waivers (upon the suggestion of any other owner). The original team will not be able to match an offer
for that player, but if he clears waivers, the player will be dropped to the Protected List of the original team.

Minor League Players on the 23-man roster are protected for the first five years of their
stay on your team from selection by other owners (with the exception of DL violations). All contracts are considered to be non-guaranteed and the player can be moved, without penalty, to your Protected List (but you are still obliged to pay their current salary).

Minor League Players that are still in the minor league system (NOT Protected List) do not have a
salary. However, a player must be moved to the Protected List or the 23-man roster by the beginning
of the next year if they have accumulated (in their career) enough Innings Pitched or Plate Appearances to qualify as a rookie (see Minor League Guidelines). If they have not been moved to either of these rosters,
they will become free agents and will be eligible for auction.


-You may sign up to three players that you win in auction to a four year contract.

-In Addition, you may sign six players to a three year contract.

-You can sign any number of players to a two year contract or a one year contract.

-An owner may, at the start of a contract (AND ONLY AT
THE START OF A CONTRACT) purchase insurance on a player for $1 plus $1 for each year of the contract. If the owner decides to terminate a contract with that player, they do not owe money beyond the current year. Otherwise, any owner must buy out the full value of a contract in order to release a player.

-Players who are picked up off the waiver wire will be signed to a 1 year $2 NON-GUARANTEED contract. they can be disregarded at will, and your $2 will be given back.

-If an owner picks a player off the waiver wire, and that player ends the season on a team's Active Roster, that player will be auctioned off next season, with that owner retaining the right to match the highest bid at auction.

At the end of the season, every owner will be allowed to select one player who will be a Free Agent (and up for auction the next year) to take to Arbitration.You will submit a bid via email to the commissioner that you deem to be fair market value for the player. This
email will be kept unopened until arbitration is finished. An auction will then take place for this player. When the highest bid is finalized, this becomes the arbiterís value of the player. If this value is less than the emailed value, then the arbiter rules in favor of the team offering arbitration and that player is signed to a one year contract. If the bid is more than the playerís original team has offered, then the team must choose to pay that player the value of the bid plus $2 or allow him to go to the team with the winning bid.

At the end of the season, each owner will be granted a keeper exemption. This allows an owner to keep 1 player who would be a free agent next year at an additional $5 to that player's origional contract for 2 more years.

Minor League Contracts
-While a player is on your minor league roster, he will cost you nothing. As soon as you bring him up, he is signed to a $2 contract. That contract will increase by $2 every year for the first 5 years he is on your roster.

-After 5 years, the player will be put up for auction. you will have the right to match the high bid to keep him in your system, and can sign him as a normal player at this time.

-Should you decide to allow that player to go to the team with the highest bid, you get a draft pick from the next minor league draft from the team in question. The
round of the pick depends on the total value of the player. If the player has a bid of less than $20 dollars, you get a second round pick, if the bid is $20 or more, you get a first round pick.

-Players obtained in this auction are not eligible for these retention rules.

-If one team wins two auctions in this manner, the higher pick goes to the team whose player was worth more at auction.

Any Owner who violates the $260 cap will be subject to the following penalties...

-Any owner operating in debt will not be
eligible for postseason play,
-Any owner operating in debt will immediately lose their next first round pick.
*The only exception to this rule is if another owner is willing to sponsor your debt for any reason.

Winning Bids
Winning bid on any player is the bid that lasts 24 hours

Players posted
Joe and Mike will be posting 25 players at a time. If a player is won at auction, Mike or Joe will post a new player. If you think of a player you would like to see posted, PM one of us, and we will do our best to accomodate you.

Maximum Bids
-At no point can you enter a bid on a player that would put you over the salary cap. If a bid such as this takes place, it will be dropped, and the bid prior to it will be upheld.
-At no point can you bid on players who do not fit on your roster.

Minor League Qualifications

-In order to be eligible to be drafted in the MinorLeague draft, a player must have fewer than 130 at bats and fewer than 50 innings pitched in the Major Leagues.

-When you draft a Minor League player, please post his Career Major League Stats to prove the above qualification has been reached. If a player has NO service time in the Major Leagues, simply post N/A.

-For the first year, The Minor League Draft will be 5 rounds. For each year after that, the draft will consist of 3 rounds. Draft picks are allowed to be traded for cash or players.

-Minor League Roster is unlimited. However, no additions will be allowed to it unless additions come through trade or draft. If a player is called up to the active roster, he will NOT be replaced during the season unless it is via trade.

-All Minor League Drafts will take place AFTER the auction has taken place.

-If you do not pick up your minor leaguer the year he qualifies as a rookie, he becomes available for auction. However, you will retain the right to match his auction price

After the auction has concluded (each team has a full Active Roster), There will be a Supplimental Auction for teams to fill their Protected List.

The PL is NOT a required option, but allows owners with cap room to have Major League Players in their system in case of injury, ineffectiveness, or the owner's choice.

Players on the PL WILL count toward an owners salary cap, even though they will not be allowed to accumulate stats.
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