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Duplicate File Finder?

Hi all. I know I have a lot of duplicate files. What's a good and free app that detects duplicate files? Thanks for any help. Oh, Win XP Pro SP2.
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Old 02-26-2006, 12:40 PM   #2 (permalink)
For general files, I can't help you. But there is a nice Windows program to detect duplicate image files. The best part about it is you can detect approximate similarity too (one image is larger than another but otherwise identical; one image is 99% the same as the other; etc.). It's called Dup Detector.
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It's a pretty common feature for anything that digs through disks. Quite a few options if you google dupe finder or similar. <a href="http://zabkat.com/x2down.htm">xplorer2</a> does a good job. The free version doesn't include dupe finding, but the pro version is free for 3 weeks. Might do what you need.
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I had a lot of duplicates of my music collection. Tried some software who would generate a MD5 checksum without results,so I ended up using the search feature of Windows Explorer. I knew that the duplicate files had "(" in their filename, and ".wma" as their extension. Search, select all (after proof reading), delete. Big smile
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Clonespy has never let me down, and it's free.

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Originally Posted by Marvelous Marv
Clonespy has never let me down, and it's free.


Thanks that's a nifty little program
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Thanks for the Clonespy link. I'm reclaiming a lot of wasted disk space as we speak.
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duplicate, file, finder

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