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Location: BFE, Kentucky
SGI Origin 200

I had someone give me a Silcon Graphics Origin 200. I the thing is I don't know anything about it or how to access it.

As far as hardware goes it has a DDS3 tape drive and 2 9.1 Gig SCSI drives and a CD drive.

Just didn't know if anyone ever used one or knows anything that may be of help.
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Location: texas
How old is the unit? Do you know what OS it's running? Chances are that it's dual processor if not quad-processor. Chances are also that its running IRIX 6.5 if I were to guess. IRIX is basically SGI 64-bit UNIX. I think those machines also ran R10000 chips if I'm not mistaken.

Certainly the machine is not really any good at todays performance specs. But, it is something nice as kind of memorabilia. I have a Cobalt Qube3 Pro. that I won at Quakecon in 2001. This was before Sun bought them out and relabled them to Sun Cobalt.
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Location: Montreal, Canada
Yeah, I worked on the Origin 2000 a few years ago and it's the Irix OS. The problem is, it's not getting the OS unless you allready have it on CD's or know a sys admin that has access to them. Also back then the 64 bit architecture wasn't out so It's 32 bit. The Origin series were a server sries but again software for Unix is tough to get and has good protection since they usually use the sysid for the license. Maybe you can use it as a network server of some kind like mail or apache. Hope you find a good use for it :-)
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Originally Posted by steveincolumbus
I had someone give me a Silcon Graphics Origin 200. I the thing is I don't know anything about it or how to access it.
What if you put it on your network, figure out which IP it's on and use VNC to remote into it? Maybe the OS is already installed and running VNC? The tech rep for my SGI says many folks use run VNC server to control their SGI boxes.

Not sure if that helps at all...
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Location: Melbourne, Australia
You should be able to reset passwords.

Normally, if you have access to the physical machine you can reset admin accounts. Otherwise you can reinstall the OS. You'd need to download the install media though.
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200, origin, sgi

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