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Old 03-14-2006, 12:33 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Buying a Laptop, have questions! HELP

Before I receive any negitive comments about not researching before posting, I would like to say that I HAVE been researching for over three hours, just today. I have boiled my question down to this: To ease the pain in my head, could someone tell me the difference in pure gaming performance between the x1400, x700, 6600, and 7300. which is better, and by how much over the other. The benchmark threads that I have seen are generally pointing towards the top end cards, which i havn't found in any 15.4" laptops under 2k. I know that the 6600 is better than the 7300, based on Nvidia's website, but how much better. All of the cards listed above, are 256mb cards, except the x1400, which is 128 with hypermemory up to 256. Are there any laptops with better GPU's that aren't over $2000? I am currently looking for a mid-price performance laptop. My questions are: 1. is the duo better for gaming than a single core processer at a higher speed, i.e. 1.8GHz (dual) vs. 2.5GHz (solo), 2. How much difference does the faster HDD and RAM make, and if I had to choose, which of the two would make the most difference, Any thoughts would be great. I really like the gateway NX560XL because of the dual processor and 667MHz Ram. However, it comes with a ATI Mobility™ Radeon® X1400 128MB Graphics (up to 256MB HyperMemory). From my understanding, this is really a middle of the road GPU. I am really tring to find something with 256MB on board, not just shared. So...I looked at the ALienware M5500. It has the 256MB NVidia® GeForce™ Go MXM 6600, which i believe is dedicated 256MB. Great, but the processor is Intel® Pentium® M 760-780 (780 being 2.26GHz and $460 up from the 2.0GHz 760, ouch). So here I sit, for another 2-3 hours tring to locate the ideal laptop. HELP ME! Where is the 15.4" laptop with 256MB dedicated GPU with either dual at 1.8GHz or solo processor over 2GHZ without costing $2000?!
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Old 03-19-2006, 09:49 AM   #2 (permalink)
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Three minutes on Google:

Pentium M Gaming Laptop
- the Sting 517M
517M gaming laptop select button $2,995
$2,395 Sting 517M gaming laptops make fast custom gaming computers. Click select for more information about buying a gaming laptop.computer feature bullet nVidia 7800 GTX video card with 256MB DDR3 memory
computer feature bullet NEW! Intel Pentium M cool power (faster than the P4)
computer feature bullet 17 inch up to 1900 x 1200 WUXGA+ LCD with ClearView SuperBrite Technology
computer feature bullet PCI-Express graphics technology
computer feature bullet Apacer 533Mhz Dual Channel DDR2 RAM
computer feature bullet Fujitsu SATA and Ultra ATA drives with commanding queuing
computer feature bullet Phoenix BIOS
computer feature bullet Full size keyboard and number pad
computer feature bullet Fully user upgradeable video & CPU
computer feature bullet More powerful than most desktops
computer feature bullet TV tuner with remote available
computer feature bullet 90 day zero dead pixel guarantee

This is the ultimate mobile gaming laptop with the fastest gaming video card combined with an amazing 3 hour battery life. Check PC Gamer Magazine for a review of this new gaming laptop. This affordable gaming laptop tested out in our labs at an amazing 13,767 in 3DMark03!


But I gotta say......these guys are the best for your needs:

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If I'm reading it correctly, you want to get a gaming notebook? If gaming is the priority you should either get a Playstation 1/2/3 or Xbox/360. PC games are about as expensive as console games. Gaming notebook will NEVER outperform a gaming console, and will NEVER be less expensive. If you have a $1500 budget, you can easily get a decent notebook for well under $1000. The other $500, you can get a console and a few games. With a console you can hook up to your big screen TV, if you have one.
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Gaming and a laptop are mutually exclusive. Sure, there are laptops out there that are designed for gaming, but they weigh about as much as a bag of bricks, are the size of a VCR, aren't upgradeable, and cost more than a much better desktop would anyways.

It just doesn't make much sense--if you want to do good gaming, get a desktop. If you want portability, get a laptop, not one of those 15 pound behemoths that are too heavy to actually move.
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buying, laptop, questions

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