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Interactive Video Computer Training

Has anyone had any experience creating something like the Video Professor (as seen on TV!) product for specific applications? I need to create something to train large batches of users that they can do at their own pace. I have the training outline, but I want to record video of the application in use and pair it with an audio track describing what's going on. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Well, I talked to a guy who does this stuff, and he suggested Camtasia. So...if anyone elses comes looking for this sort of thing, I guess that's my suggestion.
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I'd actually suggest a flash-embedded CD. Navigation is easy, and you can embed the movies and captions right into the flash. That's how most of the "learn X 3D program in 10 days" CDs are usually sold.
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Location: Melbourne, Australia
I've not used it - but there used to be a product called "ScreenCam" or something, from Lotus or Symantic (not sure). It would simply capture your stuff and replay it.

These days though.. with Windows offering Terminal Services (remote screen display) and video recorders all over the place - there are probably other options. A program called VNC is fairly common for example for remote control. You might see if there is a version with a logging option.
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Old 03-24-2006, 05:35 PM   #4 (permalink)
I really, really HATE Camtasia. I produce about an hour of training a month as part of a contract I have (networking security product training).

I'm looking at Articulate right now. PM/email me if you want to discuss.
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If you can do a live thing, try NetSupport.
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Haven't tried them but Instant Demo or Instant Video could be your answer.

** Just tried out both appz I previously mentioned, go with Instant Demo, it's easy, fast and generate both flash movie and html the same time. Caption and voice narration supported, too.

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