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Exchange/Entourage/Palm recovery

A little background on what has happened. On a flight back to the States yesterday I swapped batteries on my cell phone (a Samsung SPH-i500 Palm phone) since the small one was dead. Lo and behold the little plastic thingy which holds the battery in place breaks off and no longer holds the battery in place. I put the new battery in place anyways and boot it up so I may find some possible flights I can catch home from LA. Not even 2 seconds into booting my hand slips and the battery slips off its' contacts, completely fucking up the Palm. No biggie I think to myself.

I hard reset it which kills all the data but I know that when I get home I'll just sync it with my backup I made before I left. Since I was out of the country I won't even lose any new contacts! WRONG

I synced it just like I normally do after a hard reset and reboot. Fatal Exception. Weirdness. So I reboot again and SHIT, all my contacts and calendar information is gone. Ok. I'll just restore from backup again. I open Entourage and my mouth drops open. ALL OF MY CONTACTS ARE GONE. I had over 300.

I immediately shut Entourage hoping that it hasn't propagated to my Exchange server, but I check online and it has. This is when I begin to panic.

Ah ha! I made a home directory backup before I left as well! Excellent. So I copy the old files from the backup and try a sync again, this time disabling all but the backup (which is set to restore). None of this is working!!!

On to my last option, which I am trying to figure out. I know that when one uses Entourage all changes are made to a locally cached copy of your Exchange information. Which means that somewhere on my backup of my home directory there should be a copy of all my information. The problem is I don't know where or how to get it working. I have tried copying the "Microsoft User Data" folder from "Documents" over and totally replacing it, but that hasn't worked. I still think it should since the Entourage database in it is around 270+ MB and I can't imagine that an empty Entourage setup is that big. So, without further ado.

Please help me!!!
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