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Networking at home

We have 3 computers that are used at home.

We have:
- A desktop (new)
- 2 laptops (one from work)
- 2 printers

All of these macines can use out router to connect to the Internet.

I would like to be able to do the following in order of importance and could use some help or direction on where to find help:
- Access folders on the desktop from either (both) of the laptops wirelessly. We were able to do this with our old desktop. I did it by sharing a folder on the desktop and I was able to find that folder and drop and pickup files from that folder. I am not able to do this with our new desktop becuase I can't find, from the laptops) the folder I made shared (on the new desktop).
- Use the printers (connected to the desktop) from the laptops wirelessley. Used to be able to do this as well.
- Connect using remote desktop to my desktop from anywhere. I am still considering this and would also accept any warnings or advice aginst it.

Your help would be appreciated.
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For networking purposes, they all must be part of the same workgroup and have unique IP addresses. The IP address part should be pretty easy if using broadband router.

My first thought is to check the firewall. If file and print sharing is not configured it will not allow the PCs to see each other.

As far as remote desktop, I suggest setting up an account at Logmein.com. A basic account there is free and will set up a secure, encrypted connection to your PC from anywhere. This is how I connect all of the time and I am a Network Security Administrator.
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I will checkout the firewall settings. As it is a new router as well it is definately possible that those settings are off.

As for Logmein.com, is the Microsoft Remote Connection application not safe enough?
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Old 04-12-2010, 03:12 AM   #4 (permalink)
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Location: Flint, MI
Actually, your culprit is probably the Microsoft firewall on the new machine. Check it first.

As far as the remote connection, I just think the logmein connection is a lot stronger. Remote desktop can be configured for encryption, but it's Microsoft, so it's flimsy and subject to attacks. I'm sure there will be others who feel MS is good enough, but not in my experience.
I reject your reality, and substitute my own

-- Adam Savage
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www.mesh.com gives you file sharing, synchronizing and remote desktop access without any technical skills. Though it is still beta, and a bit buggy for some. Also it is not very flexible yet.
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Are you running Windows 7? If so, just connect them all to the same homegroup and set the sharing features on the desktop through Network & Sharing Center.
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home, networking

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