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Windows XP Home Volume licenses

I am going to build about 25 computers, and I need to know about buying XP Home in bulk, does anyone have any experience in this area? They have to be legit licenses, because they are going to be sold to customers, or otherwise, I could handle this on my own...

1. Is the savings huge if bought this way?
2. Do I have to buy direct from MS to get XP in bulk?
3. Any idea on the pricing?
4. Do I just get a bunch of XP CD keys, or do they ship me 25 CDs?

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Unfortunately, Volume License Editions are licensed to a company - and have to remain with the company. It's not as easy as "okay, now I've got 25 copies to give out to people."

If you're building PCs for people, you should tell the people that they can go out and buy XP Home themselves for you to install on the PC, or else you'll go buy it and add it to the price of the computer. That's the only way to really be legal, because each customer of yours will need their own copy of the install media (XP Home CD) and their own physical license.
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Like Pragma said, Volume Licenses stay with the company that purchased them. With that being said, buy OEM Versions. You can pick them up for around $80 which is cheaper than you could buy them with volume licnesing.
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go straight to the source and see if they'll work with you.

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