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How do I burn CD's/ DVD's

I want to save info like serial numbers and copies of important receipts and papers onto CD but I can't figure out how to burn anything on them.

I would just do Floppy but my PC doesn't have a floppy drive (was told that they are being done away with and soon PC's won't have them).

I have Sonic software and a Lite-On burner can anyone help me here?
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I use burnatonce. It's free,small, and easy. Here is a Step by step with burnatonce after installing:

Launch the program. in the Main Interface go to Mastering and click Data CD. A window will come up.

Go to the drive, say C:\Critical Stuff, where your files are saved. It would be better to put everything in one folder for easier loading. If you don't want to move the files just copy them all to a single folder so you can keep you records where you want them.

Once you have everything you want burned located/moved just drag and drop the files into the new window of burnatonce. In the lower left of the window you will see the size of the disc you are creating. As long as it doesn't reach 680 MB ( give yourself breathing room) you're fine.

When you're ready to burn click Compile at the lower right.

you get a popup prompt about estimated space- click ok

the window disappears and the original interface comes back. Click Write and you'll get another prompt telling you how much MB will be written and how much is free.

Click OK.

burnatonce does the rest.

When it's done it ejects the disc by default so watch yourself around the tray.

Good luck.
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Hey there. You don't give many details of your setup, but if you're using WinXP it's pretty easy. Just drag and drop the files you want to burn onto the burner icon in the Windows Explorer interface. Windoze will queue up the files, and then you can (I think) right-click on the drive and select "Burn files to disk now" or something like that.

If you are using a different O/S, you'll have to use a CD Burning utility like the previous respondant suggested. My personal preference is for Nero Burning Rom, available at www.aheadnero.de in trialware and fully licensed commercial versions.

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burn, cd or, dvd

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