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Telephone star/pound codes

We all know the basic codes to make our phones do stuff like call back (*69,) block caller ID (*67,) etc. However, there are a lot more of these codes that aren't widely known. For example, Verizon's call trace can be accessed by dialing *57. I'm pretty sure that *87 and *82 can be used to block and unblock private numbers on most carriers.

Now here's the part where I turn to you: I used to have a complete list of star and pound codes for all major long distance and wireless carriers, and I lost it during my last reformat. These are all legal for public use, but they're kept quiet by the phone companies (that makes it sound like this should go in paranoia.) There was one in particular that I liked, which could oveerride the "all carrier lines busy" signal by attachign a "priority call" flag to a number that was preceded by this code.

If anyone has a similar list (I compiled my own based on public sources and bits of info I pried out of phone co. employees,) I would be unbelievably grateful if you would share it.
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only one i'm looking for is the cell phone spoofing code to make the caller id that your calling from show a diffrent number than what your calling from. Example. On an old screen savers he called leos cell phone from his own and the id number came up as the white houses info line.

sorry that i cannot provide any to your list, as i dont know any.but if i find some i'll post them.
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hmmm...while I don't have a list, I learned today that on Cingular phones, *BAL and *PAY are used to (what else?) check your balance and make a payment. There are also various radio stations you can dial by pressing *whatever-the-number-is on cell phones...

A quick search came up with this page , but not much else (it's a list of codes you can use on Samsung phones.)
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I found this list..outside the us?


or for cell phones and maybe home phones

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Old 12-14-2004, 01:24 PM   #5 (permalink)
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if you have an At&t wireless phone you cna do #turkey , this will call the butterball turkey order line.
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Old 12-15-2004, 01:05 PM   #6 (permalink)
Location: Regina, sk, Canada
Note: This number is only available in certain states. Customers not in these states must use 911 to dial emergency services. Emergency (Police, Ambulance, Fire)

#121 ATTWS #121 Service Voice Accessed Information

#AA (#22) American Airlines

#DIG (#344) Call before digging, to prevent damage to buried lines

#ID (#43) #ID Musicphone Music Regognition

#MVP (#687) High Value Customer Care number AT&T Wireless

#TOW (#869) AT&T Wireless Mobile Assist Roadside Assistance

#TURKEY (#887539) Butterball Turkey Hotline

There are more that are state specific that I did not list. If you want any for any paticular state, let me know.

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where did you find those codes? and if you dont mind could you share any you know for wisconsin? and are those just at&t numbers?
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codes, star or pound, telephone

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