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Does anyone own an HP NX class laptop?

So I have just been bought an HP Nx7010 by my father on Ebay. New in Box, still sealed. I'm very frusturated about this. My family cannot afford a laptop, and I am in my last year of college. And yet because I'm in a studio class where others are using laptops instead of the computer lab for design, he bought on after a problem or two with missing instructions from me being in the computer lab. I love him, and I thank him for this, but I know he gave up something for it, and that breaks me heart.

I can't figure from the HP product page if Bluetooth is standard on these laptops or not. I'm a big bluetooth user between my cell and my MSI based computer with the bluetooth enabled motherboard.
The HP sales webpage does not mention bluetooth, the configuration page lists it as an extra, reselllers list it as standard.

Talk about confusing.

Does anyone know if HP business class laptops with mini-pci WiFi-abg have bluetooth? That seems to be the part modual for sale on the parts page of the NX7010, and since the laptop is listed as having WiFi-abg, I can't figure if bluetooth is also on that Mini-PCI card, or if there are two versions of this mini-PCI card, one with and one without.

Anyone have any ideas?
Or other places I could look as a source for information?
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I have a nc6000 - pretty basic however it has bluetooth and wifi abg. I'm impressed with this machine. A company issue, had it for about 1 year. Rugged and well made.
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If you have bluetooth installed, there should be a Bluetooth icon in the control panels section. In there it will have selections for your laptop to be discovered, setup partnerships, etc. Somewhere on the laptop, you should also see a blue light or the triangular B shape that signifies bluetooth.

Sorry I can't help you out anymore. I know my Dell Latitude D800 has an option for bluetooth, but you have to select that when configuring.

Also, if you have the serial number and model number, then I would assume HP would have some place for you to go that shows original configuration of that laptop. Dell does, and it makes it easy if you're looking for some specific hardware. Those are all I can suggest.

Good luck!
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Location: North of Mexico, South of Canada
Bendsley, I use bluetooth everyday, I know what the logo looks like
Apparently, even though installed on some HP's, it will not work until software initialized via an HP harware control program of some sort that comes installed. Seems like a lot of people who do have bluetooth don't even know it and have never turned the radio on since it requires using a software program to intialize upon first boot.

Craven, Thank you for the info. I've googled this to death at this point, but mostly I get pages of sellers for the laptop. If the NC series have it standard, there is reason to think that the Nx series does as well.
Do you have a program on your laptop at Start > All Programs > Software Setup ?
Apparently, that program needs to be run at first boot to activate bluetooth. From the HP (generic) bluetooth guide:
1. Select Start > All Programs > Software Setup.
2. When the Software Setup Welcome window is displayed, select Next.
3. Select the check box next to Bluetooth by hp to enable the software for installation,
and then select Next.
4. Select Finish to complete the installation and to restart the computer.
Seen on an employer evaluation:

"The wheel is turning but the hamsters dead"
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My housemate/SO owns the evo nx 9010. If you go to the HP Website and type in the search your Nx 7010 then it should have the info you are looking for...
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