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Old 03-29-2005, 03:44 PM   #1 (permalink)
Location: cali
WOOHOO! Faster Speeds

so i get this letter today from adelphia, it reads:

Dear <me>,

We have great news about your Adelphia High-Speed Internet service! We're happy to announce we've made significant network improvements and product enhancements that will improve the performance of your current Adelphia High-Speed Internet service -- making it even better than before.

First of all, we've increased the speed of your service to help you get more done online in less time. That means that the fast uploads and downloads you already enjoy are now even faster! Here's a comparison:

then a chart stating that my NEW Adelphia High-Speed Internet will have a 6Mbps download and a 768 Kbps upload.

supposedly they're gonna contact me and send out a new modem. anyone else get this? or am i gettin excited over nothing? and weren't they going down the shithole? i thought they filed bankruptcy a while back.
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Old 03-29-2005, 03:47 PM   #2 (permalink)
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Location: The twisted warpings of my brain.
If I were you I'd be more worries about where they're moving thier bottleneck to for the sake of thier marketing. That's an awful lot of bandwidth for an end user, do they have information anywhere listing how many people are going to be sharing the pipes and how many users per pipe is acceptable?

I hate to rain on the parade
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Old 03-29-2005, 04:47 PM   #3 (permalink)
Location: Michigan
Actaully, Comcast is/was doing the same thing. 6.6mbit/768kb is their "advanced" package. I personally cant stand them and use Wide Open West where I get 5mbit/500kb.

Its alot of bandwidth, but it is realistic. You have to remember, 75% of people use their connection for a bit and then don't touch it the rest of the day. There are a few people that use their connection to it's max potential (myself being one of them). I have 2 desktops, 2 laptops, 1 file/test server, Vonage phone service and my iPaq that all use it. My connection is almost never idle and is often maxed out.
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Old 03-29-2005, 06:18 PM   #4 (permalink)
We need some competition here in Miami. I currently use Bellsouth DSL at 3500/384 (as part of their "Xtreme" service) and I want a competing company to make them raise the speeds without raising prices. The service is plenty fast and reliable, but I want some competition so they raise their speeds, especially upload, and lower prices. We have Comcast here, but there isn't enough of a difference to justify a switch and apparently Bellsouth isn't feeling threatened enough by them.
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Old 03-29-2005, 07:01 PM   #5 (permalink)
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Location: Central Coast CA
charter was supposed to go to 10-15 meg down, but I have yet to see it.
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Old 03-29-2005, 10:12 PM   #6 (permalink)
Verizon around here upped the speeds to 3MBps/768Kbps from 1.5/256 (not sure about the upload). Games are great now, and the faster upload is great for using torrents.
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Old 03-30-2005, 05:43 AM   #7 (permalink)
Location: United Kingdom
Meh here in the UK I only just got upgraded from 600kbs to 1.5mb!(NTL's second tier to their top tier) Then NTL announce theyre upping the speed of theire 1.5mb service to 3mb!! I'm so happy! Not a patch on your 6mb though
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Old 03-30-2005, 10:21 AM   #8 (permalink)
kutulu's Avatar
*edit - I don't know what I was thinking*

I get confused between Mbit/sec and KB/sec 1 Mbit/sec = 125 KB/sec right? Download managers always use speeds of KB/sec so I forget how fast my connection is.

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Old 03-30-2005, 10:47 AM   #9 (permalink)
1mb/s = 125KB/s, yes.

Since a lot of cable companies are upgrading, more than likely mine will to keep up...I really really hope so.
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Old 03-31-2005, 04:53 PM   #10 (permalink)
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Location: Ft. Lauderdale, Floriduh
Glava, I'm in Ft Lauderdale and Comcast is pretty sweet, 4 Mb down and 384 K up for $45 a month. 10 bucks more for 6 Mb down.
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Old 03-31-2005, 05:17 PM   #11 (permalink)
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Location: texas
on cox cable here, get 5mb down and 1mb up for $40 / month
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Old 04-09-2005, 04:04 PM   #12 (permalink)
I'm loving this trend. Comcast just upgraded my speed from 4mbps/384kbps to 6mbps/768kbps a few months ago.
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Old 04-10-2005, 09:52 PM   #13 (permalink)
Im in miami and I also get 4 Mb down and 384 K up for 45 a month. Im very happy with this speed, and you see alot of difference in downloads aswell as in uploads.
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Old 04-11-2005, 12:14 AM   #14 (permalink)
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Location: Go A's!!!!
columbus, oh rr here and we just got upped to 6down while up speed stayed the same, enjoy your new line to the world
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Old 04-11-2005, 07:17 AM   #15 (permalink)
Bratwurst's Avatar
Location: La la land
Can you guys on cable get static IPs with that service?
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faster, speeds, woohoo

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