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Weird Problem

I reformatted my hard drive today, I always reformat my C:\ ( Windows ), but I still have my E:\ ( Junk ) where I keep all my junk. Which is over 50GB of stuff. Theres one particular folder thats only about 3GB or so. It won't open since the format. It says 'Access Denied', however, every other folder opens fine, and all files read fine, except that folder. The content in the folder is pretty important, so if theres anyway to fix this, it would be very helpful. Thanks for any help.
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Need some info about it to troubleshoot, most importantly, the OS you're running on the machine and which file system that you're formatted in.

Assuming a couple of thing (WinXP and NTFS file system with a user logged on and setup as an administrator) you can try this:

In Windows Explorer click Tools>Folder Options. Select the View tab, scroll to the bottom and uncheck Use Simple File Sharing. Click Ok and go back to Explorer.

Back in Explorer right click the folder and choose Sharing and Security and select the Security tab. Verify that your current user is listed as authorized with full control, if it won't allow changes to the user listings click on Advanced and then select Owner, check the box for Replace owner on subcontainers and objects, then click Apply and see if it grants you access.

If that doesn't work I sincerely hope that you didn't have that folder encrypted.
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Wow...That worked. Thanks a lot. I thought I had seen everything there was to do with XP, but I have never ran into that problem before, and I've never seen those options. lol Thanks for helping, and teaching me something.

Any idea on what could of caused that?
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Every object in WindowsXP is associated with permissions. If the permissions on that particular folder had been set to something other than "Everyone", then a particular SID (Security IDentifer) for each user had been associated with that folder. When you format and reinstall, the existing SIDs are lost and new ones are created. SIDs are kind of random numbers so the same SID would not be created for the same user. Since the SIDs don't match, you do not have access to the folder.

Wait until you do this with a computer on a domain and don't properly remove the computer from the domain before adding it and the computer level SIDs get all fucked up.....that's when the fun begins.
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problem, weird

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