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Are driver updates always necessary?

I looked around for an answer to this question, but didn't find a related thread.

I have always felt about driver updates that "If it ain't broke don't fix it." Meaning: if everything is running fine, I should avoid updating drivers even if there is an update available. (To avoid the risk of messing things up with a new driver).

Is this the proper attitude?


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In some cases, yeah. Some drivers arent likely to change much--you can usually find out what they changed by reading the release notes and deciding if you need the changes.

Some drivers I always update--especially video card drivers. Oftentimes the developers can squeeze out a bit more performance or stability, and if this is the case, Ill go ahead and install the driver. Ive rarely had issues with drivers making things unstable, but as in all things, your mileage might vary.
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having been in the corporate environment both non standard desktops and standard desktops (meaning all the same across the company) I can say that there's alot of merit to "if its not broke don't fix it."

I read the notes, and then would make decisions and recommendations to companies based on those notes. If they werne't going to benefit from the update, then it wasn't updated.
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