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Best sex you've ever had

Discussion in 'Tilted Life and Sexuality' started by J-Ring, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. J-Ring New Member

    So basically a couple of nights ago I had, in my own personal experience, the best sex of my relatively young life. It was with a girl I gave deep feelings for, and she shares those same feelings, so it's requited. We've got good chemistry together and are quite open with each other about our likes and dislikes. That night impacted me on both a physical and emotional level the likes of which I've never experienced before, and I kinda told her so afterward. Now the thing is she said she felt the same but didn't mention anything other then how she felt really strongly for me and close to me during and after the sex. Of course that is nice to know and all, but I'm kinda curious to know if the physical aspect was just as good for her, and in a way I'm totally curious to know how it would rank against past lovers. I'm guessing this is normal? Basically I want to ask but almost feel like it would put her on the spot and she would just tell me what I want to hear. In the end I guess it truly doesn't even matter, as I know for fact she at least gains pleasure from it.

    So anyway, I don't want to ramble on just about myself. So how about you guys? What's been your greatest sex ever? Has it been with your current partner? With an ex? Or maybe even sone stranger whose name you've never gotten? Would it bother you to know you weren't your partners best? Also, to tie in with what I've been discussing, does sex for you feel better when you invest mire emotions into it? Or are you not even giving a damn while in the heat of the moment and just enjoying the action?
  2. I made her come 30 times
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  3. Plan9

    Plan9 Standing in the Door Donor

    This Island Earth
    You motherfucker! Beat me.


    Okay, jokes aside:

    Mmm, the way the OP talks about sex makes me think you're a giddy 16 Y.O. and just got to stick your peepee in her no-no place for the first time.

    No, seriously... best sex I ever had... sex that made me feel like somebody was dressing me like a game rabbit (thumbs through the stomach, skin off like slimy meat pajamas) was with a girl named Crazy. Now, we all know that you don't put your dick in Crazy... but, yeah, I couldn't stop myself. It was so good. Primal carnal combat. Satisfying. She was like a homemade nuclear device: hot and dirty. Did the nasty with the nasty for quite a while before Things-Other-Than-Sex became a huge problem. Then it ended like every other relationship: all my clothes in kitchen size trash bags at 3 AM.

    I'm not concerned with being some girl's "the best" because I know I can't compete. I'm way scrawny. And I have no penis.

    My prostate is still recovering.
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  4. the_jazz

    the_jazz Accused old lady puncher

    Inside joke, J-Ring. But probably not, Craven Morehead. You can't even make yourself come 30 times in a year.

    I've had some great sex here and there. Dirty, dirty hotel sex. Showing up at her place with the mutual knowledge that I'm going to tie her up and have my way with her with virtually no interruption between the door opening and the bed being occupied. Deciding in the middle of sex that going outside in a warm rain would be fun. In an alley doorway outside a packed bar, knowing that we could easily get caught. In the passenger seat of my car in the middle of a long drive when we could no longer keep our hands off each other. That's all with a variety of different women at different points in my life. Some were SO's at the time, some were booty calls, some were women I met within the last 24-48 hours.

    I'm easily albe to have virtually emotionless sex - I try to give myself over to the moment as often as possible. When I was younger I tied emotion with sex, but as I've aged, emotion's become less and less important to me.
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    I've always wondered how you got that smooth spot. I figured it was government issue when you became GI Joe, but I'm pretty sure that there's no PX in the world where you can requisition "Crazy".
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  5. SirLance

    SirLance Death Therapist

    THere was this chick in Sao Paulo, we screwed on every available flat surface. She was smokin' hot. It was a one night stand, but damn....

    Mrs Lance & I finished our first date in my convertible, "watching the stars." No actual stars were harmed in the process....
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2012
  6. Been a few years, was the night of my brother's wedding. My girlfriend and I had much fun with the open bar. Was the last time I ever had anal sex. Too much work, but when both are buzzed and its already 3:00am when you start, may as well go for it. So much fun that night. Glad didn't get a kid out of it at the end. Too immature at the time to be a parent.
  7. Plan9

    Plan9 Standing in the Door Donor

    This Island Earth
    Wait, what?
  8. Alistair Eurotrash

    Reading, UK
    I took myself out and got myself drunk (to loosen my inhibitions) and took myself home and took myself in every way possible. I knew exactly what I wanted and was happy to deliver, because I'm a slut. The best thing about it was that it was sex with someone I love. Very much.

    I came 31 times in 45 minutes. No, honest.
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  9. maybe he meant 'kick'

    hmm...best sex..the ones induced by some 'sex pills' and the lack of oxygen...and no, i wasnt alone in a closet.
  10. Joniemack

    Joniemack Beta brainwaves in session Donor

    Reading, UK
    And some without even having to touch her. Damn, where can I get a man like that!

    Best sex? If I'm in love and we're digging on each other, it's the best. Not a fan of sex with strangers. I prefer the kind laced with emotional intimacy.
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  11. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member Donor

    I don't know if I can claim any particular time the best sex, there have been many interesting ones...good stories.
    I remember one woman who was a sexual dynamo, no restrictions...unfortunately, not into a very long-term relationship.
    My wife is passionate & energetic, but she has her particulars she doesn't favor...so I get the depth, but not the breadth.

    There's been times I've made women cum to an extent that they can't control themselves,
    they stop & literally shiver in ecstasy for some minutes to the point I can't even touch them without them flinching uncontrollably.
    So that's good for them, but for me too...something that makes me smile in memory and pride.

    Me, there's times I've had someone do something to me, that's made me roll my eyes back in my head...way beyond a normal orgasm.
    And I would love for that to happen again...and it likely will sometime.

    But, that's sex...sometimes good, sometimes bad...sometime awesome, and there's no consistency.
    So, enjoy the ride, find someone who's passionate, into you...and Practice, Practice, Practice.
    A good artist never stops experimenting.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2012
  12. Zen

    Zen Very Tilted

    Hi, J-Ring,
    It sounds like the two of you made love. Well done on not trying to get her to rank you off.

    My very very best times have been when reality has inverted. Where stroking and being stroked, stimulating and being stimulated has become what being alive is all about, and survival issues such as eating, drinking and sleeping ... and being ready for work on Monday have felt strange and dreamlike. Typically, it would be where the evening forgot to end for up to 48 hours. Words would become caresses, touch would become articulate language, and 'Getting to know you' would be the prime directive. Taking time off to go to a restaurant would feel like tripping without acid. Getting hailed and chased by the police after we'd climbed over the fence into Regent's Park (London), felt like a Dr Zhivago & Julie Christie adventure ... felt like Cupid had roped them into his mission to slam us into the depths of each other. J-Ring, this IS about sex ... and it is about elements which intensified it as surely as a gently featherscrape hairbrushed nipple :)

    Mind you, I suddenly think back to @Alistair's post, and it reminds me of some other magnificent nights I have had. Oh Yes. Though I'll confess to you that on these occasions, I DID often fantasise about other people :p

    Ah, also just popped into my mind memories of some phone sex ohmygod bloody hell don't get me started .... in each other's heads and interactive solo. Majestic. Like a televised Royal Wedding, except that it's not royal or a wedding. Oh, and there aren't crowds cheering along the way, but apart from that, identical. How? The non-stop commentary. Joe Rogan and Bruce Buffer flashed into my mind. NO! No. And NOT David Attenborough either. OK, back to the sense of Pageant, of regal and exhuberant procession with its culminations and celebrations. And moment to moment descriptions and observations, and tones of voice. I'm beginning to lose focus. I'm off to bed. Hopefully to sleep. To sleep, perchance to Dream; Ay, there's the rub. mmmmmmm RUB /Homer Simpson.
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  13. snowy

    snowy so kawaii Staff Member Donor

    My husband can have incredible stamina, to the point that sometimes my body struggles to keep up with him. There have been a handful of times where I have been able to match him, where I wasn't too sore to continue or too overstimulated while it was happening. However, I was, as rogue49 so eloquently put it, flinching uncontrollably after the event was over, reduced to a quivering puddle of goo. Usually I can manage to get up and clean myself up before sleeping, get my pajamas back on, but those times--forget it. I was floating on a cloud of carnal bliss.
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  14. SCBronco

    SCBronco Getting Tilted

    i couldnt tell you the exact session, but i can say it was with my wife. it happened twice to the same level of perfection. i dont know if we had had drinks, or if we were stone sober. i dont remember if it was long, or a quickie. i do know that after each time, we had sex considerably less for a while, and that just when i thought i would go mad form the lack of intimacy, the most beautiful thing emerged... My Children... best sex ever, never to be surpassed... i say that with all seriousness and not an ounce of "sappy intent". When i think of sex, no tiny moment of pleasure comes to mind sooner than the image of my boys on their first days. it will change your life, and your perspective. Love you Snowbaby, ;)
  15. J-Ring New Member

    I basically just had it confirmed that I am indeed her fave. After a particularly vigourous fuck tonight she told me in so many words that she's never felt so satisfied and fulfilled. Funny thing was that for me, tonights session wasn't as good as the previous one. I mean it was good, dont get me wrong. Nothing beats being inside her for a good 5 to 10 minutes, sometimes more..but I was not as satisfied by my ejaculatory emission tonight. I kinda flubbed it. That's always such an anticlimactic event.
  16. SirLance

    SirLance Death Therapist

    There was once with an ex-gf where her orgasm was so intense just touching her skin would make her come. she finally asked me to stop (and get her some water). I'm very focused on my partner's pleasure, it heightens my own.
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  17. Scud

    Scud Vertical

    Belle Vernon, PA
    What is this "sex" thing you speak of?
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  18. Alistair Eurotrash

    Reading, UK
    I believe it's a cross between Extreme Intimacy and Accompanied Masturbation, with the degree of each determined by emotional attachment.

    Or something. I forget.
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  19. SirLance

    SirLance Death Therapist

    It's fuckin' awesome, when the fuckin's awesome... ;)
  20. Scud

    Scud Vertical

    Belle Vernon, PA
    So it's like a getting a hooker who only accepts emotional turmoil as payment and won't leave after the squishy bit is over... sounds great