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Best sex you've ever had

Discussion in 'Tilted Life and Sexuality' started by J-Ring, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Speed_Gibson

    Speed_Gibson Hacking the Gibson Donor

    Wolf 359
    Thought of this song that I have on my server just now when seeing this thread title yet again. Found this link for the video which works well enough for here. Not quite the "best sex" angle but semi related:
    Link here

    Completely understanding this post these days. Not going to trying to dig up memories right now on this subject and share them here for now at least.
  2. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member Donor

    Yes, but when it's bad...geez, the complications. :rolleyes:
  3. Cayvmann

    Cayvmann Very Tilted Donor

    Great sex is a fading memory. I have undermined my ability to both perform, and to obtain sex.

    There was this girl in college I remember with much nostalgia though. Should have never let that one go.
  4. J-Ring New Member

    I have come to realize I can never go back to casual sex. If I don't feel for the girl, it just doesn't feel right.
  5. fresnelly

    fresnelly Getting Tilted

    The time we started in an outside hot tub and then ended up next to it on the deck. Magic.
  6. SirLance

    SirLance Death Therapist

    So Mrs. Lance appears to be goin through menopause. It's been a long damn pause....
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  7. J-Ring New Member

    Surely you've fast-forwarded by now?

    Had some great sex again. The weird thing was during it at a certain point I imagined that it was somebody else fucking her. Isn't that odd? I've done this before too. Wonder what it could all mean?
  8. Craven Morehead

    Craven Morehead Very Tilted Donor

    Nothing to worry about until she imagines it was somebody else fucking her.
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  9. Zen

    Zen Very Tilted


    Tell me, have you ever 'imagined it was somebody else' in non-sexual situations, either with people or alone, doing stuff?

    I ask because the extent and nature of the area of operation of 'imagined it was somebody else' with have a bearing on the meaning or meanings.

    Best wishes.
  10. snowy

    snowy so kawaii Staff Member Donor

    We had a pretty epic session this weekend that takes the mantle. It was a warm afternoon in the bedroom, and so we shoved the covers on the floor. The bed turned into a playground. My husband has had this nasty cold, but for some reason, that just seems to make him hornier and increase his stamina. I don't understand it, but I'll take it.
  11. SirLance

    SirLance Death Therapist

    If only....
  12. Plan9

    Plan9 Standing in the Door Donor

    This Island Earth
    Who cares what she's thinking about? Seems like half the married folks here would be happy just to get their dick wet.

    I mean, yelling "I'm Patrick Dempsey, I'm Patrick Dempsey" while you plow away at the old girl could be therapeutic.


    My current partner is a real stress monkey. There is no sex if she's at all distracted by work / school. It sucks.

    The good news is that she realizes it and tries to compensate for it when there is down time in her planner.

    Waking up to a girl shaking her g-string covered ass in your face saying "Breakfast in bed" is pretty nice.


    I think I'm getting old.

    My sex drive hasn't changed at all but my life responsibilities have made it harder to kill a Saturday playing fuck-fuck.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2012
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  13. snowy

    snowy so kawaii Staff Member Donor

    Role playing can be fun ;)
  14. SirLance

    SirLance Death Therapist

    Just don't yell "I'm Dean Martin...."
  15. fflowley

    fflowley Don't just do something, stand there! Donor

    As long as she doesn't spill the cereal.
  16. Zen

    Zen Very Tilted

    Spill the cereal = to have a cheery O :D
  17. Strange Famous

    Strange Famous it depends on who is looking...

    Ipswich, UK
    As an all round experience, the best time I ever had was the best time for romantic/feelings type reasons that would make me sound like a girl if I went into it. The short summary was it was with someone I cared about a lot (I probably still do, but she moved to London) and it was at a time I felt really terrible (was drinking a lot too much, was struggling with my financial situation and not able to face up to things and just feeling under incredible pressure) and in the context of feeling terrible and then after spending the night together feeling like I wasnt alone and I wasnt all fucked up after all... I cant describe it any other way than what it might feel like to find somewhere safe and warm when before you have been stumbling through a tremendous storm.

    Just in the pure physical sense... this was the closest Ive ever come to a one night stand, with the sister of a female friend, in a hotel by the river in Ipswich (the same river I used to half joke/half think was haunting me when I lived by it... thats a whole other story, you may remember the pictures I posted of my old flat...) As a person I didn't much like her or respect her. She didnt much like me I suspect and did it more to get at her sister. She certainly would not consider someone like me as someone she would date, on the basis I neither sold cocaine or sold amphetamines - which I gather was her usual requirement in a partner. But just physically it was just a different level to anything thats happened to me before. She was doing a lot of funny stuff that I dont feel comfortable to describe as it would make me sound like a pervert to have even done it once. Wrists tied up and all sorts of pervert stuff. You wouldnt want to do it every week, but as a one off...


    I have never made a girl cum 30 times in a sitting, but my Dad once told me that he made a woman orgasm so many times in a day that she had a nervous breakdown and had to spend 6 weeks in an asylum to recover. Then again, he is a complete liar/fantasist in many things....
  18. fflowley

    fflowley Don't just do something, stand there! Donor

    Honey, nut?
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  19. GT1

    GT1 New Member

    *nodding enthusiastically to this statement of fact and cringing at the memories of my own "complications"*

    I wish I was mentally able to separate the sex from attachments. I wish I was that emotionally evolved or that forward thinking, but I just can't. I guess I'm not wired in that way, and have only felt hurt when I did give emotionless entanglements a go. And when emotions are involved and it gets BAD *twitching* - It's worth it, the "risk" of sexual and emotional intimacy, and I'm glad the original poster had such a mindblowing experience...but I hope it lasts, and he enjoys it while the sexual afterglow does. May you have a lifetime of that kind of fulfillment, OP. I think part of what you're feeling is emotional satiation too, not just physical. If you can nurture that and keep your partner happy physically too, you'll be golden. And it doesn't surprise me that she told you days later. I know that for me, it's takes a while for my emotions to digest. You probably rocked her world so thoroughly that she's still digesting what's happening between you (and her legs and in her mind). I think that's awesome.

    Now, about coming 30 times...where the fuck does this happen and can someone send me some tips? LMAO! Honestly, I think that would be exhausting (in a deliciously used kind of way), and I'm not sure many are physically able to deal with that many little deaths at once. Honestly, I'd take 3 in an evening, and call that an extraordinary outcome. Literally. ;)

    I've been enjoying lurking around here, and reading all of your comments, everyone.
  20. grumpyolddude

    grumpyolddude Very Tilted Donor

    Never say "never," young friend.

    2nd best sex ever: the last session.
    Best sex ever: the next session. :cool:
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