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Calling all Canon fans!

Discussion in 'Tilted Art, Photography, Music & Literature' started by Bear Cub, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Bear Cub

    Bear Cub Goes down smooth.

    Since the Nikon dorks got their own thread, I think it's only appropriate that the Canon users have their own thread to share equipment lists, thoughts/reviews of their gear, and maybe some anticipated purchases.

    Right now, my rather short list is as follows:

    Main: Canon 7D, Opteka Grip
    Backup: Rebel Xsi, Zeikos Grip (better build than the Opteka)
    Lenses: EF 24-70 f/2.8L, EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS II USM, EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II
    Flash: Canon 580EX II

    For a $200 lens, people can bash the 18-55 all they want. Some of the best pictures I've taken to date were with that thing. My 24-70 is a fantastic walk about lens, but is a bit soft at f/2.8. If Canon ever comes out with an IS version of it, it's going to be serious piece of hardware. My 70-200 was rather pricey, and at times, you do wish you had a shorter focal length. But, I bought it for two purposes - racing and portraits, and it does both incredibly. It is, by far, the sharpest lens I've ever seen. I've probably taken fewer than 200 shots with the thing thus far, and hoping to skyrocket that number once the weather cools in the coming months.

    When I decide to stop hemorrhaging money on my other hobbies, I'd like to get an ultra wide lens, as I often find myself stretched on indoor photography, and events like car shows where you just don't have the room to back up far enough to get the shot. Current candidates are the Canon 10-22 (preferred), Tokina 11-16, and the Sigma 10-22.
  2. Speed_Gibson

    Speed_Gibson Hacking the Gibson

    Wolf 359
    Now this I can get into to!
    I started with a Canon G2 and upgraded to the Rebel XS two years ago. The G2 still works but has 3 or 4 hot pixels, and I frankly have no use for the lower resolution it has or the Compact flash card it uses. RAW mode sucks badly on that one compared to the Rebel XS/1000D

    My goals are to buy a good macro lens first then get a zoom lens. I just have the standard one that came with the kit currently, but it has taken some outstanding pictures. Especially compared to what it replaced.
  3. telekinetic

    telekinetic Vertical

    Every Canon owner needs to get a 50mm 1.8. They're like $100, and I leave mine on almost all the time. Hands-down the best $ per usefulness in any lens.
  4. Speed_Gibson

    Speed_Gibson Hacking the Gibson

    Wolf 359
    I was just reading the amazon reviews of this and it sounds like a quite a deal.
    I do believe that I will be adding a decent Point and Shoot camera to the mix. I will likely buy a Canon mainly to avoid installing yet more software and I have been pleased with their products so far. The Walmart selection of cameras (not the golden standard I realise) gives me the impression that i am looking at the $150ish range for a decent option here. It would be nice to have a small thin camera that will actually fit into a pocket and be easy to grab for candid shots of the kids or such things.
  5. ASU2003

    ASU2003 Very Tilted

    Where ever I roam
    My plan is to use my (future) iPhone to fill in this gap. I could use it a lot if it takes reasonably good pictures.

    I have a Canon 5D Mark 2, and it works great. I have the 16-35mm, 85mm (1.8), and 300mm (f/4) and the 580 EX II flash. The flash doesn't always work as I would expect, there is no 'easy & cheap' GPS accessory or built-in, and there are a few other nit-picky things (auto mode isn't smart).

    As for the 50mm (f 1.8), I would look into the 50mm (f 1.4). Lenses hold their value, and the 50mm (f 1.4) will hold up better and allow you to use a faster shutter speed.
  6. telekinetic

    telekinetic Vertical

    50mm 1.4 = $400
    50mm 1.8 = $100

    I agree that a serious photographer who has decided they want a nice large aperture prime lens should look at the 1.4, but at $100, there's no excuse not to own the 1.8 for ANYONE.
  7. Zen

    Zen Very Tilted

    For pocket cameras, see if this or one of Ricoh's others might fit the bill. I believe it does not provide or require software other than what you have already.Their specialties are good lenses, configurable access for photographers who want control, and distinct unwillingness to overdo in-camera noise reduction.

    I used it constantly for about two an a half years, but finally opted to sacrifice pocket-size and accept the inconvenience of a larger sensor slapping against my hip when I go out of the house.

    I'd been using Lubitel and Rollei for 120 format, and Canon From the FTb up to Eos for 35mm. GX8 was my intro to digital, and it did blow my head off, but I realised I did need a bigger sensor to begin to get the satisfaction I'd been used to with those sized films.

    Good luck as you make your best decision.
  8. Speed_Gibson

    Speed_Gibson Hacking the Gibson

    Wolf 359
    I would jump right to the more expensive long term option but will probably try the cheaper one first. It would get more than enough use even if it only lasted a year.
  9. Bear Cub

    Bear Cub Goes down smooth.

    I bought LBC a 50 f/1.8 for her birthday (?) last year. She's in love with it. Takes some VERY sharp photos. Sure, the build quality stinks, it hunts forever in low light, and it's not the fastest focusing lens, but a) she hasn't broken it yet, so it's more durable than you'd think (she beats the hell out of her stuff) and b) if you're trying to take serious photos in low light and need lightning quick focus, you're not buying a $100 lens. I'd pick one up, but it's hard to justify when I have the 24-70 already.

    ASU: If I was shooting full frame, that 85mm would be on the top of my list!
  10. Speed_Gibson

    Speed_Gibson Hacking the Gibson

    Wolf 359
    I am leaning toward a Canon Powershot at this point for a point and shoot addition to the clan. Not necessarily because it is a Canon (but that doesn't hurt either) but more because of the reviews I read online. Three frickin' seconds between shots and no RAW support are points against it, but seriously what do you expect for $160? RAW sucked on my G2 for that matter to the point where I had little use for it.
    I know that just the body of my Rebel sans lens costs $200 more than this little camera, so it sounds like a decent small camera with everything it packs in there. It should hopefully be a good cheap alternative for some better macro shots as well until I have the $400+ for a real macro lens for the Rebel.
  11. Speed_Gibson

    Speed_Gibson Hacking the Gibson

    Wolf 359
    Picked up the Canon Powershot A3300 IS. Feels like a toy compared to what I am used to, but I can see how it should be more useful for candid shots, and having a small pocket camera available is never a bad thing. Now I just need around $900 for the nice lenses for the Rebel....that might be awhile. At least the Macro is only $429 brand new on Ebay.