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Conspiracy Theories

Discussion in 'Tilted Philosophy, Politics, and Economics' started by pan6467, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. pan6467

    pan6467 a triangle in a circular world.

    A friend of mine offered up the question "What Conspiracy Theories do you believe/disbelieve in?"

    So now, I pose it to you, Only, don't do the old standbys, like JFK, UFOs, the Federal Reserve (unless as an example of another conspiracy that is attached to one of the stereotypical common ones as my post will later show)

    Try to be creative and make it part of history. There are conspiracy theories that date hundreds if not thousands of years. Why limit yourself? Have fun pick ANY event and I bet you find a theory of conspiracy to it.

    I'll give an example:

    The Titanic Conspiracy Theory, Investigating the Titanic Conspiracy

    I find the insurance conspiracy here interesting BUT I think that may only be the part Rockefeller/Morgan/Rothschild Federal Reserve Plan is far more intriguing.In that Rockefeller pulled out at the last moment and the men against the Federal Reserve perished.

    Titanic Conspiracy and The Jesuits - RMS Titanic Article

    As with any conspiracy, the conspiracists seem to make up facts that can be explained beyond doubt and yet they will say, "that's what they WANT you to believe...... BUT....."
  2. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member

    Well, my typical notion is that conspiracies we know of are not done by intent beforehand,
    but basically an organized CYA after the fact.

    For example, JFK:
    I believe that JFK was shot by assassin(s) sent by Castro, after we had sent some to kill Castro.
    We missed, He didn't.

    But the US Government, having just gone through the Cuban Missle Crisis, was worried about triggering a nuclear war.
    The public/masses, if they knew the truth...would expect retaliation/war with Cuba/Castro...bring Russia back in to the picture.
    So they covered it up, to protect America from the consequences of its own anger.
    You saw how we reacted to 9/11, imaging adding the Cold War and nukes into the mix.

    Simple, easy...and it makes perfect sense. (I know I would have done it the same way)
    And there is or was a fully funded department dedicated to the release of information from the JFK assassination.

    However, like I said...most conspiracies, cover up stupidity or things that would cause more pain after the fact.
    Companies that go under. (ex. Enron)
    Politicians that get caught with their pants down.
    and oh, an infinite amount more....


    I've seen from the inside some of the most twisted plays in action...you can't write this shit up.
    But it's typically not even seen in the news...at least not in full. (actually the news is sometimes the worst places to find full accounts) .

    Example...I was once an IT manager for a Pharma firm in San Diego.
    This firm was founded by the doctor who invented a new drug back in the late 90's (Abreva)
    It was basically two firms in one...one non-profit to invent the drugs, one for-profit to take advantage of it's market.
    Like Siamese Twins, they were in the same building, used the same resources. (including me...)

    Except the Board on the for-profit side didn't like the CEO/founder... (and the VP on the non-profit side)
    so they pushed in a CFO to undermine the fiscal management and credibility of the CEO. A finanical assassin. (and my boss...)
    Now my boss, never talked to me...the CEO mostly gave my marching orders or requests...and some others ad-hoc here and there.
    And the first time I met him, the hairs stood on the back of my head. My spider-sense was kicking in.

    The CEO figured it out, and the CFO was stupid enough to put the info on his company computer at the office.
    So the CEO ordered me to get into the computer...and let his assistant get to the files. (what could I do otherwise? refuse, Get fired?)
    The CEO used this to confront the Board of their duplicity...and they said, "So?"
    So in his anger...he made a public statement...the Board used this as an excuse to fire him from the for-profit side.

    Now you've got two companies merged together declaring war on each other.
    It was insane. People calling the police on each other, attorney clerks coming in hordes to remove paperwork.
    I formally reported to the new CEO of what the previous did. They fired me, because I'm now "untrustworthy"
    The non-profit side kept me just a bit...but they couldn't "afford me" fighting the for-profit side.
    The non-profit VP, who was supposedly the BFF of the old CEO, but now working against him, likely just wanted me out of the way.

    And so on...so, the non-profit went under and was desolved...the for-profit changed their name.
    There were YEARS of suits...of which I was called back into court as an expert witness, by the old CEO, to state what happened.
    The new company decided to partner up with a major Pharma...and lo and behold, years later ...Abreva.

    Oh yeah, not only did I see it from the inside, but I also knew of the stock-owners message board
    where not only normal owners, but major player "spun" info/opinion under anonymous aliases...it was amazing the patterns you'd see vs. IRL


    And I've got more stories like this... I've seen them EVERYWHERE.
    It happens everyday...in both Corporate and Government...or even in small scale, like personal lives ...or more.

    It's what you don't see...of entities basically spining to cover up the "human" element.

    Actually, from what I've seen...federal government is too disorganized to do it by intent beforehand.
    It's not like the movies. It's not as monolithic or powerful or pervasive as implied.
    Nor can they turn on a dime like corporations.
    If anything, usually it's simply funding or policies is implemented by someone who has a "bias"...and so that funding doesn't go ...there.
    (Indian tribe not getting a portion of the pie, because some clerk doesn't think they're important enough, for example)

    Usually, it's just stupid plays by someone ...then the rest of them cleaning up the mess after the fact.
    There are WAY too many procedures, safety factors and it goes too slow to do anything "profound".
    Typically, it's like that group we saw just caught, in procurement doing the Vegas parties...nothing ominous.

    I tell you what...I'll tell you some more sometime.
    I've lived an "interesting" life...and I've witnessed some "interesting" things.
    The world is a weird, wacky place...if "normal" people knew this...they'd go insane. (like the "Men In Black" principle)
    I'm just waiting for someone to "flashy thing" me. ;)
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  3. kurdtisj

    kurdtisj Vertical

    I'm not really convinced that Bin Laden was killed, or that he was actually worthy of being the most wanted man in the world. It just seems really convenient that after more than a decade of chasing this guy, we storm his stronghold, open fire on an unarmed man rather than apprehending him and giving him "what he deserves," and not even a picture is taken to show the American people whom he wronged so badly that he was killed. I also don't really think that 9/11 was an outside job which takes this entity we know as Osama Bin Laden off the the wanted list if you ask me, I don't think he organized anything, that's just who we pointed the finger at to fire up the people.
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  4. MSD

    MSD Very Tilted

    If bin Laden wasn't behind 9/11, who was and why?
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  5. pan6467

    pan6467 a triangle in a circular world.

    Rogue, I think there are power struggles in every major corporation, mainly because of the greed and power.

    Kurd and MSD, of course Bin laden was behind 9/11 the whole time, HELL, the same asshat GOP leaders who told us there were WMDs in Iraq told us it was Bin Laden. Why would they lie to the Ameruhcan people like that? The GOP stands for "GOD'S ONLY PARTY" they are incapable of doing evil, Pat Robertson even said so, even Fox news says that EVERY FUCKING DAY. :p
  6. ASU2003

    ASU2003 Very Tilted

    Where ever I roam
    Didn't we have another thread with hundreds of posts on this? ;)

    Top level people who wanted Iraq punished hard and taken out for launching SCUDS at Israel, and to get the oil onto the world market (along with big contracts to oil companies in the US). Afghanistan was on the other side of Iran and we didn't want Pakistan to be able to give Iran the nuclear bomb. Israel is probably scared of what a unified Arab Middle East look like and act like. Plus if the extremist camps had been left running, you could have seen covert terrorism worldwide (although crazy gunmen are doing a better job of that in the US than the 'evil' terrorists ever did). Plus Afghanistan has lots of minerals that could be mined, and the whole drug trade issue.

    The people at the pentagon wanted to have higher budgets and a job, since the Defense budget had been declining under Clinton and they wanted to be proven right that there was a need for a 'two-front war' that they kept going on and on about in the 90s. Peace is bad for business.
  7. kurdtisj

    kurdtisj Vertical

    What better way for us to get into the middle east than to stage an attack by a group from the middle east. There was a lot about 9/11 that never made sense to me, but if you look at the Shanksville crash how could they identify the bodies of all passengers and crew but there wasn't even any evidence of a plain. No fuselage, no engines, no wings...where did all of that go. Also the fact that WTC building 7 collapsed which was essentially untouched, and finally the twin towers, which were designed and built to withstand impacts from 747 jets remain the only skyscrapers ever to collapse due to fire. There is way to much bullshit surrounding 9/11 for me to believe, I could be wrong but it just doesn't add up to me.
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