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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by rogue49, Feb 28, 2020.

  1. Chris Noyb

    Chris Noyb Get in, buckle up, hang on, & don't criticize. Donor

    Large City, TX
    Texas ranks 49th in testing. Governor Greg Abbott says our state government is doing everything it can to help fight Covid-19 (except testing??), and reopening businesses in stages, using masks, and practicing social distancing will get us through the pandemic.

    I'd like to believe him, even if he's a Republican. But I don't, and wouldn't even if he were a Democrat.

    We'll-Work-Our-Way-Through-This-With-Business-As-Usual. From what I see we're not ready should (if?, when?) this approach fail.

    Without testing for comparative data, how will we know if our efforts are effective? Where help is most needed?


    A bunch of random thoughts. No pretense of solutions.

    Businesses ordered to remain open.

    Workers forced to keep working.

    Workers losing unemployment because their jobs are available again.

    Workers saying proper safety measures aren't being taken and followed.

    Companies protected from lawsuits.

    People taking advantage of the situation.

    Companies taking advantage of the situation.

    Profiteering prosecution?
    Under Trump?
    Under Republican leadership?
    Under Democratic leadership?

    The number of lawsuits that could clog our courts for decades (asbestosis lawsuits started roughly in the mid 1980s, many are active in 2020).

    The number of deserving plaintiffs who will get lost in the huge number of bandwagon plaintiffs.

    The number of guilty companies that will be protected by the government and the courts.

    The number of innocent or marginal involvement companies that will be unfairly punished.

    The list could go on nearly infinitely.
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  2. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member Donor

    Unfortunately, these days leaders who lead are uncommon.

    Mostly we have those who “wing it” or “deal with it” with minimal effort and no understanding of the consequences.

    IMHO, if you’re a leader...
    You evaluate by reading and listening
    Determine best course of action with true experts, not political
    Consider the consequences for both short-term and long-term (including human dynamics)
    And act
    Tweak and act

    There’s nothing to gain by posturing.
    Or catering to some ideology

    This crud doesn’t care about anything but spreading and mucking people up with replication inside.
    No borders, no classes, no parties, no human wants, laws, traditions, economy, anything.
    It is boundless and no rules.
    Anything it can do, it will.
    Consequences be damned.
    Hell, it would even kill itself out if it could
    Killing faster than it could spread.
    But it seems to balanced by pure circumstance.
    And that circumstance is our bane.

    Leaders need to lead
    Lead to protect people
    Because ya can’t do anything without people.
    At least in human terms.

    I’m sure the rest of the plants & animals would do just well without us. (Or at least with a lot less of us)

    I hate that there’s people and politicians that dismiss the value of others. The others’ deaths and pain are not significant. (Unless it happens to them directly)

    We need to do better.
    Pay attention more.
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  3. genuinemommy

    genuinemommy Moderator Staff Member Donor

  4. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member Donor

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  5. redravin

    redravin Cynical Optimist Donor


    Didn't they release a recording of Gov. Abbott admitting that the death rate would go up when the state reopened?
    That it was never the plan to get zero deaths.
    Somehow there was an acceptable death toll in order to get the state running again.
    As long as you are putting on an appearance of an effort to protect the lower classes, if they die that's their bad luck.
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  6. cynthetiq

    cynthetiq Administrator Staff Member Donor

    New York City

    Even Optimus Prime wore a mask.

    Don't be a Megatron!

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  7. Solitary Man

    Solitary Man Very Tilted Donor

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  8. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    Jonesboro ga
    glad you are ok. atleast you are getting paid.
    20% thats awesome
  9. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    Jonesboro ga
    our numbers in ga are still on the increase. not as fast. but still on the rise.
    the gov is urging everyone to get tested. they say we have 50 sites for testing.
    out gov is a fucking idiot
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  10. Chris Noyb

    Chris Noyb Get in, buckle up, hang on, & don't criticize. Donor

    Large City, TX
    Color me not surprised.

    Around our area...

    Sam's Club meat selection was minimal. Basically only the more expensive cuts of meat and fish were left. They also lowered the limit down from two to one per customer. Frozen food selection is slowly improving (some people literally don't know how to cook fresh food?).

    Many small stores, and some major chains, haven't reopened despite our "caring" governor giving the OK (with 25% capacity). Hair & nail salons will soon reopen (public support for this is high, vanity rules!).

    Liquid hand soap, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes = good luck. My wife is getting ancy; I remind her we have enough soap bars to last a year.

    We're going grocery shopping in a bit.
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  11. weekend-morning-awesomeness-40-photos-30-26.jpg
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  12. Chris Noyb

    Chris Noyb Get in, buckle up, hang on, & don't criticize. Donor

    Large City, TX
    We went to the much nicer Kroger rather than the one close to us.

    The meat department was very well stocked, which surprised me. TP & PT supply was low, but there. Same for pasta.

    A lot of people shopping. Still seeing employees and customers without face coverings/masks.
  13. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member Donor

    Yep, this friggin’ virus doesn’t care about our schedules, bills, work or desires.

    So the key is, no matter what the government and other people do, act as if it’s still very active, if not the peak. Because it’s still lingering and spreading.

    Those who have to work in-person, have to act as if they’re surgeons going to do surgery. Hey, if nurses and docs can do it, so can others. It just takes extra steps, time and attention.

    Until we get an antivirus, get shot, our family & friends and coworkers get shots, it’s going to be a running joke...but no joke.

    Cross your fingers, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.
    But being alive beats the alternative
    Hell, not getting messed up by the crud beats the alternative.

    I’ve read some of the gnarly cases of those who went through it and survived...no way, Jose.
    Not I...at least avoid it until I can’t.
    Time is on our side, the longer it takes to get it, the more the know about it and have prepared.

    At least we’re not caught with our pants down...as much.

    So breathe easy...but don’t
    I guess it’s like living in the jungle
    You live, but watch out for the bugs & animals
    They don’t give a crap about ya either.
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  14. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member Donor

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  15. spindles

    spindles Very Tilted

    Sydney, Australia
    This panic buying also happened here. You do wonder why - we have never closed supermarkets during this whole thing - we produce enough food per year to feed 3 times our population. But there is this herd mentality - once someone starts panic buying stuff, and people start to see emptying shelves, it is hard not to just get what you need. Toilet paper, meat, soap, hand sanitiser, paper towel etc. were really hard to get for a few weeks. Here it was the logistics of supplying what was in warehouses to the supermarkets that did not initially cope. A few weeks later and you would never know there were shortages of anything.

    We are entering interesting times - the government has started easing restrictions on movement and gathering sizes. My children are going back to school one day a week this week, but with restrictions on how they are learning and what they can do in the playground. Cafes and restaurants can reopen with limited seating and they are foreshadowing a return to team sports soon.

    We are fortunate as a country to have no land borders to worry about so our chances of a new wave of cases coming from outside is remote. Our biggest issue is going to be the fact we are going into our flu season - how do you know if you have a cold/flu or covid? They have setup a *lot* of testing facilities so anyone who wants to can get tested. Again, our relatively small population and nationalised health care makes that a lot easier to organise.

    Hopefully we don't have any new major outbreaks and can return to something like normality soon, though travel (especially overseas) seems a really long way off.
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  16. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member Donor

  17. ASU2003

    ASU2003 Very Tilted Donor

    Where ever I roam
    The #1 reason is that people can limit the need to go to the grocery store multiple times if they buy a lot all at once. And when a lot of people have the same idea, the supply chain can't keep up.
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  18. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    Jonesboro ga
    general question...

    Dr. Fauchi (??? mispelled) self quarantined due to being exposed to someone that tested positive. why did none of the other people?

    i saw the headline that the government is considering another round of stimulus checks...

    From my point of view, it seems like people are starting to relax. I dont think that is a good thing.

    I saw where kroger (i think) is retracting their extra pay for their employees...
  19. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member Donor

    Because Dr Fauci is doing the right thing, what he’s supposed to do.

    One, it keeps him safe...two, it keeps others safe.
    Because we do NOT know if we have the virus.
    Even he with resources he has doesn’t know.

    Our testing is questionable and not fully accurate now...it will get better but now we can’t be assured.

    So he does what he needs to do, the right thing.

    Others put faith in the tests
    Others rationalize why they need “to keep going”

    But guess what? The virus doesn’t care.
    If you’re wrong, you’re not just putting yourself at risk but you’re putting others too at risk.

    He’s a straight forward scientist
    He doesn’t go by “feelings”

    So he isolated.
    That what works.
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