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Curious married men....

Discussion in 'Tilted Life and Sexuality' started by butterscotch444, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. butterscotch444 Vertical

    The thought of " exploring" with another married woman or man, is scary, really!( to me)! It would be my 1st with a man! Consider myself "somewhat athletic build"! But then again, laying back, uninhibited, with a guy/ lady in SAME situation,feels like " quite a turn on"! How many here are looking for a " first time",with either sex?- Looking:)-
    ( Btw- am a mwm)! In mid 50's.

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  2. shanefixed54 New Member

    Butterscotch hello I'm Shane. I'm getting together with a married mature women on Thursday I'm always looking for a inclination to have sex with married women some women love the opportunity for sex encounters because there not experiencing satisfaction anymore and love to have a sexual opportunity to feel themselves having a enlightening experience with a stranger for no strings attached.

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  3. butterscotch444 Vertical

    Wow!! Not sure if that would happen with me! Where'd you 2 meet?

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