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Current Rules for Being Clothed/Naked as an Adult

Discussion in 'Tilted Life and Sexuality' started by Plan9, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. urwatu82

    urwatu82 New Member Donor

    We sleep nude but wife is too conservative to be nude at other times. We've visited St Martin and unfortunately the nudist resort is destroyed/gone. I'm sure I would have been nude and her not (CFNM sounds good to me anyway). I used to stage exhibitionism instances. I was completely nude in front of my sis-in-law years ago. She initially hid her eyes but I could see here peeking. She was a nurse so I said, no need to hide your eyes, you've seen it all before. She pointed at my semi-hard and said 'not like that!' . I kept her in small talk a few minutes. Later that day she told my wife and we all laughed about it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and think about it often. I wish I was as brave now but the world we live in has changed.... not for the better. Nude women are hot, nude men are gross?
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  2. clarksdale

    clarksdale Vertical

    We were at St. Martin in 2019 and Orient Beach is fine, though the buildings are gone. In fact, we had massages right on the beach. We were both naked- no towels covering our bodies - people walked by and stared, I’m guessing - there were two women giving me a massage and they’d covered my eyes. Maybe they didn’t want me to see Brian massaging my naked wife as she lay on her back. It was pretty amazing. That night, we stayed at a small nude resort in Orient called Adam and Eve and had a glass of wine while lying naked in chaises next to a good looking couple in their sixties, both all nude. She was beautiful. We later concluded they may have been swingers, though since they missed out on joining us in the hot tub later, we can’t confirm. They did get our names and hoped we could meet again, same time next year - then 2020 killed that plan. Anyway, we loved SXM and hope to get back this fall- and look forward to more adventures!
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  3. Herculite

    Herculite Very Tilted

    Its swinger oriented but if anyone is looking for a nudist place to vacation where nudity is more the normal than occasional like orient beach, try Desire in Mexico. If you are a nudist I would recommend Desire Pearl, its nice and less swinger focused. RM is smaller but more about swinging.
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