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Do you ever take erotic vacations?

Discussion in 'Tilted Life and Sexuality' started by wyopen, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. wyopen

    wyopen Getting Tilted

    A few years ago things it seemed like we were getting into a bit of a rut. We had the opportunity to go to a conference in Reno, NV for 3 days. I decided to add some spice to our time away so planned a series of special activities for our time. I included a bunch of erotic dvd's (and a dvd player), cd's, and picked up some sex toys and lotions to introduce. It was a huge success...even though me missed most of the conference. Since then we've taken several erotic getaways. One is coming up next week, in fact. Have you ever specifically planned an erotic trip?
  2. aquafox

    aquafox Getting Tilted

    Ibapah, UT
    No... but I'm all ears!
  3. Poetry

    Poetry Totally Sharky, Complete

    Los Angeles, CA
    Hehe, whenever my ex and I went anywhere, a bag of sex toys came with us. Nature of the beast(s).
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  4. :) good for you!
  5. dodger01

    dodger01 Getting Tilted

    I 2004, I went to an "Adult Internet" convention in Phoenix. It was at the Mission Palms in Tempe. I was building adult websites at the time and was doing fairly well. The convention was the craziest thing I had ever been to. Close you eyes and image what a porn convention would be like. And you wouldn't be close to this one. Parties lasted all night. Dozens and dozens of porn stars( and wanna-bees). The wanna-bees doing whatever they could to break into the business.
    The nude dodgeball was pretty cool. If you got hit by the ball you either took a hit of Yeager or took a piece of clothing off.
    Crazy times.....
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  6. Mister Coaster

    Mister Coaster New Member

    The Canyon
    Well, not exactly. However, Mrs. Coaster and I will be headed to Vegas ALONE for the first time since having kids, (our oldest is 6 and a half) they will be with her parents. We're getting a Jacuzzi suite at the Luxor. I have a feeling that with or without sex toys, we'll be getting pretty erotic. Vegas really brings out the sexy in my wife, she definitely does things there that she doesn't do at home. It's only for 2 nights, but those 2 nights will be memorable.
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  7. Speed_Gibson

    Speed_Gibson Hacking the Gibson

    Wolf 359
    Vacation? Is that word in the English language?
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  8. jerseyboy Vertical

    I've never taken a vacation just for the purpose of getting down, but I do tend to get more action while on vacation. I think I'll need this sort of vacation more when I have kids.
  9. Doris

    Doris Getting Tilted

    Sadly no, it would be good enough, if I could send my kids away for a vacation instead (not erotic one though!). We're struggling to cope with our teenagers staying up late at night, then sleeping late at weekends...
  10. Cayvmann

    Cayvmann Very Tilted

    I've been taking a vacation from the erotic, since I got married...
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  11. SuburbanZombie

    SuburbanZombie Housebroken

    We've had plenty of erotic vacations...if you count me watching internet porn while she's snoring in the other bed an erotic vacation.
  12. bobGandalf

    bobGandalf Vertical

    United States
    We've enjoyed many erotic vacations over the years. Great for the relationship to get away together.
  13. curiousbear

    curiousbear Terse & Bizarre

    bobGandalf Can you publish the list (places). I cant do it for next one year or so but later definitely shall...
  14. EventHorizon

    EventHorizon assuredly the cause of the angry Economy..

    aaaand one more thing added to the bucket list
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  15. Tophat665

    Tophat665 Slightly Tilted

    Prior to last month, we've tried a couple (maybe 4) times in 20 years, but it never really worked. (Not even the Honeymoon.)
    In the last 6 weeks, I sincerely doubt we could go anywhere and get any more erotic than we've been at home.
    Going forward, I am definitely taking this under advisement. Jacuzzi suite at the Luxor sounds... Nice. Very very Nice.
  16. bobGandalf

    bobGandalf Vertical

    United States
    Yeah, curiousbear I'll pass it along..... I'll need to get the info. together. Might be a little while though... busy time of year.
  17. Ask Men has a Top Ten Erotic Vacations list

    Most, if not all are too far out there for me. It would be nice however to go somewhere secluded and relaxing........

    There was also a movie that was based on an erotic vacation destination Exit to Eden
  18. Alistair Eurotrash

    Reading, UK
    Apart from the two in Europe (and I don't fancy the French one much!), they all seem to be in the USA, the Caribbean or Mexico. Perhaps their travel expenses have been slashed? :)
  19. snowy

    snowy so kawaii Staff Member Donor

    I would definitely like to go to an adults-only resort sometime, if only to enjoy a vacation without small children present.

    My husband and I do a fairly good job of making any vacation erotic. We stayed in a really swanky, romantic place for our honeymoon, where each room is actually a private cabin. I'd love to go back again to experience the giant shower, the soaking tub, the fireplace--it was all fantastic. However, I also have fond memories of some motel rooms--clean motel rooms, mind you--where we had just as much fun.
  20. Mister Coaster

    Mister Coaster New Member

    The Canyon
    Vegas was very good. I must admit the highlight was the sexy time in the room. I just hope that the people across the way in the Mandalay Bay got a good show. (jacuzzi is by the window, windows were open and the lights were on)
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