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Do you use Yelp! or other online means to give businesses feedback?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Borla, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Borla

    Borla Moderator Staff Member

    Over the last few months I've been trying to remind myself to leave Yelp reviews more often. I often consult it when traveling to find spots to either eat or shop. Typically, if a business has more than a handful of ratings the overall opinion can be trusted. Even when there are limited reviews you can often tell by someone's posting style if you think their judgment is skewed or would be different than your own. So I've been trying to contribute back to a resource that I've found helpful. I've put a couple dozen reviews up in the last few months. Most have been decent to good, but a couple have been fairly scathing because of sub-par experiences.

    Anyone else do the same? If not Yelp, what other resources do you contribute to or use?
  2. bobdanver New Member

    I just started using Yelp but my roommate has for a while. I find it tends to give a decent read of a place most of the time. I started posting reviews after I went to a few places that had great reviews and turned out to be crap. I tend to be objective as possible, but some places just need to be ripped upon else someone gets suckered into going there too.
  3. Rekna New Member

    I use yelp but only when something is really good or really bad.
  4. boink

    boink Getting Tilted

    I did, to read -obv- reviews. But then they blocked some stuff unless I gave registration info. So no more. I'm just way sick of registration.
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  5. International T.

    International T. Slightly Tilted

    Only if the service is amazing to incredibly horrible. Otherwise, I just don't think anyone cares about my opinion. People will try what they want to try. But (from my perspective) if something happens that passes either of the extremes for me, I will make an effort.
  6. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    At work..
    Generally any kind of review or survey only get filled out by the people who are pissed off for some dumb reason or have an axe to grind with said business. But thats my experience
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  7. Chris Noyb

    Chris Noyb Get in, buckle up, hang on, & don't criticize.

    Large City, TX
    Reading between the lines of reviews is crucial, especially with products.

    For example cookware.

    I read people giving glowing reviews when they used the product once, while others slam the product for not being durable. Such as the super slick non-stick skillets.

    Others will knock off a star or two simply because they don't like cleaning food off the rivets inside of a (otherwise very nice) saucepan.

    Then you get the people who:
    Don't read the description, then get POd when the product isn't what they expected.
    Seriously overuse an inexpensive item when it is clearly marketed for occasional use.
    Don't read the instructions. I'm guilty, didn't understand cooking with stainless steel when we got our InstantPot (after gaining some experience cooking with SS I do stand by my initial thought the IP SS insert is made from inferior SS).
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  8. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    At work..
    I agree with you, sometimes people can just be a dick cause they dont inform themselves.
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