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Dunkin Doughnuts coffee

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by DAKA, Jun 20, 2012.

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    DAKA Slightly Tilted

    Fort Lauderdale
    Maybe someone can 'splain..
    I buy Dunkin Doughnuts coffee BEANS, grind them myself, use double filtered water, so, how come the coffee from the shop tastes better that my home brew?
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    PonyPotato Very Tilted

    Reno, NV
    Where do you buy the beans?

    The coffee from the shop may be more fresh. If the beans you buy are packaged, sent to the grocery store, then sit on the shelf before you buy them and take them home.. that might be it.

    Also, I heard once that when it comes to Starbucks coffee, buy it from the Starbucks shop instead of at the grocery store, because it is roasted in different batches? May or may not be true, but the same could apply to Dunkin Donuts as well.
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    SuburbanZombie Housebroken

    The temperature of the water maybe?
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    Plan9 Not A Genius

    This Island Earth
    "Everything tastes better when someone else prepares it."
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    cynthetiq Administrator

    New York City
    Hells yeah! I love me some laziness!
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    Baraka_Guru Möderätor

    They could use different beans in the shops vs. what they sell for you to take home.

    The beans could be different grades, they could be made by different processors, they could be processed differently, they could have different storage times, etc.

    I'm sure they'd rather you come in for their "best brew" than to have a bunch of you brew it at home better than they can. After all, they need to sell donuts too, eh?
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    Phi Eyed Getting Tilted

    Dunkin usually tastes better to me at the shop due to their use of half/half instead of the 2% that I normally use at home. But for me, also, donut shops are
    about the overall experience, as well; eye-popping reds & oranges, the scent of donut grease in the air, the diverse employees, clientel. Psychological over-stimulation.
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    DAKA Slightly Tilted

    Fort Lauderdale
    I buy the beans at a DUNCAN shop, if you check you'll see that at the shop its a FULL pound, at the supermarket I think its 11 or 12 oz, and as mentioned the bags at the shop are probably fresher....and yes I use half and half at home...and make the coffee in a Cuisanart machine, and I do clean the machine periodically with vinegar mixture...
    SO WTF?
    Any DUNKIN shop people here?
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    snowy so kawaii

    There are a lot of factors at play here, and so it's difficult to pin down just one and attribute it to that. Some people have mentioned the beans sold to customers may be different than what's used in the shop. Secondly, it could be the grind. Are you using a blade or burr grinder? How fine are you grinding the coffee? Thirdly, your coffee machine certainly plays a role. At a coffee shop like Dunkin, they're using a ginormous commercial machine. Many consumer coffee machines have a difficult time reaching a precise temperature for brewing coffee, and the spray over the grounds may not be enough to get an effective bloom. When and if you are in the market for a coffee machine again, look for one with a larger spray head, not a single spray. Are you putting cold water in the machine? That tends to work best with my Cuisinart, I've found. What kind of filters are you using?

    Personally, I'd recommend trying some other brewing methods--French press, pourover, etc.--and seeing which attains the closest product.
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    Charlatan sous les pavés, la plage

    Screw the coffee, I am amazed to see an American using Doughnuts vs. Donuts. I didn't think Americans knew how to spell it correctly...
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    Plan9 Not A Genius

    This Island Earth
    I'm waiting for the Idiocracy moment where they change their name to D'Nutz to make it easier for dumbass 'Mericans.
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    SuburbanZombie Housebroken

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    sbsbsb New Member

    Canada and Florida
    Love the Dunkin with the half and half, crank the tunes, pay the toll, Alligator Alley
    and push the
    foot down, lol.
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    roachboy Very Tilted

    i use dunkin beans when i forget to buy coffee that i like. it's a kind of penance. but it works out ok if you use more than you think you should in a french press, i find. the factors to keep in mind include (a) don't serve it to other people who know about coffee or who do not share your need for penance in the coffee department, (b) do not try too hard to control what happens with the brewing, especially if you're going to compare your outcomes with dunkin's routinely routine brew---you can be sure that whatever you're doing, they aren't. for example filtering the water. o, and, universally, (c) don't get the "muffins"...i don't know what those people do to produce such glutinous masses of yuck shaped like a muffin, or what would have inspired them to go down the road of producing glutinous masses of nasty in the shape of a muffin, but they did.

    o yeah, it's donut(tm).
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    snowy so kawaii

    I had some recently at another person's house, and as someone who drinks lots of coffee, I found it to be terribly, harshly acidic. It needs some half and half, if not full-on cream, to balance that out.
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    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist

    I've found that Dunkin Donuts beans are drier...to I use less of a fine grain with them
    and a bit more than you'd think otherwise...and it seems to make a difference in quality of taste.

    Personally, I like Trader Joe's coffee, it comes in bigger containers and it's cheaper...but much better quality at the same time.
    The French Roast that I buy, is a dark, wetter bean...so I've found that a finer burr mill grind, but less volume works out to a rich cup.

    You have to fine tune your formula for whatever coffee you're drinking.
    Water counts too...if your water has a lot of minerals or is hard water...then than can throw off your taste too.

    Get a filter for the water...not in your coffee maker...if your water is bitter tasting.
    A good burr mill from Bed, Bath & Beyond is excellent for grinding coffee. (better than a hand-held grinder or one in your maker)
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    sbsbsb New Member

    Canada and Florida
    Wow, thanks.
    The best coffee in Naples is from " Bad Ass Coffee" on Third Ave"
    Just awesome, my friend Jenny's is sooo good, we sit in my lanai every morning and have
    a cup or two, lol.
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    Ayashe Getting Tilted

    Frequently Asked Questions | Dunkin' Donuts Coffee

    Apparently it is their equipment and water temperature.
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    DAKA Slightly Tilted

    Fort Lauderdale
    Well, that 'splains it....
    So what happens is I pick up a medium regular, no sugar and by the time I get to my "studio" its cool enough to drink. (my runaround vehicle doesn't have a cupholder, or power steering or automatic transmission....hard to drink with all that)
    No "DOUGHNUTS", (tryin' not to have "dunlops")
    (Just for clarification, dunlops is a middle age guy, or older, who claims he still wears a 36 pants......doesn't notice that his stomach "dunlops" over his belt.
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    MSD The sky calls to us.

    Most home coffee makers don't brew the coffee hot enough for safety reasons. The ideal brew is with water that's just a few degrees from boiling, but that can cause third degree burns in only a few seconds. Brewing too cool tends to make it sour and too hot makes it bitter. The other big thing to consider, as mentioned above, is the freshness. The rule of 15 is an easy way to remember it: unroasted beans stay fresh for about 15 weeks, roasted beans stay fresh for 15 days, once ground, it stays fresh for 15 minutes. You'll always get better results with a burr grinder than a blade grinder, although the cheapest burr grinder are inconsistent and still manage to turn a portion of your beans into powder, which will be overextracted and make your coffee bitter.