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Facts and chicks

Discussion in 'Found on the Net' started by Craven Morehead, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Just your head? :D
  2. Cayvmann

    Cayvmann Very Tilted

    The little one
  3. Fremen

    Fremen Allright, who stole my mustache?

    E. Texas
    Nice find, but are all their facts correct?

  4. Antarctica, Africa, Australia, America (North and South).

    OK, the last one is a little off but she's a babe. :)
  5. Fremen

    Fremen Allright, who stole my mustache?

    E. Texas
    Hehe, I didn't even think of taking North and South off of them. :) Guess I was distracted.
  6. Cdwonderful

    Cdwonderful Getting Tilted

    Campbell, OH
    great site
  7. wolf Evil Grin

    Right Behind You
    I love this!!!! Great find, thanks!
  8. Jetée

    Jetée Getting titled

    The little details I liked most about the 10-min. visit to the site is that I can accurately name around 9 out of every 10 "chicks" I see, and then come to figure that the "fact(oids)" round out to 4 or 5 out every 10 already recognised.

    The little-known tumblr concept of adding 2 or 3 disparate things together as a rolling gallery shines through brilliantly here. Kudos.

    I very much liked this zing.

    --- merged: Mar 26, 2012 at 9:41 PM ---
    An additional note: (and perhaps the reason why I can name 88% or more of the chickadees featured) As I've now studied it for an additional 3 min., it would seem as though a fair to heavy amount of the monochromatized photos posted do look to come from one of my first late '07 tumblr 'follows': the things that excite me (features only spectacularly-beautiful women, who are also at times celebrities, in the various stages of undress, re: 'nudity', which glamour photography usually merits to transform it into breath-taking art.)
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  9. Zen

    Zen Very Tilted

    Thank you.

    Facts and Chicks

    Neither I nor some others would have discovered this:
  10. supafly

    supafly New Member

    Lol, I know so much more now.