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Fiction Story Time

Discussion in 'Tilted Life and Sexuality' started by urwatu82, Apr 22, 2021.

  1. urwatu82

    urwatu82 New Member Donor

    Hey, I know we have quite a few creative people on the TFP. Do any of you write fun sexy stories? I do occasionally so here's one to start the thread: Lemme know if you think it's good, too much detail, not enough?


    Hi, I'm Julie and an exhibitionist. I found I got a rush from showing myself to males early on in life.
    I always made sure to wear something that would draw attention and most of the time I found ways
    to flash some skin (lack of underwear, loose tops, etc). In college I was a cheerleader and met a great
    guy that was of course enamored with my sexy attitude. After college we dated and later married. Joe
    was a hard worker and atheletic. He got a great job making good money but had to travel often. This
    caused a problem for him being on the men's softball team so he took a position as a coach.
    After we were married Joe became more and more possessive and more of a prude as far as my warddrobe.
    I still wanted to show off, he wanted me to cover up. I worked hard at staying in shape. I'm short blonde
    but I do have some pretty good tits for being petite (they would be a D cup) so I generally overfil a
    tiny swimsuit. My ass still is firm and round, I love to go to the beach most of the time alone to show off.
    SO, Joe had been particularly grumpy lately and saying things about how I've been dressing and he pissed
    me off. I decided I needed to strut my stuff in front of his friends. I was going to go to the beach Saturday
    as it was to be hot and sunny. Joe had a softball practice so all the more reason. I decided this would work
    perfectly. A half hour after he left for practice I put on my smallest slingshot bikini. Since I always shave my
    pussy there was no fur hanging out. My areoles just barely are covered, if I'm careful. The back is just strings
    so from the back I'm almost nude (my full ass on display) and from the sides, I'm nude. The front is just a 3"
    wide Y and if I try, the string from the back crawls up my slit.
    I drove to the softball field and waited until Joe's team was up to bat. He stood near third base, the rest of the
    guys (all in their mid twenties and of course in shape) were on the bench. I exited the car wearing this slingshot,
    a pair of high heeled sandals and a pair of sunglasses, nothing else. I struted up to the fence in front of the bench.
    My ass was only 3 feet in front of the guys and I could feel that yes, the string had rode up into my slit. My
    pussy lips may or may not be covered and I really didn't care. I stood there and I could hear them whispering.
    Of course they all knew who I was. One of the guys, Mark, spoke up and asked what's going on? I said I needed
    to talk to Joe but I guess I'd have to wait until the inning was over. He said, no problem for us.... So I just stood
    there wriggling around a little, even bent over to adjust my sandal. I heard an audible gasp so I'm guessing they saw
    something more. After the three outs, Joe sees me and runs up, grabs me by the arm and drags me behind the
    diamond. He said "what are you doing here and why did you wear THAT! I said I'm on the way to the beach and
    you didn't leave me any cash. He dug in his pocket and handed me $40 and said here, now get going! We'll talk
    about this later!
    Ha! I accomplished what I wanted to so... I'll take the heat. Besides, now I was going to strut around the beach
    and sunbathe, maybe leaving some items accidentally showing! Well the way he chewed me out later I decided
    I needed to really crank it up next time. I didn't have to wait long. A week later the team ordered uniforms.
    Joe was going to be out of town when the uniforms were to come in. The guys had been to our house before
    and since they were all friends Joe trusted them so he suggested he'd just leave a key since I most likely would be
    at work. That weekend Joe left for his 3 day work trip. The uniforms were to come Monday morning ,I ususally
    would work afternoons. Key would be under the mat so the guys would come pick them up Monday afternoon.
    Well....not exactly.... Monday after the uniforms came I took them inside and laid the box in the entry hallway.
    I already knew I was going to really show off today. My plan is to feign being very sick. I prepared by making sure
    I had stuff to set the scene. Big bottle of Nyquil next to bed, lots of wadded up kleenex, glass of water on bedside
    ,etc. I set up my laptop in corner of room with the camera on recording but the screen was black looking like it
    was off. I threw a blanket on floor. I put some rouge on my face around the nose and eyes to look reddish and mussed
    up my hair.
    About 330 I got naked and laid onthe bed, laying on my back with my head propped up on pillow but hair covering my
    eyes, legs wide open with 1 knee drawn up and the sheet was covering only 1 leg. ALL else was on display. When I heard
    the key in the door I got ready, my heart started to race, I was going to show 10 guys all my body for as long as they dared.
    Who knows how this could go, I could be in for some real trouble but I'm going for it! After they came in, making all kinds
    of noise I even heard them say "I wonder if Joe's got some stash of HOT Little Julie! ?" Little did they know what they
    would see. I heard them open the box and start to hand out uniforms. I coughed and gagged loudly. I heard someone say
    "did you hear something? I thought Julie was supposed to be at work?" It all got quiet a while... I made it sound like I was
    snoring loudly and few, then lowered the volume. At this point it sounded like they were sneaking down the hall, they
    took the bait! I continued to make sleeping sounds but not too much to look fake. Someone peeked around the door
    frame. Then they all kinda sneaked into the room. Here they were, in my bedroom surrounding my bed while I'm
    full frontal nude spread eagle in front of them. Cell phones came out. I don't know if they were taking pics of video but
    they were ALL doing it. Not only were they seeing me but they were saving my image to wank on repeatedly! I was really
    getting my revenge on Joe now! They were all whispering about how juicy my pussy looked and how great my tits looked!
    As I was peeking thru my hair my heart was beating so loud I thought they could hear it. It seemed they were getting braver
    and braver, getting close ups of my body and stepping closer. I was really getting worried so I decided to put an end to it. I
    once again coughed repeatedly and they kinda ran out of the room. I heard them gather their stuff and get out the front door.
    I was so excited my cum was running down my leg (did they see that?). What a RUSH! Now 10 of my husband's closest buds
    have seen every inch of his wife and have pictoral evidence! What if Joe finds out? I guess I can claim deniability. When Joe calls
    tonight I can tell him I was so sick I took a bunch of Nyquil and passed out. I won't tell him I was nude and on display while
    the guys were here and I doubt any of them will tell him.
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  2. fflowley

    fflowley Don't just do something, stand there! Donor

    Nice work!